<godwantssemtex> !

<OneDiaDem> ginger would hit me

<godwantssemtex> hey hippie

<godwantssemtex> !

<OneDiaDem> if i did a freddy imitation

<godwantssemtex> hiya NAN

<hippie> mine would just shoot me

<OneDiaDem> lol

<Nan> Hey god :):)

<Nan> love it

<OneDiaDem> well yeah, if she had a gun

> there was this totaly hayseed farmboy dude that rode my bus, he made these perfect looking freddie gloves, with real sharp knives on them and shit...

<hippie> she has a gun

<serendipity> ;(

[Wed Oct 30 21:01:32 EST 2002] AnechoicChamber: i need tungsten to live!

<OneDiaDem> better watch it then hip

<hippie> i do

<godwantssemtex> bold don't sit next to that dude

<Smerd> Gotta question... I got a few syringes the other day. One of them was a might clumpy. Can that prevent success?

<OneDiaDem> hey anc

> his name was jesse

<OneDiaDem> ane

<OneDiaDem> how do you shorten that?

<godwantssemtex> at least smerd has a decent questin <

godwantssemtex> that last dude was fucked up

<hippie> shake it up like crazy, smerd

<godwantssemtex> whats wrong with my cakes

<Smerd> I shook it, but I fear not enough...

<OneDiaDem> what?

<Nan> [email protected]

<godwantssemtex> i didn't let them finish colonizing <serendipity> i do believe q-tips are the best invention ever

<AnechoicChamber> if the rice isnt quite ground up enough will it still work?

<Smerd> They were SAs.

<hippie> chunky still works ok

<OneDiaDem> yes ane

<godwantssemtex> yeah it will work

<Nan> yup

<AnechoicChamber> but the more ground up the better the fruiting?

> how'd you grind it up?

<godwantssemtex> ?

<Smerd> All the others worked - Eqs, Haws, Lipi Yais... but not the SAs - very disappointing.

<hippie> not quite that simple

OneDiaDem> happy hallows eve nan

<AnechoicChamber> blender

<Nan> Thank hon

<Nan> I had forgetten

<godwantssemtex> i hated eqs that i had

> how long does it take in the blender? I haven't tried that

<serendipity> about a minute for me

<OneDiaDem> yo baby, i got you covered!!!

<AnechoicChamber> like 30 seconds

<AnechoicChamber> on liquify. 30 seconds

<godwantssemtex> when its smells like you are starting a fire

<hippie> lol

> hehe

<serendipity> heh, when i did it.. the bottom of the blender thing came unscrewed and i spilled a ton of rice on the floor

<OneDiaDem> hehe'

<AnechoicChamber> lol

<OneDiaDem> oh no....

<OneDiaDem> yikes

<hippie> i just use a coffee grinder

<OneDiaDem> that made a mess

<hippie> electric

<serendipity> oh yes :)

> my blender doesn't hold water b/c I PCd the plastic ring thing too much

<godwantssemtex> i made koolaid mix in mine and had the seal on wrong so the shit just poured out everywhere

 <OneDiaDem> bold, lol

<hippie> use my blender to chop straw instead

> yea that happened to me, except it was a milkshake

<serendipity> heh

<serendipity> i have all of these mental images in my head now

<serendipity> koolaid, milkshakes...

<OneDiaDem> not mechanically inclined eh?

<serendipity> rice

<godwantssemtex> i have a bale i'm gonna hit with the lawn mower

<godwantssemtex> and try a big bed

<OneDiaDem> be careful doin that

<serendipity> don't forget your safety goggles!

> haven't tried chopping straw in the blender, my food processor didn't doo too well with it tho

> hehe

[Wed Oct 30 21:06:09 EST 2002] Wasted has no profile.

<OneDiaDem> lawnmowers are evil and bite

<Smerd> Should be rather ... dramatic.

