Mass Spawn Made Easy Using Brf, brf cakes style

                                                            by Eatyualive

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Here is a new thing i tried that a friend thought of.

for every 1 freezer ziploc bag
2 colonized pf jars
4 uncolonized but sterile pf substrate jars

1.colonize your jars on brf as normal pf tek style.

2.once fully colonized, use these jars with some prepared sterilized brf jars.
here is how it works. buy some plastic bags(preferably ziploc to know that they are properly sealed)

3.prepare a sterile area free of air drafts and make sure to clean area with rubbing alcohol and spray the air using lysol disinfectant spray.

4. next loosen up your jar lids then turn the jars upside down and pat them till they fall to the top of the lid.

5. open lids and throw off the toplayer of verm. now open plastic bag and dump 2 colonized cakes and 4 uncolonized in that order. ( you can use 1colonized per 4 cakes with colonization happening in about a week tops)

6. seal the bag making sure a little air is in it .

7. crush the colonized cakes into pieces and the uncolonized cakes.

8. make sure you spread the colonized kernals evenly throughout the bag so that almost every uncolonized kernal is being touched.


10. in a few days you should have fully colonized bags, then just do the flatcake tek or whatever method you prefer.

Reasons: this seems easier than making big batches of the brf together in one bag. it evens out the moisture content in the bag so that it lessens the chance for wetspot bacteria. also i have had more luck doing this on a table surface without a flowhood rather than with one!!!

take note: i use brf/wbs
this is the formula per 24 jars

12 cups verm, 6 cups brf/ 2cups steeped wild bird seed( i prefer premium blend finch seed) and add the water in(4-6) cups to optimum moisture. can't really give exact amount bc the steeped birdseed gives a little water to the mix. i usually eye it in.

i think the birdseed accounts for the speedy colonization that has been occuring in these bags. i usually spawn an entire filterpatch gallon bag with 1pf jar and can colonize it in 3-5 days tops. these have been colonizing on average in 4 days. that is great bc at times i find brf to colonize slower than dung/straw. but i am sure it will work with plain brf/verm pf tek jars. good luck to all!!!!

well, this tek is for 1/2 pint colonized brf jars ala pf tek not full pints. the tek works very well and is a very easy way to clone. you don't even need a flow, all you need is a sterile area. now, the moisture content of your sterilized brf jars is the most important part of this tek. if the jars are too dry then the addition of the colonized jars will slow growth or not even colonize.

mycota-yes colonized grain is great inoculum but this tek is for the simplicity and avoidance of grain for those who find brf simple and efficient. i have had yields from brf far better than dung/straw at times just depending on the tlc and efficiency of the grower. really it is all an experiment to find out what works best for you. i have tried so many teks and passed and failed at many of them but i just use what is the fastest and easiest. i do like grain inoculation but at this time i have limited access to use my pc and this is what works for me at the time being.

stevie-well the jarst that i used with clone water did great about 2-3 months ago when i did them. i cloned the strain ala agar and transfered to mycelial water using 9er tek inoculation of mycelial syringes. the clone that i did was the strongest ever of the tex strain that i have seen personally but unfortunately at the time i had to go out of town and didn't continue the clone. also, i have limited access to pc so that screwed me over with the agar culture for now. oops you were talkin to mojo so nevermind!

here is a pic of the bag tek in action. this is 1 days growth. the mycelia is starting to spread from the colonized brf to the uncolonized. now a friend has nine of these bags almost fully colonized in 4 days. he is using 1 colonized jar per 4 uncolonized jars. and they look very nice. hehe, something to look forward to!!!!! tongue.gif


by the way another addition:

once the bag is fully colonized you can use this bag to inoculate more brf spawn(in this case). so one jar can become 90 in a matter of a week!

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