[04:02] <ripper> rippercam is up
[04:02] * grphish loves the cock!
[04:02] <ripper> I got a grip of drugs
[04:02] <grphish> show us ripper
[04:02] <Smoke2k> you want me to run my root off in ya boy
[04:02] <Smoke2k> ripper 
[04:02] <Pnutbot> ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:02] <Smoke2k> what do you have 
[04:02] <yoda> do u guys grow
[04:02] <yoda> magical mushrooms
[04:02] <Pnutbot> magical mushrooms are defined as psilocybe XXxXX
[04:02] <yoda> ?
[04:02] <phalaris> klonoz!
[04:03] <ripper> tune in
[04:03] <ripper> watch
[04:03] <grphish> give us url
[04:03] <grphish> rippercam
[04:03] <Pnutbot> rippercam is functioning
[04:03] <phalaris> amaze
[04:03] * felix is now known as theKat
[04:03] <ripper> http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html
[04:03] <phalaris> !rippercam
[04:03] <grphish> forget rippercam
[04:03] <Pnutbot> grphish: I forgot rippercam
[04:03] <Smoke2k> ripper answer pm whore
[04:03] <phalaris> is sammi there?
[04:03] <grphish> rippercam is <reply> http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html
[04:03] <grphish> PUT A TOP ON
[04:03] <grphish> *CLOSES HIS EYES*
[04:03] <Smoke2k> u see that chat
[04:03] <grphish> oh dear
[04:03] <Smoke2k> butt slu t
[04:04] <grphish> thats a lot of klonopin
[04:04] <Smoke2k> heh
[04:04] <grphish> along with shrooms or pot
[04:04] <phalaris> looks like ripper is fine enough in the nude
[04:04] <grphish> whats that ur holding?
[04:04] <phalaris> heh
[04:04] <grphish> shrooms!
[04:04] <Pnutbot> shrooms are inevitable.
[04:04] <grphish> yay ripper!
[04:04] <phalaris> shrooms in Rx bottle
[04:04] <yoda> ripper cam
[04:04] <yoda> lol
[04:04] <phalaris> s
[04:04] <yoda> whos that?
[04:04] <Pnutbot> that is real
[04:04] <yoda> bagga weed
[04:04] <ripper> methadone 80mg
[04:04] <yoda> thats u ripper
[04:04] <yoda> ?
[04:04] <yoda> or 
[04:04] <grphish> whats that red shit
[04:04] <grphish> haha
[04:04] <grphish> i knew it
[04:04] <grphish> haa
[04:04] <grphish> you lucky fux0r
[04:05] <grphish> AHHAA
[04:05] <yoda> brandon?
[04:05] <Pnutbot> brandon is a good dood though
[04:05] <yoda> whats those bottles?
[04:05] <grphish> TAKE ONE CAPSULE
[04:05] <grphish> takea thousant!
[04:05] <yoda> whats
[04:05] <Pnutbot> whats is he and she
[04:05] <yoda> the fuckin bottles
[04:05] <Pnutbot> bottles is kind of coffin shaped too
[04:05] <yoda> i DIDNT SEE
[04:06] <grphish> ah
[04:06] <grphish> is that bug ripper
[04:06] <grphish> bud
[04:06] <Pnutbot> bud is a brand of beer as well as marijuana
[04:06] <ripper> heh
[04:06] <ripper> tonight is a ogod night fellas
[04:06] <grphish> haha
[04:06] <yoda> will u jerk it
[04:06] <yoda> for me
[04:06] <Pnutbot> for me is is....i will explain
[04:06] <grphish> so whaty do you have all together
[04:06] <grphish> bud klono and methadone
[04:07] <yoda> im just playin
[04:07] <yoda> but whats in the bottles
[04:07] <yoda> really
[04:07] <Pnutbot> really is there any place on the net that I can read where others have put brain power into devising ways to grow weed subversively?
[04:07] <yoda> im not watching that shit anymore
[04:07] <ripper> klono, methadone, restoril, inderal, weed, kb
[04:07] <phalaris> you need to shave your head
[04:07] <grphish> kb?
[04:07] <yoda> kind buds?
[04:07] <ripper> yoda: methadone in bottles
[04:07] <yoda> :p
[04:07] <ripper> kind buds yes
[04:07] <yoda> methadone
[04:07] <Pnutbot> methadone is easier on your nose than e
[04:07] <yoda> u an ex heroin addict
[04:07] <yoda> or hwaT?
[04:07] <Pnutbot> hwaT is the ring. .  .?
[04:07] <phalaris> long story
[04:07] <Pnutbot> That usually means that the person doesn't want to talk about it.
[04:07] <ripper> bottoms up fells 
[04:07] <ripper> check this shit
[04:07] <Smoke2k> hey ripper
[04:07] <ripper> 8000mg equivalent of oxy-contin
[04:07] * gee_wiz has joined #shroomery
[04:07] <phalaris> Not a Care in Life
[04:08] * gee_wiz has left #shroomery
[04:08] <grphish> haha
[04:08] <grphish> i bet that tasted like shit
[04:08] <ripper> brb drink
[04:08] <grphish> a bottle of methadone is a dose of methadone?
[04:08] <phalaris> we see him knock his head on the back wall and stay there for the next 14 hours
[04:09] <grphish> that little bottle is a dose?
[04:09] <ripper> whao
[04:09] <ripper> thats alot
[04:09] <ripper> jesus
[04:09] <Pnutbot> Jesus healed the lame! With Cannabis Oil!!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/2633187.stm
[04:09] <ripper> I just stumbled
[04:09] <ripper> to the ktichen
[04:09] <ripper> I'm all fucked up
[04:09] <ripper> motherukc
[04:09] <grphish> dude you just drank it
[04:09] <phalaris> attempted suicide #84
[04:09] <grphish> did you smoke bud as well?
