Flatalbert's Shipping Technique

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Posted by: flatalbert May 14 03, 12:17 PM GMT
I am trying to perfect a shipping method for plants, especially salvia divinorum. They are especially sensitive, but if you treat them really well, they can actually root in transit.

Take healthy growing tips. Slice them with a sharp razor. Then dip them in rooting hormone. Put a bit of dirt and hydro-sorb crystals to hold moisture in the corner of a ziplock. Wrap masking tape loosely above the root ball just enough to hold the plant in the soil. Zip up the ziplock half way to allow air exchange in the package. Layer the plants flat and snug. If space needs to be taken up, layer paper, so there won't be a lot of shifting in the package.

As far as shipping, they should be shipped at LEAST 2-day priority. Any longer will stress the plant. After transit, the plants should be put in a humidity tent in indirect light until they can be adjusted to regular light and humidity. Water them lightly. Don't fertilize until they are totally adjusted.