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L'Abbe Constantin

L'Abbesse De Castro

L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, Comus, and Lycidas

L'Escalier d'Or


L'Ombre Des Jeunes Filles En Fleurs, A

La Mere Bauche


Lady From The Sea, The

Lady Hester, or, Ursula's Narrative

Lady, Or The Tiger?, The

Lake Gun, The


Lamp And The Bell, The

Lamplighter, The; a farce in one act

Land Of Little Rain, The

Land Of The Changing Sun, The

Landholding In England

Lani People, The


Last Stetson, The

Late Lyrics And Earlier : With Many Other Verses

Later Poems

Latin Vulgate, Bible Book Titles and Names

Latin Vulgate, Daniel: Prophetia Danielis

Latin Vulgate, Esther

Latin Vulgate, Esther: Liber Esther

Laughter : An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic

Lavender And Old Lace

Lays Of Ancient Rome

Lazy Tour Of Two Idle Apprentices

Le Blanc Et Le Noir

Leaf In The Storm, A

Leaves Of Grass

Lectures On Evolution

Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, The

Legends And Lyrics

Legends And Tales

Legends Of Vancouver

Lemorne Versus Huell

Lendas Do Sul

Lesser Hippias

Lesson Of The Master, The

Lessons In Life, For All Who Will Read Them

Let's Collect Rocks And Shells

Letters From The Cape

Letters Of Marcus Tullius Cicero

Letters On Literature

Letters To Dead Authors

Liber Amoris, or, The New Pygmalion

Library, The

Life And Adventures Of Colonel Daniel Boon

Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus

Life And Adventures of Calamity Jane

Life And Death Of Cormac The Skald, The

Life And Perambulations Of A Mouse

Life Is A Dream

Life Of Bunyan [Works of the English Puritan divines]

Life Of Flavius Josephus, The

Life Of St. Declan of Ardmore, The

Life Of Timon Of Athens, The

Lifted Veil, The

Light Princess, The

Lightfoot The Deer

Lights Of The Church And The Light Of Science, The

Lion And The Unicorn

List Of Factorial Math Constants, A

Literary Blunders

Literary Taste

Little Book Of Modern Verse; a selection from the work of contemporaneous American poets, The

Little Britain

Little Dinner At Timmin's, A

Little Duke, The

Little Lame Prince, The

Little Lucy's Wonderful Globe

Little Masterpieces Of Autobiography: Actors

Little Songs

Little Talk About Mobs, A

Little Travels And Roadside Sketches

Lizzie Leigh


Locrine: A tragedy

Lodging For The Night, A

Log Of the Jolly Polly, The

London In 1731

Long Odds

Lord Ormont And His Aminta

Lost Continent, The

Lost Face

Lost House, The

Lost Princess Of Oz, The

Lost Word, The: Christmas stories


Louis Lambert

Love Affairs Of A Bibliomaniac, The

Love And Freindship

Love And Friendship

Love For Love: A Comedy

Love Of Books, The: the Philobiblon of Richard de Bury

Love Of Life And Other Stories

Love Of Ulrich Nebendahl, The

Love Or Fame; and Other Poems

Love Songs

Love Sonnets Of A Hoodlum, The

Love's Labour's Lost

Love, The Fiddler

Love-Songs Of Childhood

Love-chase, The

Lover's Complaint, A

Lover's Vows

Loves Labour Lost


Lucky Man, The

Lumley Autograph, The

Lure Of The Dim Trails, The

Lute Of Jade, A: selections from the classical poets of China

Lydgate's Disguising At Hertford Castle


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