<OneDiaDem> hey wasted

<AnechoicChamber> is contaminants easy to come by. i mean if i washed my hands lysol'd the room. cleaned the needle of with heat. and didnt breathe directed on my shit?

<AnechoicChamber> off*

<godwantssemtex> i never been bitten by one

 <godwantssemtex> i have all 12 fingers and toes

<hippie> bold, it needs a 'push stick' to work well, but does a good job, just watch yer fingers

<OneDiaDem> i havent bit you yet!!?????

<godwantssemtex> contaminants be easy to come by

<OneDiaDem> yes

<OneDiaDem> very

> I wonder if I just put it through my normal coffee grinder if it'd work

> it's an old hand operated thingy, doesn't do a very good job on rice

<hippie> but winter helps reduce overall contam levels so it will be better in many areas shortly

<Smerd> I made an incubator the other day. Does the "pickle jar" (sans airstone) need a cover? I have none.

<AnechoicChamber> its really cold and theres snow on the ground here

<godwantssemtex> no shit

<godwantssemtex> thank god

<OneDiaDem> there are a gozillion contams

<OneDiaDem> everywhere <serendipity> it's cold here too.. no snow...just cold rain

<hippie> no, smerd

> you're going to get a lot of humidity without a cover on the jar

<OneDiaDem> just dont knock it over

<godwantssemtex> i need soem tumes

<Smerd> I'm using a touch of peroxide. It's at 84 degrees.

<hippie> won't hurt nothin', bold

<OneDiaDem> tumes?

<OneDiaDem> tombs?

<Malformed> tunes? tums

> put a towel in the bottom to soak up the moisture

<Smerd> Hey, good idea. I'll try that.

<OneDiaDem> trick or treat

<OneDiaDem> got candy???

<Nan> Happy Halloween

<Nan> ooohhh

<Nan> I have candy

> I didn't get any candy

<Smerd> But the pickle jar can't dry out the jars, eh?

<Sampson> i have 7 lbs waiting to be passed out

<godwantssemtex> hes the one that put the lsd on the tatoos back in the early 80s

<serendipity> i love candy

OneDiaDem> i dont get trick or treaters in the blair witch projects

 <Malformed> i allready got my treat for halloween

<godwantssemtex> :P

<serendipity> dem bones, mmm

> I wish I would have gotten one of those special bart simpson

stickers man

<Sampson> Alice in Chains?

<OneDiaDem> i got yer chains

<Sampson> ooo baby!

<OneDiaDem> .......

<godwantssemtex> who knows

<godwantssemtex> don't get one started

<Sampson> lol

<OneDiaDem> hehe

<godwantssemtex> somebody will wind up humiliated

<Smerd> I bought an old man mask tonight. Scared the wife. Great fun.

<OneDiaDem> ok, ok.........

<godwantssemtex> and lovin it

<OneDiaDem> i dont humiliate do i?

<Sampson> no =(

<OneDiaDem> i thought you all liked your spankies

<Sampson> =O

<OneDiaDem> silly me

<godwantssemtex> nans a birthday boy i think

<Nan> hehehehe

<Nan> I like birthdays

<godwantssemtex> thats why he was away for awhile

<godwantssemtex> celebrating

<godwantssemtex> hi bday

<Smerd> Congrats, Nan.

<Nan> Thank you smerd

<OneDiaDem> another bday nan?

<Sampson> happy BDAY home slice

<Nan> hehehehe

<OneDiaDem> i missed it?

 <godwantssemtex> nan was born in the deep dark depths of hell and halloween is his bday

<OneDiaDem> lol

<Nan> no <

OneDiaDem> or is it just time for a spnk?

