In an age when humanity is moving forward in all areas of science and technology - genetic engineering - the cloning of various sentient life forms - the Internet - space stations and travel beyond our planet - temporal anomalies - who is to say what is real and what is being influenced by mind control.

There are those who feel that man never walked on the moon - nor landed spacecraft on mars, Eros, of Jupiter.

Though I am not an authority on mind control there appears to be groups that work to control the thinking of humanity. This is part of the recorded history of this cycle of time on planet Earth. It is about power and control.

Most people link mind control with government projects that the average person knows little about until it affects their lives.

I have interviewed people who have been involved with these projects. Some are victims - others part of the military or secret government projects.

This is one phase of my research that I avoid as I know this is a dangerous and deadly game as the players seek some sort of control over the thinking of others. It is a game wherein the players can easily get caught and lose. In a time when many of us seek spiritual answers and the need to heal - these are the dysfunctional souls who have been abused or are emotionally challenged in some way.

What I have read and learned about, indicates that mind control comes through various sources:

  • media indoctrination - includes the internet
  • hypnosis - post-hypnotic suggestions
  • chemtrails
  • implants that make one think they are experiencing something that is not a 3D reality
  • subliminal messages sent through television, drugs, radio, other that we are totally not aware of but affect our moods, our rational ability to think, and keep our consciousness limited to functioning just get through our day to day activities.
  • Perhaps ET experiments in conjunction with government projects

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