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Illustration from Tibetan Folk Tales, artist Mildred Bryant (Public domain image)

Tibetan Folk Tales

by A.L. Shelton

[1925, not renewed]

Title Page
One: The Wise Bat
Two: The Tiger and the Frog
Three: The Cony Who Got into Bad Company
Four: The Story of the Donkey and the Rock (A Black Tent Story)
Five: Story of the Foolish Head-Man
Six: How the Fox Fell a Victim to His Own Deceit
Seven: The Ingratitude of Man
Eight: Covetousness
Nine: The Wise Carpenter
Ten: The Story of Drashup and the Goddesses
Eleven: How the Louse Got the Black Streak Down His Back
Twelve: The Man and the Ghost
Thirteen: The Wicked Stepmother
Fourteen: The Story of the Two Devils
Fifteen: The Wise Woman
Sixteen: The Three Friends
Seventeen: The Rabbit and Bumblebee Bet
Eighteen: How the Rabbit Killed the Lion
Nineteen: How the King Lost His Great Jewel
Twenty: The Story of the Three Hunters
Twenty-One: The Hunter and the Unicorn
Twenty-Two: The Decision of the Official as to Who Owned the One Hundred Ounces of Silver
Twenty-Three: Story of the Prince's Friend
Twenty-Four: How the Raven Saved the Hunter
Twenty-Five: The Two Thieves. (A Black Tent Story)
Twenty-Six: The Golden Squash. (A Black Tent Story)
Twenty-Seven: The Story of the Bald-Headed Man
Twenty-Eight: The Man with Five Friends with Different Colored Eyes (A Black Tent Story)
Twenty-Nine: The Story of the Violinist
Thirty: How the Sacred Duck Got His Yellow Breast
Thirty-One: The Two Little Cats
Thirty-Two: Story of a Juggler's Tricks
Thirty-Three: How the Wolf, the Fox and the Rabbit Committed a Crime
Thirty-Four: The Pewter Vase
Thirty-Five: A Rabbit Story
Thirty-Six: The Story of a Juggler
Thirty-Seven: The Story of a Turquoise
Thirty-Eight: A Wise Idiot
Thirty-Nine: The Man and the Monkeys
Forty: The Story of the Tree of Life
Forty-One: The Story of the Man with the Goitre
Forty-Two: The Story of the Beggar
Forty-Three: The Wily Poor Man
Forty-Four: The Quarrel of the Five Friends
Forty-Five: The Frugal Woman
Forty-Six: The Story of Yugpacan, the Brahman. From Jaschke
Forty-Seven: The Story of Da Jang. From Amundsen
Forty-Eight: Like unto Solomon. From Jaschke
Forty-Nine: Tibetan Song
Tibetan Music