Children and Metaphysics

Children are more intuitive than adults realize. Their imaginary friends often are very real existing in another reality. These children describe spirits and on occasion alien life forms and are usually accurate in their descriptions.

Most children are drawn to nature as the energy is pure, on a high vibrational frequency. They can connect with the plants and animals.

Star Children - Star Seeds - Crystalinks
Souls whose frequency with a higher vibratory rate. Young children often connect with their multdimensional aspects and are able to see between dimensions.

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Soul Sparks of Light - Crystalinks
Enter the body when the child comes in to this physical plane. Sometimes the soul does not fully enter the body until the child is approximately age five. After this time many children lose their abilites to talk to spirits and their imaginery 'play friends' are no longer part of their lives. During this transition children sometimes suffer from Absence (Petite Mal) Seizures lasting from 2-10 seconds. Seizures can be classified as Typical (they last 2 years and are controlled with meditcation) or A typical (can become Grand Mal Seizures and last a lifetime).

Children of the New Dream Drunvalo Melchizedek

Children's Past Lives - Dr. Ian Stevens

Short Guided Children's Meditations

Indigo children link to the frequency color BLUE and supposedly have a BLUE aura, which can be photographed with an aura camera.

The term Indigo Children was coined by author Lee Carroll, a channeler for an entity he calls Kryon, and his wife Jan Tober.

These children have many learning problems such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). They are supposedly more evolved than other children, but this does not mean to say that they should not respect the way reality works on physical planet Earth.

Metaphors that link with BLUE:

Sirius is linked to the color BLUE. It is a blue-white star. Beings from Sirius were supposedly BLUE tinted. There is a relationship to royalty being called 'BLUE bloods' as descending from a BLUE race.

Electricity...which is still part of the EM spectrum...when isolated (not lightning) is BLUE in color.

BLUE is the frequency upon which we will move out of this experience - it is the frequency of 'Future'.

There are many references to the color BLUE in prophecies. Creational myths end with something blue-white in the sky.

If the Dogons are correct - The Nommo Gods are 'Aquatic': BLUE Water - Came from Creation - the Collective Flow - FISH - Pisces - Creation - Christ Consciousness - - - Why is Krishna colored blue? "One of the theories is that Vishnu [God] is blue because his association with water, is depicted blue; therefore all his incarnations including Krishna, are shown as such."

The Blue Kachina - Native American Prophecy

Blue Star Maiden Crystal Skull

Metagifted Children

Indigo Children

Children of the Blue Ray - Gordon-Michael Scallion

Blue Ray Children are those who entered the Earth under the Blue Ray and shall express their purpose.

Many of these souls, are teenagers who demonstrate their compassion for the Earth and indeed all life forms.

Their purpose is to be the examples of how rich life can be when service is placed above all else. Service to the Earth, to each other, to all life forms, to God.

When looking into a Blue Ray child's eyes, very often you can see the retina dilating and at times flashes of white or blue light can be seen. At other times, a milky substance appears on the surface of their eyes, transparent in color. Both conditions occur as flashes.

What is being seen is communication, that is a transmissions being attempted from the Blue Ray child to the person looking at them.

This is communication at the mental level and will become common place in the future.


Incidents of autism have become more frequent - or perhaps we are paying more attention to the autistic child.

In some cases of mild autism - detection and early treatment - the child can develop and funtion in mainstream by age 6.

No one is quite sure how or why children become autistic.

Metaphysically speaking - soul consciousness exists in many realitits at the same time. Autistic children find it difficult to maintain their frequency in third dimension slipping into other realities. it is but an experience of soul, yet one that challenges the best of parents, teachers and doctors.

Crystalinks: Dolphins and Autism

Increase in Autism - October 2002 - NY Times.

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Kids and Computers

Many of my clients refuse to buy a computer for their school age children because of the pornography or excessive time teens tend to stay online.

Granted that teens exploring sexuality do enjoy a romp on the net! Was it different in the old days with magazines?

The average teen will not become a sexual deviate but finds sexuality an intriguing new world that requires answers-- as their bodies remind them daily.

On another level - the students of today will live in a world that will be oriented around computers at home and on their jobs. The more skills they acquire at a young age--when their minds are sharp - the easier it will be for them later.

School computers offer limited time and use. Library computers also limit use of time and often days of availability. On a holiday when the student most needs the computer for homework--libraries are generally closed.

Students learn many skills while on a computer:

  • finding spiritual information not available to them in any other way
  • spelling - grammar
  • creative writing
  • research into subject areas they would never have heard of
  • making friends through email and chat-in far away places

    As a parent, teacher, therapist and psychic I have worked with children all of my life. A child's mind is limitless. It looks at you with big eyes and says, "Help me understand and grow."

    The more we offer children--the more we are preparing them for a future that is very different than the one we grew up in. Allow your child to expand his / her resources to their fullest potential. Discover things with them on the internet that will help them now and in the future.

    Inquiring Minds Want to Know

    One of my High School teacher friends paid me a visit. When I was a teacher in high school during the 1980's teens would be caught hiding on stairwells playing with Ouija boards and get into trouble.

    As the resident psychic on staff the teens would seek me out to teach them how to Ouija. These groups were a cross-section of college bound teens and those who would soon drop out of school. There were usually four or five teens in the group. They were never on drugs that I was aware.

    I would be so tempted to sit and play with them. Of course as part of the staff I couldn't say anything other than to just be careful. These were usually groups of girls - sometimes boys - but the boys were more apprehensive.

    To most girls the esoteric realms are part of who they are. To the boys--some could relate --but most thought it was ridiculous--rather than admit ignorance or fear.

    Of course I never reported the kids - just walked on by!

    My friend told me that lunch time in the cafeteria now involves teens sitting around playing with tarot cards and other such tools of divination. No one bothers them. They discuss topics the last generation didn't relate to - actually was unaware of - such as telepathy, telekinesis, ET's, government cover-ups, and Earth shifts. Intuitivley they know they will reactivate these skills in the next few years.

    Many teens are also guided to Telekinesis.

    City Frequencies and Children

    Children are much more in tune with the frequencies of their surroundings than adults comprehend. We see it in their expressions and their moods. Children look into your soul. They say it all with their eyes!

    Large inner cities bombard children with everything from EFL waves - negative energies - noise levels we become accustomed to--pollutants - not enough time with nature and the subtler energies they need to connect with. In general if your child is sensitive he / she is missing out on many things by living in an inner city.

    True the culture level is there - but you can visit the city and get the culture. Public schools leave a lot to be desired in an inner city. It is like the movies! I know! I taught there!

    Working parents who leave home all day are stressed - especially now with the changing frequencies on the planet. Children also feel the frequency changes and need to be able to balance the energies on all levels.

    The suburbs may seem very boring to parents who lived for years in an urban environment - but on a frequency level - it is the best place to move just before or just after a child is born. A move near a body of water is helpful too.

    Children need to experience all of the elements of nature. Just watch a child in nature and you will see what I mean!

    Many children go through a stage at age 12 or so - wherein they want to be Veternarians - meaning they need the frequencies of nature and animals in their lives.

    Those children turn out to be the humantarians - the healers - the helpers - the teachers on the planet! They hold a high frequency as does the 'star children' who remember lives on higher frequencies and often can not adapt here.

    Rural living works for some children but it is noteasy to live a rural life these days - and learn and experience at the rate these children need to learn, process and understand to prepare for the future.



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    The kits are used to collect and store biological samples, typically skin cells from a cotton swab inserted in a child's mouth. The cells contain DNA, a genetic code that can be used to trace missing persons.

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