Spheres - Kabalah

Tones And Creation
Spheres - Kabalah

I will be leaving later today for Newport to be with family and friends.

Yesterday I reviewed my file on Kabala and as we are talking about tones (music) and creation this week.

The Kabala - the Tree of Life - is an archetype for the sacred geometry - depicting the patterns that create everything in this program - game - cycle of time.

The tones are created by the spiraling spheres which resonate to different frequencies as they create at many levels. They are the creational harmonics - the original sound of humanity - taken from a higher frequency level - and bright into 3D so we can hear them.

There are endless tones in the universe. You need only find the harmonics that resonant for you to evolve back to a higher frequency vibration. Tones will help get you there.

The program 'releases certain messages - triggers - at specific times - that correlate to humanity's evolutionary path.

These messages appear as crop circles - archaeological discoveries - celestial events - the grids riaisng freqeucny to allow humanity to access higher levels of information from the Grids - Hall of Records - Akashic Record. Reality is anything but constant and predictable!!

Everything is a symphony of sound, light, and color!

Tree of Life Creation of Adam Kadmon Link with Kundalini Everything spirals from one level to the next Merkaba - Kabala - Tree of Life - Pyramid - Rotation - Sound - Creation Flower of Life Sound . . . Light . . . Color
Religion and Source

Religions seem to have evolve out of the needs of the people in a specific culture who turn to a system to help that connect with a supposedly higher force - a God or Goddess - or many dieties who suppose create and empower them through connection.

I have never been into any religion as I do not see the sense to it. All religions seem to run into trouble somewhere done the line and corruption of the original spiritual doctrines are lost.

There is one source of light which is creational consciousness.

In trying to maintain that connection - humanity has certain taken some strange detours and played out some interesting scenarios. This goes back to all of the Creational Myths - worship of strange beings - stone and metal idols - etc. - all of which supposedly give power.

Language and Tones

The way we communicate is based on our level of frequency.

On the highest level of existence the frequency is ONE - so thought is ONE - creation is ONE - and language - as we refer to it - is ONE.

As we begin to descend in frequency - communication between souls must adapt to the newer vibrational tones and overtone - and new 'systems' come into play.

The first languages were thought forms communicated through frequency harmonics.

The Lemurians for example - originally a higher frequency race - spoke telepathic in complete thoughts rather than individual words. A movement of the hand could create a holographic projection that would display a message. As higher evolved races were all telepathic - there was no need for physical language as a means of communication.

As the frequency - level - dimension - lowered and souls entered the physical - the third dimension - the need to verbalize began.

Early verbal languages consisted of tones and clicks. This was true of the Vril language used by the Atlanteans and other groups who existed on the planet in that timeline. More evolved Atlantean used tones that vibrated on higher frequency - pitch - than those who incarnated in Earth based form.

Language is an ever evolving process on planet Earth varying from culture to culture and place to place depending on the needs of the civilization that existed at that timeline.

Much of the early languages were linked to creational harmonics - MUSIC!

Written language evolved from hieroglyphs - cave wall art (pictographs) - stone or clay tablets - papyrus - paper of some sort and writing implements.

Eventually man combined tones and writing - to create more MUSIC!

For some strange reason - the Hieratic language always calls to me.

Hieratic was an ancient Egyptian cursive writing, used from the 1st dynasty (c. 2925-c. 2775 BC) until about 200 BC. Derived from the earlier, pictorial hieroglyphic writing used in carved or painted inscriptions, hieratic script was generally written in ink with a reed pen on papyrus; its cursive form was more suited to such a medium than were the formal hieroglyphs. It was originally written vertically and later horizontally from right to left. After about 660 BC demotic script replaced hieratic in most secular writings, but hieratic continued to be used by priests in the transcription of religious texts for several more centuries.

Early Writing and Religion . . .

The influence of religious concepts upon hieroglyphic writing was confined to two cases. In the 3rd millennium, certain signs were avoided or used in garbled form in grave inscriptions for fear that the living beings represented by these signs could harm the deceased who lay helpless in the grave.

Among these taboo symbols were human figures and dangerous animals, such as scorpions and snakes. Second, in all periods and for all uses of the writing, symbols to which a positive religious significance was attached were regularly placed in front of other signs, even if they were to be read after them.

Among these were hieroglyphs for God or individual gods, as well as those for the king or the palace. Thus, for example, the two signs , denoting the word combination "servant of God" (priest), are written so that the symbol for God, , stands in front of that for servant, , although the former is to be read last.

Moreover, theology traced the invention of hieroglyphic writing back to the god Thoth, although this myth of its divine origin did not have an effect on the development of the script. In the late period, Egyptian texts referred to hieroglyphic inscriptions as "writing of God's words"; earlier, in contrast, they were simply called pictures.

Hieroglyphic Writing.

Hieratic Symbols Please study these ancient Hieratic Symbols . . . If you have a pen or pencil . . . copy one of more of the image that appeal to you. As you copy the image . . . look down at your hand as if you were writing it in another timeline . . . a time and place where you spoke and understood this language. Close your eyes . . . Go back and observe what is occuring . . . who you were . . . . what you wrote about.

From Sunday: It's Music To My Ears

Music - tones - harmonics resonate differently with each of us - depending on our frequency - which varies with age.

Harmonics are an important aspect of the creational process.

A thought creates a tone - the another tone - then an image - which resonates in patterns following sacred geometry.

Music can create our mood by affecting our emotional bodies.

There are tones connected to the grids each vibrating at a different octave.

There are tones and overtones within each octave.

Sometimes the tones creat alone - sometimes they create with other tones creating a symphony of sound light and music.

Some of us hear the tones in our mind.

Some here creational tones physical - tones that are beyond the limitations of our hearing.

A portal can open and tones can come through which will trigger us into awareness of a higher vibration.

There are tones we have learned to 'tune out' as they annoy us and do not resonate well with our physical bodies.

When you are alone . . . in a quiet place . . . pause and listen with your mind and your ears . . . to the tones of the Universe.

They are out there . . . sending you messages . . . just 'listen up'!