Making spawn for the woodloving outdoor species

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This procedure describes a method of making spawn for the woodloving outdoor species (i.e. Psilocybe azurescens, P. cyanescens, P. bohemica).

This spawn can be used to inoculate outdoor beds with woodchips. The creation of outdoor patches is (will be) described in another document.


The spawn is based on small woodchips that can be bought in a pet-store. It is used as animal bedding but can also be used to smoke fish and meat. These chips are made from beech.

The chips are boiled in water until they sink (approx 1 hour). Alternatively you can soak them in water for some time. Moisture content is right when they sink.


Now drain the chips and let all the loose water run off

Some oatmeal is added to the mixture (approximately one cup for every 3 litre wood chips). This is to boost and speed up mycelial growth. You can also use bran instead of oatmeal.

The oatmeal is mixed in

This mixture is filled into autoclavable spawn bags (or jars)

To prevent the bags from blocking the steam valve, a metal lid is placed on top the bags

The bags are sterilized for 2 hours in a pressure cooker (for jars 1 hour will suffice)

The bags/jars are cooled down in front of a laminar flow hood

When they have cooled down they can be inoculated from rye grain spawn. Donít use too much as this will give problems when it is placed outside in the beds as grain attracts vermin.

We use about 300 ml for one spawnbag

After spawning the bags are sealed with an impulse sealer

They are checked for leaks and punctures.

Finally they are shaken and incubated

Depending on the temperature and species used, bags will completely colonise within 2-3 weeks. Bags can be placed at room temperature.

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