<Nan> it's tomorrow

<godwantssemtex> tomorrow never comes nan

<Nan> true

<godwantssemtex> but you're surely to get older, but not tomorrow

<Nan> it's today

<Nan> here

<Nan> now

Nan> I am healing

> whoa, that's pretty creepy

<Sampson> Nans just a creepy guy

<godwantssemtex> oh if you are healing, you don't want a spakning from one

<Sampson> now we know why =)

<OneDiaDem> lol

<godwantssemtex> you were here for the dr c episode right

> friday the 13th part 3 is on tnn

<Nan> I heal with my friends

<Nan> and my friends heal with me

<godwantssemtex> potatoe sack and all

<Smerd> But it doesn't really mean much - just the planet going around a star.

<Smerd> Not even a very big star.

<Nan> [email protected]

<Smerd> But a nice 'un.

<OneDiaDem> you liked it zilla

<serendipity> happy birthday nan :)

<Nan> zilla's nice

<Nan> everybody is nice

<godwantssemtex> is he here

<hippie> except hippie

<Nan> except

<OneDiaDem> group hug!!!!

<godwantssemtex> shutup hippie

<godwantssemtex> geez

<godwantssemtex> :P

> I'll teach you to be happy!!

<serendipity> who is god

> I'll teach your grandma to suck eggs!

<Smerd> I know I love everyone. yep.

<Nan> I do too

<OneDiaDem> nan is god

<serendipity> heh!

<Nan> I really do love these people

<serendipity> man, now we're in for it

<godwantssemtex> yeah watch nan blush

<Nan> this is my board

<Nan> you took it

<godwantssemtex> go nan

<Nan> I want it back

<godwantssemtex> i told you that before

<Smerd> Mycotopia's the bomb.

<Nan> your board

<Nan> died

<OneDiaDem> welp, thats all folks....exit stage left......

> nan you remember back in the BBS days?

<Sampson> laterz One

<Nan> and you are killing mine

<Nan> you will never have peace here

<Smerd> BBS... when porn was so much work.

<Nan> it will haunt you

<Nan> forever

<Sampson> im outta here to guys take it easy

<serendipity> i could almost cut the air with a knife

<godwantssemtex> huh

<godwantssemtex> air with a knife

 <hippie> it's ok, say your peace

> what are you going on about nan

<serendipity> because the tension....is thick

<godwantssemtex> rant nan

<godwantssemtex> it might not be him tho

<Nan> lol

<godwantssemtex> real mccoy remember

<godwantssemtex> but rant on my friend

<Nan> No

<hippie> spit it out, i'm listening

<godwantssemtex> rage rage

<godwantssemtex> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<Nan> I was here with Vitti

<godwantssemtex> its halllowwen folks

<Nan> at the beginning

<godwantssemtex> yeah

<Nan> we started from ashes

<Nan> you left

<Nan> we built this

> with just a text editor...and a dream...

<godwantssemtex> right on

<Nan> you came

<serendipity> if you build it, they will come

<Nan> and Vitti gifted it

<godwantssemtex> is thi s truth

<Nan> yes

<godwantssemtex> hippie

<hippie> not exactly

<Nan> yes exactly

<godwantssemtex> :P

<Nan> hippie lies

<Nan> he deletes and edits

<hippie> mycotopia was and is my baby.

<Nan> it burned

<Nan> gone

<Nan> dead

<hippie> nan covets what he cannot have

> hrm

<Nan> you can't have my friends

<godwantssemtex> oh yeah

<godwantssemtex> this is better than smackdown

<hippie> not after your friends, nan.

<Nan> yes you are

<Nan> you are after them

<Nan> hurting them

<hippie> bah,

<Nan> ask them

<godwantssemtex> why after your friends?

<Nan> relic

<Nan> mark2k

<Nan> karna

<godwantssemtex> deception involved

<godwantssemtex> ?

<Nan> eatyualive

<Nan> lichen

<Nan> bretti

<godwantssemtex> holyshit

<Nan> my friends hippie

<godwantssemtex> this is the missing poster list

<Nan> it's a pattern

<Nan> yes

<hippie> so start your own board, nan.

