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Cactus, The

Caesar And Cleopatra

California And The Californians

California Romantic And Resourceful; : a plea for the collection, preservation and diffusion of information relating to Pacific coast history

California, 1849-1913; or, The rambling sketches and experiences of sixty-four years' residence in that state

Californiacs, The

Call Of The Wild, The

Call To My Countrywomen, A

Cambridge Pieces

Camilla's Concert

Can Such Things Be?


Canterbury Pieces

Captain Brassbound's Conversion

Captain Stormfield's Visit To Heaven


Cartrefi Cymru

Case Of General Opel

Case Of The Golden Bullet, The

Case Of The Lamp That Went Out, The

Case Of The Pocket Diary Found In The Snow, The

Case Of The Pool Of Blood In The Pastor's Study

Case Of The Registered Letter, The

Cash Boy, The

Cask Of Amontillado, The

Castle Of Otranto, The

Castle Rackrent

Categories, The

Cathedral Courtship, A

Cavalry General, The


Cell Of Self-Knowledge, The : seven early English mystical treatises printed by Henry Pepwell in 1521

Celt And Saxon

Cenci, Les

Census In Moscow, The

Century Of Roundels, A

Ceres' Runaway And Other Essays

Chamber Music

Chants For Socialists

Chaperon, The

Charlotte Temple

Charmed Life, A


Chastelard, a tragedy

Chateau Of Prince Polignac


Child Christopher And Goldilind The Fair

Child's Garden Of Verses, A


Children Of The Night

Children, The

China And The Manchus

Chinese Boy And Girl, The

Chinese Classics, The

Chinese Girl Graduate, A

Chinese Nightingale And Other Poems, The

Chita: A Memory of Last Island

Chitra, a play in one act

Christ In Flanders

Christopher Columbus And The New World Of His Discovery

Chronicles Of Canada

Chun Ah Chun

Cicero's Orations

Cinderella; or, The Little Glass Slipper

Cinq Mars

Circassian Slave, The , or, The Sultan's favorite : a story of Constantinople and the Caucasus

Circus Boys Across The Continent, The: or, Winning New Laurels On The Tanbark

Circus Boys In Dixie Land, The: or, Winning The Plaudits Of The Sunny South

Circus Boys On The Flying Rings, The: or, Making The Start In The Sawdust Life

Circus Boys On The Mississippi, The: or, Afloat With The Big Show On The Big River

Circus Boys On The Plains, The: or, The Young Advance Agents Ahead Of The Show

City Of Dreadful Night, The

City Of The Sun, The

City That Was, The; a requiem of old San Francisco

Classic Of The Sea, A

Cliges; a romance

Clinton's Inaugural Address


Clotelle: A Tale of the Southern States

Clotelle; or, The Colored Heroine, a tale of the Southern States; or, The President's Daughter


Club Of Queer Trades, The

Cobb's Anatomy

Codex Junius 11

Collected Articles Of Frederick Douglass, A Slave

Collected Poems Of Rupert Brooke, The

Collection Of Ballads, A

Collection Of Beatrix Potter Stories, A

Collection Of Stories, A

Colonel Chabert

Colour Of Life, The; and other essays on things seen and heard

Comedy Of Errors, The

Commission In Lunacy, The

Common Sense

Communist Manifesto, The

Complete Works Of James Whitcomb Riley

Complete Works of Artemus Ward, The

Concerning Christian Liberty

Condensed Novels

Condensed Novels: New Burlesques

Conditions Of Existence As Affecting The Perpetuation Of Living Beings

Confession Of A Child Of The Century, The

Confession, The

Confessions Of A Humorist

Confessions Of An English Opium-Eater

Confessions Of An Inquiring Spirit And Some Miscellaneous Pieces

Confessions Of J. J. Rousseau, The

Confiscation; an outline

Confutatio Pontificia, The

Congo And Other Poems, The



Constitution Of Japan, 1946, The

Consul, The

Contrast, The

Cook's Decameron: a study in taste, containing over two hundred recipes for Italian dishes, The

Copyright Basics

Copyright Law Of The United States Of America: contained in Title 17 of the United States Code.

Coral And Coral Reefs



Cost Of Kindness, The

Count Julian

Count Moscow's Narrative

Counterpane Fairy, The

Country Of The Pointed Firs, The

Country Sentiment

Courtship Of Susan Bell, The

Cousin Phillis

Cowley's Essays

Coxon Fund, The

Creatures That Once Were Men

Cricket On The Hearth, The

Crisis In Russia, The


Criticism On "The origin of species"



Cross Roads

Crotchet Castle

Crown Of Thorns, The: a token for the sorrowing

Cruise Of The Dolphin

Culprit Fay And Other Poems, The

Cumberland Vendetta, A

Cupid's Understudy

Cyberpunk Fakebook, The


Cyrano De Bergerac

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