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Tales of Yukaghir, Lamut, and Russianized Natives of Eastern Siberia

by Waldemar Bogoras


Title Page

I. Tales of the Tundra Yukaghir

1. The Girl and the Evil Spirit
2. A Tale About the Wood-Master
3. Tale About the Sea-Spirit
4. The Sly Young Man
5. Creation Story
6. The Shaman who Turned into a Fox
7. Tale About Three Storks
8. Reindeer-Born

II. Tales of the Lamut

1. Chaun Story
2. A Tale of the Chukchee Invasion
3. Story About Cannibals
4. A Tale About Stingy Reindeer-Owners
5. Story of an Arctic Fox
6. Wolves and Men
7. Bear, Wolverene, and Wolf Story
8. A Lamut Man Turned into Stone
9. A Shaman and a Boy
10. The Lamut and the Russian

III. Kolyma Tales

1. One-Side
2. A Yukaghir Tale
3. Raven Tale
4. Yukaghir Tale
5. A Bear Tale
6. Grass-Blade Girl
7. The Alder-Block
8. Yukaghir Tale
9. Tale About Ču'mo
10. Yukaghir Tale
11. The She-Monster
12. The Monster With Iron Teeth
13. The Girl from the Grave-Box
14. Small-Pox, A Yukaghir Tale. (First Version.)
Small-Pox, A Yukaghir Tale. (Second Version.)
15. Tale of a Shaman
16. Tale of a Shaman
17. A Hunting Tale
18. Story about the Bad Merchant
19. Stepmother And Stepdaughter
21. Sea-Wanderers
22. The Tale Of La'la (Kolyma Version)
23. The Tale Of La'la (Anadyr Version)
24. The Woman's Head
25. The Big Pike
26. Story of the Fish-Woman
27. Yukaghir Manners
28. A Story of Machekur
29. The Mouse and the Snow-Bunting
30. A Christmas Story
31. Story of a Foolish Woman
32. Story of the Forest Demon
33. Story of Transformed Bears

IV. Children's Stories

1. Story of an Old Woman and her Three Daughters
2. Story of Kundarik
3. Story About Yaghishna
4. Story of Hungry Children
5. Story of Five Brothers
6. Story About a Crazy Old Man
7. Story About Two Girls
8. Story of the Tom-Cat and the Cock
9. Story Of Elk's Head
10. Story of a Small Girl
11. Story About Yaghishna

V. Markova Tales

1. Lamut Tale
2. A Lamut Tale
3. Yukaghir Tale
4. A Markova Tale
5. A Markova Tale
6. A Markova Tale
7. Sister and Brother Married
8. A Lamut Tale
9. A Yukaghir Tale

VI. Anadyr Tales

10. A Chuvantzi Tale (Anadyr Version)
11. Lay Of BóndandI (Kolyma Version)
12. Story About Kundirik
13. A Markova Tale
14. Story of a Stepmother and her Stepdaughters
15. Story of Magus
16. Story Of Gege-Woman
17. Story of Heretics with Iron Teeth
18. Story of the Fox and the Wolf