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Printing Made Easy .

What you Need .

1..Whiskey or shot glass..
2..Kitchen foil..
3..Empty jar and lid..
4..2 Tins of lysol..
5..Nail Clippers or small scissors
6..Small utensil for lifting the mushroom cap ..
7..The mushroom cap..

1.. Wrap the glass in foil and make sure its all covered , do the same with you small utensil and clippers .

2 ..Cut a 6 inch square of foil and put a fold in the middle of it , then cut an 10 inch square of foil , put the 6 inch square inside the 10 square and fold shut making sure none of the 6 inch square is exposed to air.

3..Put all of the above into the oven for 1 hour at 200 .

4..Picking a cap for printing ..Wait until you see some spores dropping before you choose one , if you dont all of the above could prove a waste of time . Put a piece of A4 under a cap your thinking on the when you see it or the surrounding perlite turn a shade of black you know its dropping spores . Wait until the cap starts opening like an umbrella , take your time and choose carefully .


5..When your cap is ready , open your jar snip off the head as close to the top as you can and quickly close the jar .

6..Put all of the above into the glovebox and add a tin of lysol , give it a good spray with the lid open , spray the lid too then close the lid . Now with the glovebox lid on spray the inside using the tin of lysol already in the box , give it plenty of spray , really soak the inside and all thats in it then let it dry out a bit.

7..Unwrap every thing and place wrapping foil to one side . Place the 6 square in the middle and level it out . Open your jar and using you utensil take the cap out and place on the foil , place the glass on top of the cap and leave it for 24 hours . Check after 24 hours , lift the glass and the cap and see if its dropped its spores . If its not as black as you want it leave it another 24 hours .

8..Lift the glass and put the cap back inside the jar , put the glass back over your print . I also get my little utensil and sit it just on the lip of the glass so a little air gets under to dry out the spores , leave it like this for 24 hours .

9..Now if everything has went to plan and no contams have invade you lift the glass and fold the print and seal it.

The utensil i use for lifting caps is a long thin sharp needle like object , well theres a story attached to that object .
1994 i broke 5 toes on my right foot , my foot was held together with kinchner wires . The surgeon was removing them and throwing them in the bin when i asked for them , with a surprised look on his face he asked why , just for souveniers . :-)

I went to see Stone Temple Pilots with 5 broken toes and on crutches that year , when i saw them again in 2001 there was a fan there also on crutches .

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