<godwantssemtex> what happens to them

<Nan> I did

<hippie> be my guest.

<Nan> Hippie

<Nan> I will

<hippie> cool, that should help settle the matter then.

<Nan> if I have to

> just work together guys

<Nan> but

<godwantssemtex> block them

<godwantssemtex> ?

<godwantssemtex> how does he prevent them from coming on <godwantssemtex> i still come around

> make one board twice as good

<godwantssemtex> and i've been banned

<Nan> you hurt people hippie

<hippie> i didn't block any of those he just listed

<Nan> repeated

<Nan> abuser

<godwantssemtex> how is he messing with friends??

<godwantssemtex> nan?

<hippie> yes, plz be specific

<Nan> picks the weakest one first

<godwantssemtex> what exactly?

<Nan> singles them out

<godwantssemtex> yeah

<Nan> and hurts them

<godwantssemtex> how so

<hippie> how do i hurt them ?

<Nan> abusive use of power

<godwantssemtex> might as well say names again

<hippie> what have i done to you ?

<godwantssemtex> that way everybodys clear

> deleting posts for no reason?

<Nan> yes

<Nan> oppressive

<Nan> controlling

<godwantssemtex> wow

<godwantssemtex> i have started a civil war

<Nan> no

<hippie> very true, yet the people keep flocking in.

<Nan> the contest started a while ago

<Nan> they will not stay

<Nan> you will have no friends

<hippie> more will take their place

<Nan> do you hear this?

<godwantssemtex> its all numbers huh hip

<hippie> don't have friends now

<Nan> not true

<Nan> I am your friend

<hippie> nope, but i'm not here to gather a circle of disciples <godwantssemtex> ceo of mycotopia

> lol, this is sounding a bit like two mob bosses discussing a turf dispute

<Nan> I have always tried to help you

<godwantssemtex> no shit

<godwantssemtex> i told nan to take over months ago

<godwantssemtex> :)

<serendipity> godwants, who are you?

<godwantssemtex> nobody

<godwantssemtex> but we have talked before

<hippie> that's just no possible, though, because i legally own this site, lock stock and barrel.

<godwantssemtex> :P

<serendipity> okay

<Nan> I am trying to help you now Hippie

<serendipity> understandable

<godwantssemtex> its democracy

<Nan> But you lost the board

<Nan> whether you accept help

 <hippie> no, it's a private website, you are guests here.

<Nan> or not

<godwantssemtex> serendipitity

<godwantssemtex> i have the problem with the lady

<godwantssemtex> i go on and on about

<serendipity> okay

<serendipity> yes

 <godwantssemtex> :P

 <Nan> If you can give it up

<godwantssemtex> its not private

<serendipity> how is that, by the way?

 <godwantssemtex> its www

 <godwantssemtex> public

<Nan> The pain will stop

<Nan> and I will be compassonate

<godwantssemtex> you have to secure your server to be private once attatched

<hippie> i paid the $75 for this chat room that you love and now use to turn on the one who gave it to you

<Nan> I always am

<godwantssemtex> public access baby

<Nan> Hippie you are dysfuntional

> how has hip lost the board? I don't see much besides the normal newb banter?

<hippie> heard it all before, nan.

<Nan> but it's not too late

<godwantssemtex> hipipe deleted my posts damnit!

<godwantssemtex> :)

<serendipity> well i just hope something gets worked out somehow because if new people come to the site and see a lot of conflict, that will drive them away

<Nan> he cannot hide

<Nan> from this truth

> you sound like you're talking a lot of shit nan, sorry

<hippie> do you see me running away from you, nan ?

<godwantssemtex> they wont be driven away

> I don't see any evidence

<godwantssemtex> by free thought

<Nan> no hippe

<godwantssemtex> expression

<godwantssemtex> love

<Nan> your prize list

<godwantssemtex> reality

<Nan> I got 4 emails

<Nan> send them to me

<godwantssemtex> hate

<godwantssemtex> anger

<godwantssemtex> fear

<Nan> let's go some more

<Smerd> You guys need a beer, chat. Pobody's nerfect...

