AOL Secrets P rb lease Visit my Sponser at the bottom of the page THANKS Chat Room Secrets * Rolling dice. Type the line: //roll : into your line and push enter. * More characters. (use the right side of your keyboard) Push Alt0 and a three digit number and a strange character should come up. i.e. Alt 0169 , Alt 01582 * Blank space. Push space bar a few times and hit Alt 0160 * Type©®™
e <.sub> After the letter you want up don't forget to put <./sub> or the following letters will stay up. * To make letters spell out slowly, put <./html> in front of every letter. * To make a temperary freeze on AOL add the <.H3> code as many times as you can fit them into the IM box. If you constantly do it, it'll toggle their system it 'punt' them. To turn off IM's, type TO: $IM_off if this happens to you. * To make letters Jump up and down really fast, (two O's are a great example to do), type <.sub>OO<./html><./sub>OO, and fill the entire IM box up, and your letters will hop.. *FIXED* To make them intensely hop (much better then the first hop, but much slower) type this <.sub>OO<./html><./sub><.sup>OO<./html><./sup> and fill the entire IM box * To make a person say something they didn't say, copy their name into your box and push enter about 6 times and write a message after it. It'll appear as if 'they' said it.. * To add a hyperlink just drag the link from you Favorite Place to the IM Box. To make up the name to click on type the code : <.a href="address of the page"> ENTER THE NAME OF THE HYPERLINK TITLE AFTER CODE. * Are you tired of people sending you hyperlinks links in your e mail and don't know what link it is well follow there steps. To read the address of a hyperlink, highlight the hyperlink and copy it (Ctrl-C), bring up AOL's writing box (Ctrl-N) and Paste it (Ctrl-V), then double click on the hyperlink. * Self Destruction. This is the only page I've found with this trick. I've never fully tested this, but try it if you want. Fill the entire Buddy Invitation with all CAPS and leave no spaces in all three lines. Push Send and (1 out of 10 times), you'll be signed off in 1 second with a very strange sign off message. I don't know if you type the receivers name in and if it kicks you off, it'll kick them off too. IF you know Any secrets I don't have here e mail me with them THANKS Let me know what you think about my page. Send mail by clicking here. Email: