Sacred Texts  Asia 


by Waldemar Bogoras


This is a collection of mythological texts from the Koryak, a traditional people who live on the Kamchatka peninsula, in the far east of Russia. The similarity of these tales to native American folklore, particularly from the Northwestern region, is very striking. The characters, although they occupy a supernatural dream-world, move in the same context as the people who tell the stories, hunting, fishing and gathering, celebrating good hunts and going hungry when there is no food. There are trickster figures, and stories about them include gruesome and/or scatological pranks. One gets a vivid sense of the brutal environment which the Koryak inhabited.

Title Page
Publisher's Errata
1. Little-Bird-Man and Raven-Man
2. Big-Raven and the Mice
3. The Mouse-Girls
4. How a Small Kamak was transformed into a Harpoon-Line
5. Big-Raven and the Kamaks
6. Kĭlu' and the Bumblebees
7. Eme'mqut's Whale-Festival
8. Eme'mqut and Ila'
9. How Eme'mqut became a Cannibal
10. Eme'mqut and Fox-Woman
11. Ermine-People.--I
12. Ermine-People.--II
13. Eme'mqut and the Kamaks
14. Eme'mqut and Shellfish-Girl
15. Eme'mqut and the Perches
16. Miti' and Magpie-Man
17. How Big-Raven's Daughter was swallowed by a Kamak
18. The Kamak and his Wife
19. Gull-Woman and Cormorant-Woman
20. Yini'a-ñawġut and Kĭlu's Marriage with Fish-Man
21. Big-Raven and Fox
22. Eme'mqut and Envious-One
23. Big-Raven and Fish-Woman
24. Kĭlu' and Monster-Man
Appendix I. Songs
Appendix II. Constellations