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Abuse of

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: I can't access the site any longer from my IP address!
FAQ: I downloaded your site. Are you going to ban me?

The primary goal of the Internet Sacred Text Archive is to allow free, anonymous access to its content on the web. Although all accesses to the site are logged, I don't normally try to analyze individual browsing patterns. The one exception is when this open-door policy gets abused, for whatever reason.

The owner of this site has to pay for all bandwidth charges. This expense now totals many hundreds of dollars a month. On a given day, abusive downloading can absorb as much as half of the bandwidth. For this reason, I have instituted a firm abuse policy.

Abusing this website can lead to being permanently banned from accessing it.

Furthermore, if evidence shows that the abuse was a denial of service attack or an attempt to illegally access the site to deface it, your network administrator will be contacted and asked to shut down your internet access. If you use your workplace or school network to conduct such an attack, this will probably have other negative consequences as well. For instance, conducting a hate crime using an academic institutions' facilities will probably lead to expulsion.

To avoid being banned please observe the following rules:

1) Don't download the entire site more than once in a day.
2) Don't download the same file or set of files repeatedly.
3) Make sure that your robot obeys the robot exclusion protocol (robots.txt). If the robot you are using doesn't support this well-known protocol, please find one that does and use it instead. Sometimes this is an optional setting, if so make sure that it is turned on each and every time you run it on the site.

In addition, some buggy commercial robots (e.g. WebMiner) do not cache URLs or resolve relative links properly, which result in it generating hundreds of invalid or duplicate file names. It is impossible for me to distinguish between a poorly written or configured robot that accidentally hits a particular file thousands of times and an attempted Denial of Service attack (and both have the same effect of squandering the site's bandwidth and limited financial resources). Either way, I will ban your IP address.

Acceptable uses are outlined in the Terms of Service. If you are unclear on what acceptable use is, in particular with regard to web robots, you are invited to email me and ask. Rest assured that normal browsing, downloading portions of the site once, or indexing the entire site once (obeying robots.txt), probably won't even be noticed.

Banned IP Addresses

NOTE: Although we ceased listing new banned IP addresses on this page in 2004, we are continuing to actively monitor abuse of the site and ban IP addresses a case by case basis.

The following IP addresses have violated the terms of service and are permanently banned from accessing this site:

If you are on this list and you believe that you have been banned in error, please contact us and explain why you feel you should be allowed to access this site.

