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Chezib Deceitful, a town where Shelah, the son of Judah, was born (Gen 38:5). Probably the same as Achzib (q.v.).

Chidon Dart, the name of the threshing-floor at which the death of Uzzah took place (Ch1 13:9). In the parallel passage in Samuel (Sa2 6:6) it is called "Nachon's threshing-floor." It was a place not far north-west from Jerusalem.

Chiefs of Asia Asiarchs," the title given to certain wealthy persons annually appointed to preside over the religious festivals and games in the various cities of proconsular Asia (Act 19:31). Some of these officials appear to have been Paul's friends.

Chief of the Three A title given to Adino the Eznite, one of David's greatest heroes (Sa2 23:8); also called Jashobeam (Ch1 11:11).

Chief Priest See PRIEST.

Child This word has considerable latitude of meaning in Scripture. Thus Joseph is called a child at the time when he was probably about sixteen years of age (Gen 37:3); and Benjamin is so called when he was above thirty years (Gen 44:20). Solomon called himself a little child when he came to the kingdom (Kg1 3:7). The descendants of a man, however remote, are called his children; as, "the children of Edom," "the children of Moab," "the children of Israel." In the earliest times mothers did not wean their children till they were from thirty months to three years old; and the day on which they were weaned was kept as a festival day (Gen 21:8; Exo 2:7, Exo 2:9; Sa1 1:22; Mat 21:16). At the age of five, children began to learn the arts and duties of life under the care of their fathers (Deu 6:20; Deu 11:19). To have a numerous family was regarded as a mark of divine favour (Gen 11:30; Gen 30:1; Sa1 2:5; Sa2 6:23; Psa 127:3; Psa 128:3). Figuratively the name is used for those who are ignorant or narrow-minded (Mat 11:16; Luk 7:32; Co1 13:11). "When I was a child, I spake as a child." "Brethren, be not children in understanding" (Co1 14:20). "That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro" (Eph 4:14). Children are also spoken of as representing simplicity and humility (Mat 19:13; Mar 10:13; Luk 18:15). Believers are "children of light" (Luk 16:8; Th1 5:5) and "children of obedience" (Pe1 1:14).

Chileab Protected by the father, David's second son by Abigail (Sa2 3:3); called also Daniel (Ch1 3:1). He seems to have died when young.

Chilion The pining one, the younger son of Elimelech and Naomi, and husband of Orpah, Ruth's sister (Rut 1:2; Rut 4:9).

Chilmad A place or country unknown which, along with Sheba and Asshur, traded with Tyre (Eze 27:23).

Chimham Pining, probably the youngest son of Barzillai the Gileadite (Sa2 19:37). The "habitation of Chimham" (Jer 41:17) was probably an inn or khan, which is the proper meaning of the Hebrew geruth, rendered "habitation", established in later times in his possession at Bethlehem, which David gave to him as a reward for his loyalty in accompanying him to Jerusalem after the defeat of Absalom (Kg1 2:7). It has been supposed that, considering the stationary character of Eastern institutions, it was in the stable of this inn or caravanserai that our Saviour was born (Luk 2:7).