<godwantssemtex> death now even maybe from one member

<hippie> what about the list, nan ?

<Nan> No

[Wed Oct 30 21:29:52 EST 2002] primitive-experience has no profile.

<Nan> hey primitive

<hippie> you have the prizes, not me.

<primitive-experience> howdy

<Nan> nobody is emailing

 <Nan> to pick them up

 <hippie> they will

<hippie> if they want

 <godwantssemtex> nan

<Nan> you better contact them

 <Nan> you want a crowd

 <Nan> for this

<primitive-experience> this is cool, this thing never used to work when I would try it. nothing like disappearing for months.

<godwantssemtex> are you tripping now??

<hippie> i have, and will, contact any that don't respond in a reasonable time.

<Malformed> i emailed. yesterday. did you get the mail or not nan

<Nan> yes Mal:)

<serendipity> i emailed today

<Malformed> ok.

<Nan> Your ships tomorrow

<Malformed> wasnt sure. i asked earlier and you hd not checekd at that time

<godwantssemtex> well

<Nan> yep

<godwantssemtex> so where are we now

<godwantssemtex> lets see <

Nan> Hippie is determined to kill the board

<Nan> one way or the other

<godwantssemtex> no hes not

<godwantssemtex> i'm no hip moderation fan

<godwantssemtex> but thats not his intentions

<hippie> very true

<Nan> he is a poor leader

 <godwantssemtex> maybe

<Nan> regardless

<hippie> you are better ?

<godwantssemtex> but he doesn't want to kill off the board

<Nan> I built this board Hip

<hippie> lol

<Nan> that you covet

<hippie> sure ya did

<godwantssemtex> nan is the man

<godwantssemtex> honestly when i wanted to know i was right i had to ask him

<primitive-experience> *eats some popcorn and watches the strife*

[Wed Oct 30 21:33:23 EST 2002] boven has no profile.

<godwantssemtex> sit back my friend , its only just begun

<boven> :)

<Nan> Hey bovs :)

<serendipity> hey boven

<godwantssemtex> seren

<godwantssemtex> things are going as awkward as ever

<godwantssemtex> i'm on pins and needles abou ther

<hippie> i've seen this coming since long ago, no great surprise here

 <godwantssemtex> she s playin with my head

<godwantssemtex> my heart

<serendipity> no :(

<godwantssemtex> i hope not playin per

<godwantssemtex> say

<Nan> of coarse

<godwantssemtex> but i so love her

 <Nan> you thought you had lots of people too

<godwantssemtex> ivve done itall this week

<Nan> followers

<godwantssemtex> flowers letters

<serendipity> and what has she said

<Nan> you thought you had a proper tone

 <hippie> i do feel sorry for you, nan, it's like you are in love with my wife, rather tragic.

<Nan> one thing you did get right

<godwantssemtex> she LOVES me

<godwantssemtex> but might have to dump me

<godwantssemtex> :):):)

[Wed Oct 30 21:35:34 EST 2002] pix has no profile. <Nan> hey pix

> lol

<Smerd> Hey. You guys are my heros.

<pix> helllllo

<hippie> hi

<godwantssemtex> nan you love hips wife

<godwantssemtex> ?

<godwantssemtex> smerd

<hippie> welcome to showdown at the myko corral

<godwantssemtex> you need some real heroes

<godwantssemtex> ronald fuckin a reagan

<primitive-experience> oh man, love trouble too... I haven't hit a chat in YEARS

<godwantssemtex> now thats da man

<godwantssemtex> sorry nan

<Smerd> BTW, my favorite current cake is named hero - eight flushes (really)

<godwantssemtex> no offenssive

<pix> oh shit

<hippie> i was a metaphor, semtex, for nan's affection for my site

<godwantssemtex> you stil da man

<serendipity> yes pix

<pix> i need an umbrella

<Nan> Have you banned me yet ?