IP ADDRESS Date Comment ( 7/10/2004 Downloaded the Basque index page 9,539 times in one day. ( 4/20/2004 Downloaded the site over five times in one day two days running. ( 2/12/2004 Downloaded the site over five times in one day. 12/11/2004 Ignored robots.txt, Downloaded the site over five times in one day. 12/10/2004 Ignored robots.txt 11/26/2004 Ignored robots.txt 11/25/2004 Ignored robots.txt ( 11/23-24/2004 Hit this file 2,755 times on the 23rd and 1,500 times on the 24th. 10/13/2004 Ignored robots.txt 10/10/2004 Ignored robots.txt 10/8/2004 Ignored robots.txt, 9/28/2004 Ignored robots.txt, downloaded site five times in one day 9/22/2004 Ignored robots.txt 9/13/2004 Ignored robots.txt 9/9/2004 Ignored robots.txt 9/8/2004 161,912 hits, wasted 1.4 Gb bandwidth 9/8/2004 Hit Myths and Tales of the Southeast Indians, chapter 16 10,000 times in the course of one day 9/7/2004 Ignored robots.txt 9/3/2004 Ignored robots.txt 9/2/2004 112,916 hits in one day from one poorly written robot which attempted to download (e.g.) isl/bukhari multiple times, including attempts of hundreds of malformed filenames ( 9/1/2004 Downloaded the Book of the Cave of Treasures hundreds of times 8/26/2004 unbanned 9/16/2004 8/26/2004 Failed denial of service attack. Wasted 3.5 Gb bandwidth (about as much as legitimate users consume in one day), and hit the site 262,449 times in one day, including 12,620 hits on this page, and hundreds of hits on Psalm 119, one page in the Chilam Balam, and other files. This was unusual, since usually the hits in such an attack are distributed evenly over all of the files at the site. 8/26/2004 ignored robots.txt 8/10-17/2004 Downloaded Sappho hundreds of times a day, for an entire week ( 8/9/2004 Downloaded site three times in one day 7/14/2004 ignored robots.txt 7/12/2004 ignored robots.txt 7/2/2004 ignored robots.txt 6/27/2004 ignored robots.txt 6/22/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 6/11/2004 incredibly buggy robot repeatedly downloaded: Women, Church and State (36,592 times, wasting 99 Mb of bandwidth), Clothed with the Sun (10,243 times, wasting 101 Mb) and Josephus (78,034 times, wasted 546 Mb!) It is hard to tell whether this was stupidity or a hate crime (or both), but wasting half a Gb of bandwidth is no joke, so I pulled the plug on them. ( 6/6/2004 Unbanned 9/9/2004 ( 6/5/2004 Downloaded site four times in one day, wasted 1,243,226,519 bytes of bandwidth 6/5/2004 ignored robots.txt 5/29/2004 ignored robots.txt 5/29/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 5/25/2004 tried to deface site using frontpage exploit [Hate crime] ( 5/25/2004 tried to deface site using frontpage exploit [Hate crime] 5/25/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 5/24/2004 Downloaded The Book of the Cave of Treasures about 800 times in one day. Why???? 5/20/2004 Downloaded site five times in one day 5/20/2004 ignored robots.txt 5/8/2004 ignored robots.txt 5/8/2004 ignored robots.txt 5/5/2004 ignored robots.txt 5/4/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 4/30/2004 See below ( 4/24/2004 Denial of Service Attack, used 8.75% of total site bandwidth (14Gb) between April 1st, 2004 and April 23rd. Downloaded the site 25 times over a three week period, including ten times between 4/22 and 4/23. Details are available here. 4/21/2004 ignored robots.txt, unbanned 4/22/2004 4/17/2004 ignored robots.txt 4/16/2004 ignored robots.txt 4/12/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 4/5-6/2004 Crude Denial of Service attack. Downloaded the entire site 3 times a day two days running, wasting over 3 Gb of bandwidth. 3/25/2004 ignored robots.txt 3/21/2004 ignored robots.txt 3/20/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 3/18/2004 probed /time/ over 30,000 times with rotating query strings such as /time/?M=A 3/18/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 3/18/2004 Denial of Service attack conducted against several random files (for instance, this file 6,513 times and this file 3,150 times. ( 3/16/2004 Downloaded site five times in one day 3/13/2004 ignored robots.txt 3/8/2004 ignored robots.txt 2/24/2004 ignored robots.txt 2/24/2004 ignored robots.txt 2/21/2004 ignored robots.txt 2/21/2004 ignored robots.txt 2/18/2004 ignored robots.txt 2/12/2004 ignored robots.txt 2/8/2004 ignored robots.txt 2/6/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 2/6/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 2/6/2004 ignored robots.txt * 1/29/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 1/28/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 1/28/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 1/24/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 1/23/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 1/13/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 1/10/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 1/9/2004 ignored robots.txt * 1/2/2004 ignored robots.txt ( 12/31/2003 Denial of Service Attack: attacked the CD-ROM index by hitting it thousands of times. This hostile was attempting to cut off the economic basis of this site; they did not succeed. ( 12/19/2003 Denial of Service Attack: downloaded the Pictorial Key to the Tarot over a thousand times in one day. This hostile hit the site a quarter of a million times and used over two Gb bandwidth. ( 12/16/2003 ignored robots.txt ( 12/16/2003 ignored robots.txt ( 12/16/2003 ignored robots.txt ( 12/16/2003 ignored robots.txt ( 12/16/2003 ignored robots.txt * 12/16/2003 ignored robots.txt ( 12/16/2003 ignored robots.txt ( 12/14/2003 ignored robots.txt * 12/1/2003 ignored robots.txt ( 11/6/2003 downloaded the file Concerning the Third Part of The Beard of Macroprosopus 68,910 times in one day, about once a second. This was considered a denial of service attack. ( 11/5/2003 downloaded entire site five times in one day. This was a very poorly configured robot, probably a failed denial of service attack. * 10/21/2003 ignored robots.txt ( 10/18/2003 ignored robots.txt ( 10/16/2003 ignored robots.txt ( 10/9/2003 ignored robots.txt * 9/30/2003 ignored robots.txt ( 9/30/2003 ignored robots.txt ( 9/23/2003 ignored robots.txt and downloaded entire site four times in one day * 9/12/2003 ignored robots.txt ( 9/10/03 downloaded entire site over four times in one day ( 9/2/03 ignored robots.txt ( 8/31/03 ignored robots.txt ( 8/31/03 ignored robots.txt * 8/31/03 ignored robots.txt. ( 8/24/03 500 robotic downloads of chr/bct in one day. ( 8/22/03 ignored robots.txt. ( 8/17/03 ignored robots.txt. ( 8/11/03 ignored robots.txt. ( 8/10/03 ignored robots.txt, used 551Mb bandwidth in one day ( 8/9/03 ignored robots.txt. * 8/7/03 ignored robots.txt. ( 8/5/03 ignored robots.txt. ( 8/2/03 ignored robots.txt. ( 8/1/03 ignored robots.txt. * 7/29/03 ignored robots.txt, downloaded nam/hopi/toth over 300 times. ( 7/2/03 downloaded site three times a day for five days running. This abusive act is the reason that I started banning specific IP addresses. I tried contacting their ISP but they gave me the run-around. So I had to take matters into my own hands for the good of the other users of this site.

* No reverse DNS could be performed on this IP address. This normally indicates a hacker attempting to cover their tracks by spoofing the IP address.


The following is a list of email addresses of people who have sent abusive or crank emails to sacred-texts. Their email addresses have been added to a 'bounce list' which ensures that they will not be read.

Eddie Seven [[email protected]] (1/13/2006)
Anthony Silva [[email protected]] (1/11/2006)


It costs thousands of dollars a year to pay for this sites' bandwidth and maintenance. Without your continued support, sacred-texts would go offline or have to be scaled back. Your support is crucial; this site does not receive grants or institutional support.

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--J.B. Hare

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