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Ahijah Brother (i.e., "friend") of Jehovah. (1.) One of the sons of Bela (Ch1 8:7, R.V.). In A.V. called "Ahiah." (2.) One of the five sons of Jerahmeel, who was great-grandson of Judah (Ch1 2:25). (3.) Son of Ahitub (Sa1 14:3, Sa1 14:18), Ichabod's brother; the same probably as Ahimelech, who was high priest at Nob in the reign of Saul (Sa1 22:11). Some, however, suppose that Ahimelech was the brother of Ahijah, and that they both officiated as high priests, Ahijah at Gibeah or Kirjath-jearim, and Ahimelech at Nob. (4.) A Pelonite, one of David's heroes (Ch1 11:36); called also Eliam (Sa2 23:34). (5.) A Levite having charge of the sacred treasury in the temple (Ch1 26:20). (6.) One of Solomon's secretaries (Kg1 4:3). (7.) A prophet of Shiloh (Kg1 11:29; Kg1 14:2), called the "Shilonite," in the days of Rehoboam. We have on record two of his remarkable prophecies, Kg1 11:31, announcing the rending of the ten tribes from Solomon; and Kg1 14:6, delivered to Jeroboam's wife, foretelling the death of Abijah the king's son, the destruction of Jeroboam's house, and the captivity of Israel "beyond the river." Jeroboam bears testimony to the high esteem in which he was held as a prophet of God (Kg1 14:2, Kg1 14:3).

Ahikam Brother of support = helper, one of the five whom Josiah sent to consult the prophetess Huldah in connection with the discovery of the book of the law (Kg2 22:12; Ch2 34:20). He was the son of Shaphan, the royal secretary, and the father of Gedaliah, governor of Judea after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians (Kg2 25:22; Jer 40:5; Jer 43:6). On one occasion he protected Jeremiah against the fury of Jehoiakim (Jer 26:24). It was in the chamber of another son (Germariah) of Shaphan that Baruch read in the ears of all the people Jeremiah's roll.

Ahimaaz Brother of anger = irascible. (1.) The father Ahinoam, the wife of Saul (Sa1 14:50). (2.) The son and successor of Zadok in the office of high priest (Ch1 6:8, Ch1 6:53). On the occasion of the revolt of Absalom he remained faithful to David, and was of service to him in conveying to him tidings of the proceedings of Absalom in Jerusalem (Sa2 15:24; Sa2 17:15). He was swift of foot, and was the first to carry to David tidings of the defeat of Absalom, although he refrained, from delicacy of feeling, from telling him of his death (Sa2 18:19).

Ahiman Brother of a gift = liberal. (1.) One of the three giant Anakim brothers whom Caleb and the spies saw in Mount Hebron (Num 13:22) when they went in to explore the land. They were afterwards driven out and slain (Jos 15:14; Jdg 1:10). (2.) One of the guardians of the temple after the Exile (Ch1 9:17).

Ahimelech Brother of the king, the son of Ahitub and father of Abiathar (Sa1 22:20). He descended from Eli in the line of Ithamar. In Ch1 18:16 he is called Abimelech, and is probably the same as Ahiah (Sa1 14:3, Sa1 14:18). He was the twelfth high priest, and officiated at Nob, where he was visited by David (to whom and his companions he gave five loaves of the showbread) when he fled from Saul (Sa1 21:1). He was summoned into Saul's presence, and accused, on the information of Doeg the Edomite, of disloyalty because of his kindness to David; whereupon the king commanded that he, with the other priests who stood beside him (86 in all), should be put to death. This sentence was carried into execution by Doeg in the most cruel manner (Sa1 22:9). Possibly Abiathar had a son also called Ahimelech, or the two names, as some think, may have been accidentally transposed in Sa2 8:17; Ch1 18:16, marg.; Ch1 24:3, Ch1 24:6, Ch1 24:31.

Ahinadab Brother of liberality = liberal one of the twelve commissariat officers appointed by Solomon in so many districts of his kingdom to raise supplies by monthly rotation for his household. He was appointed to the district of Mahanaim (Kg1 4:14), east of Jordan.

Ahinoam Brother of pleasantness = pleasant. (1.) The daughter of Ahimaaz, and wife of Saul (Sa1 14:50). (2.) A Jezreelitess, the first wife of David (Sa1 25:43; Sa1 27:3). She was the mother of Amnon (Sa2 3:2). (See Sa1 30:5, Sa1 30:18; Sa2 2:2.)

Ahio Brotherly. (1.) One of the sons of Beriah (Ch1 8:14). (2.) One of the sons of Jehiel the Gibeonite (Ch1 8:31; Ch1 9:37). (3.) One of the sons of Abinadab the Levite. While Uzzah went by the side of the ark, he walked before it guiding the oxen which drew the cart on which it was carried, after having brought it from his father's house in Gibeah (Ch1 13:7; Sa2 6:3, Sa2 6:4).

Ahira Brother of evil = unlucky, or my brother is friend, chief of the tribe of Naphtali at the Exodus (Num 1:15; Num 2:29).

Ahishar Brother of song = singer, the officer who was "over the household" of Solomon (Kg1 4:6).