See the world as like an illusion; not really existent.

Classic Buddhist Texts on the Middle Way - available in '.TXT' format

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The Middle Way in the Sutta Pitaka





Atisha & al.:

  • Lojong - Tonglen
  • Seven Points of Mind Training (Tonglen), Atisha
  • A Lamp for the Enlightenment Path (Bodhi-Patha-Pradîpâ), Atisha
  • Essential wealth for the warrior like people who wish to be liberated, Atisha
  • The Jewel Rosary of an Awakening Warrior - Bodhisattvamaniavali, Atisha
  • Advice, Atisha
  • Praise of Arya Tara, Atisha
  • The Seven Points Thought Transformation (Lojong Dun Dunma) by Chekawa
  • L'entraînement de l'Esprit en Sept Points de Tchékhawa
  • The Eight Verses of Thought Transformation (lojong) by Geshe Langri Tangpa
  • Leveling out all Conceptions (Tonglen) by Serlingpa
  • The Peacock's Neutralizing of Poisons by Dharmarakshita
  • Using Illness To Train The Mind by 7th Dalai Lama
  • Longchenpa:

  • Thirty Pieces of Advice From the Heart
  • Trente conseils donnés du coeur
  • Cloud Banks of Nectar
  • Longchenpa's Great Chariot - Part-1, Part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Verses only
  • Tsong Khapa:



    Lama Zopa:


    All of the above texts may be available in few zip files of less than 1 Meg each : Unzipped they may add up to 18 Meg.

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