<Malformed> no matter what you two think, you both are so very much alike. i dont care if you two admit it or fight it. whatever.

<hippie> of course not

<hippie> do i need to ?

<Smerd> Mal is right, imo.

<Nan> No

<godwantssemtex> imo

<godwantssemtex> :)

<Nan> I get along

<Nan> or try to

<godwantssemtex> nan for myco president

<Smerd> Alike in teh good way, I mean.

<serendipity> pass the bong, get along

<Smerd> teh the

<godwantssemtex> hey seren

<godwantssemtex> :))

<Nan> No

<godwantssemtex> i want some

<Smerd> Hey, pix. Are you pixie?

<serendipity> :)

<Nan> hippie has a dark vision

<Nan> people hurting

<pix> yes smerd

<godwantssemtex> nan you are a black withc

<godwantssemtex> doh

<godwantssemtex> :)

<Nan> yes god

<Smerd> Hi, girl!

<godwantssemtex> pixie is the shit

<primitive-experience> I found a book on wicca on the street the other day...

<godwantssemtex> or a shit

<godwantssemtex> i can't remember anymore

<Nan> wicca is cool

<hippie> you're lucky you got me, nan. ben dover would have sent you packing, assumed your identity and framed you. but i am a righteous man and will not raise my hand against you for nothing more wrong than loving what i love.

> intrigue, drama

<serendipity> wait a minute, what about ben dover?

<godwantssemtex> ben dover

<Nan> you will be lonely

<godwantssemtex> hehehe

<godwantssemtex> hehehe

<Nan> but you are used to that

<pix> hmmmmmmm the ignorebutton is looking mightly nice

<Nan> or will get used

<godwantssemtex> pix you'll be alone

<Nan> you don't have vision

<Nan> you cannot heal

<primitive-experience> vision?

<hippie> just not a guru, like you, nan. just a loser.

<serendipity> ben dover = crazy4weed?

<Nan> he does not feel the board

<hippie> no, not him.

<serendipity> k

 <Smerd> You guys fit together like a dovetail joint, you know...

<Smerd> You're both critical to the mission, I mean.

 <Nan> I have twisted myself to fit her

<hippie> i know, smerd, i'm yang, he's ying

<godwantssemtex> i agree

<hippie> light dark

<godwantssemtex> yin and yang

<Nan> lol

<godwantssemtex> we need just less control from one side

<serendipity> heh!

<godwantssemtex> and its balancing

 <hippie> guru and outlaw

<pix> her???

<hippie> god and the devil

<Nan> here

<Nan> perfect hip

<godwantssemtex> damnit pixies

<godwantssemtex> anser me

<Nan> but you are not a god

<hippie> makes for a great read

> what's so evil?

<hippie> i meant you, i'm the devil

<godwantssemtex> estimated prophet

<godwantssemtex> har hummmm

<godwantssemtex> ....

<Nan> I am a Witch

<primitive-experience> good and evil... I was thinking about doing some writing on that

<Nan> not a God

<godwantssemtex> hes the devil thos

<godwantssemtex> hells angel

<godwantssemtex> your the johnny depp hes the tex cobb

<Nan> hippie yes

<Nan> Hell's Angel

<Nan> not a hippie

<godwantssemtex> :P

<hippie> but not every one hates me, nan.

<Nan> no

> I don't hate either of you

<godwantssemtex> i don't hate anybody

<Nan> they do not know you

<godwantssemtex> even people that have made me bleed

<hippie> lol

<Nan> they do not know you hurt

<hippie> no one here knows me all that well

<Nan> are abusive

<godwantssemtex> a little blood

<godwantssemtex> lets talk reality

<godwantssemtex> here

<Nan> I know you better

<godwantssemtex> do you beat your wife hippie

<hippie> guilty as charged

<godwantssemtex> ?

