Spore Germination and Dikaryotic Mating

By Uda Kegg

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Playing around with a new microscope (Nikon C1) and digicam. Pics are of a Z strain dikaryon growing on MYP agar. You can see clamps, septa, etc. The spores (also Z strain) look funny cause they've been desiccated.

here's my best attempt so far
Z strain spore germinating on MYPA

Nikon Coolpix 995 with an MDC lens attachment

400x was spot on and a bit of extra zoom with the camera lens. I had a bright lamp above the sample.

My next project is to get a good pic of spore germination. Not sure what use this is to us cultivators, just me having fun really!

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By Mushroom John


Posted by: mjshroomer 07/13/03 10:06 AM

Hre are some of my photos of P. cubensis from Malaysia magnified fie thousand times.

I did this one at Chulalongkorn University several years ago.

A copelandia from Malaysia at 1,500 times 

...and at 3,500 times

And a picture of me creating these images on the Scanning Electron Microscopy.

And now a blue one and a red one of Psilocybe cubensis through photoshop color.

and the red one of P. cubensis.

Posted by: Nanook Jul 09 03, 12:29 AM GMT
More Mushroom John??? wub.gif wink.gif