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Baale of Judah Lords of Judah, a city in the tribe of Judah from which David brought the ark into Jerusalem (Sa2 6:2). Elsewhere (Ch1 13:6) called Kirjath-jearim. (SEE BAALAH.)

Baal-gad Lord of fortune, or troop of Baal, a Canaanite city in the valley of Lebanon at the foot of Hermon, hence called Baal-hermon (Jdg 3:3; Ch1 5:23), near the source of the Jordan (Jos 13:5; Jos 11:17; Jos 12:7). It was the most northern point to which Joshua's conquests extended. It probably derived its name from the worship of Baal. Its modern representative is Banias. Some have supposed it to be the same as Baalbec.

Baal-hamon Place of a multitude, a place where Solomon had an extensive vineyard (Sol 8:11). It has been supposed to be identical with Baal-gad, and also with Hammon in the tribe of Asher (Jos 19:28). Others identify it with Belamon, in Central Palestine, near Dothaim.

Baal-hanan Lord of grace. (1.) A king of Edom, son of Achbor (Gen 36:38, Gen 36:39; Ch1 1:49, Ch1 1:50). (2.) An overseer of "the olive trees and sycomore trees in the low plains" (the Shephelah) under David (Ch1 27:28).

Baal-hazor Having a courtyard, or Baal's village, the place on the borders of Ephraim and Benjamin where Absalom held the feast of sheep-shearing when Amnon was assassinated (Sa2 13:23). Probably it is the same with Hazor (Neh 11:33), now Tell' Asur , 5 miles north-east of Bethel.

Baal-hermon Lord of Hermon. (1.) A city near Mount Hermon inhabited by the Ephraimites (Ch1 5:23). Probably identical with Baal-gad (Jos 11:17). (2.) A mountain east of Lebanon (Jdg 3:3). Probably it may be the same as Mount Hermon, or one of its three peaks.

Baali My lord, a title the prophet (Hos 2:16) reproaches the Jewish church for applying to Jehovah, instead of the more endearing title Ishi, meaning "my husband."

Baalim Plural of Baal; images of the god Baal (Jdg 2:11; Sa1 7:4).

Baalis King of the Ammonites at the time of the Babylonian captivity (Jer 40:14). He hired Ishmael to slay Gedaliah who had been appointed governor over the cities of Judah.

Baal-meon Lord of dwelling, a town of Reuben (Num 32:38), called also Bethmeon (Jer 48:23) and Beth-baal-meon (Jos 13:17). It is supposed to have been the birth-place of Elisha. It is identified with the modern M'ain , about 3 miles south-east of Heshbon.