Do you ever wonder if your 'twin flame' - the other aspect of your soul spark - lives in a physical form on another planet or in another realm? [Again the use of the word Twin].

As we merge with the higher frequency aspects of our souls - merging our polarities - bringing together the yin and the yang aspects of who we are . . . we often feel a connection to a partner not of this realm.

The feeling of having an alien counterpart is becoming more common as we move into higher awareness.

Many people realize that the soul mates they seek do not exist in third dimension and the partners they have - or meet - simply don't connect!

This is especially true of people who consider themselves Star Seeds, Star Children, Children of the Blue Ray, Walk-ins, Wanderers, etc. They usually link to the color blue - the blue frequency. In the end it all seems to be about Blue.

These people - of all ages, cultures, races, religions, await their twin flames at a time when change occurs on planet Earth and their partners return to them once again. They sense this is coming soon. They often sense the a spaceship above the planet. Some of my UFO friends have claimed to have seen the ships using 'nightscope vision glasses'. They also claim to have telepathically communicated with their partner on the ship.

The most common planetary connections are with Nibiru - Draco - (Reptoids) - Sirius - Orion - the Pleiades - Andromeda - Lyra - and Arcturus. Many of these people believe that they are channeling partners from what they feel is another planet or from someone on a spaceship of some kind. It is really just another aspect of their soul in another grid - usually one that is more evolved - or should I say more aware.

Many people feel that their twin flame will some day return at which time they will leave the Earth plane - usually on a spaceship of some kind. At this time they will journey Home.

They see visions of a place they call Home - often shaded in purples, blues, pinks.

They will be welcomed by souls they recognize who will embrace them after their long journey away.

The place usually has several moons, mountains and valleys, and a story of its own as to why they left and why they now return.

Their souls leap at the thought of this reunion.


Blue - The color seen in the sky at the end of the program - merged with a white light.

Spaceship - Vehicle - your physical body - some call it the Merkaba - which is the merged pyramids - As Is Above - So Is Below - 12 pyramids of creation.

Home - Planet - Source of Creation

Twin Flame - the other aspect of your soul that is merging with you now. Many of us hope this soul aspect will manifest as a physical entity who will make us feel complete, whole, balanced - bring unconditional love - be there for us no matter what!

Creating A Story About Your Twin Flame

If time permits - copy and paste the sentences below onto a Word file.

Without giving it much thought - as if doing automatic writing - complete each sentence - even if you are making up the information.

When you are finihsed - print or save the file.

There are messages that have yet to learn about yourself.

When you sleep - ask to experience this twin falme and twin home.

Somewhere there is a planet that I call home. It is called _______.

The closest star system is _____________.

I left this planet long ago to experience Earth. That was ________years ago.

I traveled to Earth with _________ others - or alone.

I came to Earth by means of a transport called ____________.

It looks like _____________.

My reason for coming to Earth was__________.

Since that time I have incarnated on the Earth plane __________times.

My original plan was to remain on Earth ____________.

My feelings about the current situation on planet Earth leads me to believe______________.

Back on my home planet I work as a _____________.

My gender (M/F) is______________.

People on the planet live _____________years - Equivalent to earth years.

The planet looks like ______________.

Our language is ____________.

Our homes look like_______________.

Our family life consists of ______________.

The people of the planet are a ____________race.

I have family there that consist of ______________.

My Twin Flame exists there. Describe_____________

She/ he comes in dream time when_______________ - or never.

I get flashes of this person when _____________.

I can remember ______________about this soul.

This soul will return for me_______________ and then _____________.

Meditation to Find Your Twin Flame
Please close your eyes. Relax your body . . . Your shoulders . . . head . . . neck . . . jaw . . . arms . . . legs Clear your thoughts. Listen to the music. Visualize yourself free at last . . . Think about your twin flame. Your heart chakra slowly opens. You feel a pressure in that area. Take two slow deep breaths . . . breathing in through your nose . . . hold the breath as is comfortable . . . release the air slowly through you mouth. Focus on the screen just behind your eyes. You can do it. In your mind Ask to see your twin flame. It may a little while for the image to focus. Please take your time. You may have to try this more than one time. Now ask this question in your mind . . . Am I connected to someone from another world? In what way? Is someone returning for me? Is there anything I must do to prepare? Can I find love here?