<hippie> i can be a regular asshole

<godwantssemtex> bad timing i hipe

<serendipity> i'm new...i know nothing

<pix> dont worry sere

<Nan> when you are hip

<pix> you can sit on my swing

<hippie> nope, don't intimidate her, she's got a gun

<Nan> you hurt people

<serendipity> scoot over, pix

<pix> wanna play cards??

<serendipity> sure :)

<hippie> so do you nan, you're hurting me right now

> it's hard to hurt somebody over the internet

<Nan> yes

<godwantssemtex> ok ok

<godwantssemtex> whats the solution boys

<Nan> because you need to let my people free of oppression

<hippie> lol

<godwantssemtex> fuckin charlton heston now

<godwantssemtex> jesus fucking a christ

<hippie> some plagues coming my way now, i suppose....

<godwantssemtex> :)

> hehe

<hippie> ah, shit, a zit.

<godwantssemtex> :):):):):))

<godwantssemtex> no zit

> an EVIL zit

<pix> who are your people nan??

<godwantssemtex> i'm nans people

<Nan> look in the archives

<godwantssemtex> on this board anyhow

<Nan> on the board now

<hippie> hey nan.

<Nan> yes

<hippie> listen a sec.

<pix> i repeat, who are YOUR people??

<Nan> indeed

<hippie> i'll show you how righteous i am.

<godwantssemtex> hippie have youbeen drinking?

<godwantssemtex> :P

<hippie> i'll give you our site at canadaweb, there's still 6 months of rent paid in advance

> must be the ghosts of halloween

<hippie> not drinking, no.

<godwantssemtex> ok

<Nan> Hippie

<godwantssemtex> nan are you going to take over mycotopia

<godwantssemtex> or are you gonna leave

<hippie> take your people and go

 <Smerd> Now, would this place work w/o both of you? C'mon.

<godwantssemtex> or are you gonna ....?

<godwantssemtex> what thes solution here

> ya hate to see that

<Nan> let me talk it over with the board?

<godwantssemtex> they told me shut the fuck up , take over or leave

<Nan> uncensored

 <Nan> unmolested

<Nan> you do not post on the thread

<hippie> no, you handle it in private, like you have been doing.

> I think the final result will be that noone wants you to split

<boven> oh my gosh...

<godwantssemtex> use the board

<hippie> or do it on your board, you can still post a link here, visit if you behave.

<godwantssemtex> thats our forum

<godwantssemtex> not your house

<godwantssemtex> its a condo

<godwantssemtex> or projects

<godwantssemtex> really

<boven> what is going on here?

<hippie> it's mine, semtex, despite any communist ideas you might hold to

<godwantssemtex> EVERYTHING

<Nan> negoitations <

godwantssemtex> i am a communist pinko bastad

<hippie> nan and i are talking about him setting up his own board. <

godwantssemtex> :P

[Wed Oct 30 21:50:23 EST 2002] jake has no profile.

<godwantssemtex> so no free debate

<godwantssemtex> you can post

<Nan> but you know something Hip

<pix> welcome to the barroom jake

<hippie> not at my expense.

<godwantssemtex> thats what nan wanted right

<godwantssemtex> a thread

<Nan> I do not want to be admin

> goddamn alysa milano is so hot

<jake> i picked some mushrooms and i don't know if i should eat them or not

<Smerd> True, bold.

 <Smerd> Eat 'em, Jake. Then this'll make more sense...

> that's a sure indication that you shouldn't eat them

<hippie> i think i'm offering you a pretty fair deal, nan.

<jake> can i send a pic or something?

<serendipity> now would be a good time to go find some dinner

<godwantssemtex> nan

<godwantssemtex> what did you ask for?

<serendipity> later all

<hippie> bye, sorry about this

<boven> :(

<Nan> it's ok