[04:09] <ripper> yeah
[04:09] <ripper> =P
[04:09] <ripper> and
[04:09] <grphish> ripper: how much methadone did you take?
[04:09] <phalaris> keep that respirator hady
[04:09] <ripper> I'm gonna take some klonos
[04:09] <ripper> watch
[04:09] <phalaris> hadny
[04:09] <ripper> 80mg
[04:09] <Pnutbot> 80mg is alot of ritalin though
[04:09] <phalaris> handt
[04:09] <ripper> pure
[04:09] <Pnutbot> pure is good yeah pure is good!
[04:10] <phalaris> hadndndyhdnahnaha ahdny handy
[04:10] <grphish> how much is a regular dose?
[04:10] <ripper> they start [eolpe who shoot at 20-30mg
[04:10] <yoda> goodnight
[04:10] <yoda> gang
[04:10] <Pnutbot> gang is believed to run five vans which all have curtains fitted behind the drivers seat and beds installed in the back.
[04:10] <yoda> peace
[04:10] <Pnutbot> make baby cadavers
[04:10] <yoda> out
[04:10] <phalaris> do you take this much nightly?
[04:10] <yoda> much love
[04:10] <yoda> <33333333
[04:10] <yoda> byebyebyeybeybyebyeybe
[04:10] <grphish> dont OD on us ripper
[04:10] <ripper> firdt time with lwuid
[04:10] <ripper> ufusls pillz
[04:10] <ripper> so rhey are 5mg
[04:10] * yoda has quit IRC (Leaving: Leaving)
[04:10] <grphish> did the methadone kick in aqlready
[04:11] <grphish> or what.
[04:11] <ripper> oh yeah
[04:11] <ripper> I'm fcuk
[04:11] <phalaris> i wonder if we'll see ripper ever again
[04:11] <Smoke2k> hey ripper 
[04:11] <phalaris> heh
[04:11] <ripper> hey
[04:11] <Pnutbot> bonjour, ripper
[04:11] <ripper> whatsup
[04:11] <grphish> what are you on right now ripper
[04:11] <Smoke2k> yea what are you on
[04:11] <ripper> aalot of drugs
[04:11] <ripper> 80mg methadone
[04:11] <ripper> 8mg klonopin
[04:11] <ripper> 120mg resotril
[04:11] <ripper> 1.5 grams KB
[04:11] <ripper> 4 grams mersh
[04:11] <grphish> mersh?
[04:11] <Pnutbot> mersh is east coast
[04:11] <Smoke2k> wtf 
[04:12] <ripper> 110 mg inderal
[04:12] <phalaris> hehe
[04:12] <phalaris> you're making drugs up!
[04:12] <ripper> and
[04:12] <Smoke2k> lol 
[04:12] <grphish> whats mersh
[04:12] <Pnutbot> it has been said that mersh is east coast
[04:12] <ripper> 2 vicodan
[04:12] <grphish> dude
[04:12] <grphish> you ever done this much before
[04:12] <ripper> thats it
[04:12] <Smoke2k> eat more
[04:12] <Smoke2k> thats not much
[04:12] <phalaris> man. 2 vicodin would do me in
[04:12] <grphish> don't overdose on us ripper :[
[04:12] <ripper> I did this tonight
[04:12] <ripper> u fools
[04:12] <Pnutbot> fools we will always be
[04:12] <Smoke2k> I eat that every morning 
[04:12] <ripper> did u not see my bag of drugs
[04:12] <ripper> look
[04:12] * Pnutbot looks
[04:12] <Smoke2k> you pussy 
[04:12] <Smoke2k> you pussy 
[04:12] <Smoke2k> eat more 
[04:12] <grphish> haha Smoke2k stfu
[04:12] <Smoke2k> lol 
[04:12] <Smoke2k> your fucking nuts ripper
[04:12] <Smoke2k> :)
[04:13] <ripper> yeah
[04:13] <ripper> thats what I thought bitch
[04:13] <grphish> id take the methadone over all if that
[04:13] <ripper> don't talk to me about doing enough drugs
[04:13] <ripper> thats my pesonal stash
[04:13] <phalaris> tough love
[04:13] <ripper> all the goods
[04:13] <ripper> for a weekend of fun
[04:13] <ripper> those benzos
[04:13] <ripper> fuck yeah
[04:13] <Smoke2k> damn I am pretty sure that I would not be able more than the methadone and vicodan
[04:13] <ripper> I solu eat 4 restoril
[04:13] <ripper> one sec
[04:13] <grphish> ripper
[04:13] <Pnutbot> ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:13] <Smoke2k> solu?
[04:13] <phalaris> You sure your judgement isn't impared to the least?
[04:13] <grphish> you're not going to overdose on us are you?
[04:13] <Smoke2k> what the hell is this new dialect your making up
[04:14] <ripper> great
[04:14] <ripper> bottosms up
[04:14] <Smoke2k> lol 
[04:14] <ripper> cheers and righty hoe
[04:14] <Smoke2k> hell yea eat more
[04:14] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:14] <Smoke2k> eat more 
[04:14] <Smoke2k> you pussy 
[04:14] <phalaris> you should get sammi over there
[04:14] <grphish> lol
[04:14] <ripper> wait
[04:14] <Pnutbot> wait is that legal?
[04:14] <ripper> I havent taken inderal
[04:14] <ripper> mmmmMM
[04:14] <phalaris> to get your ass to the hospital in an hour
[04:14] <Smoke2k> damn if you die you fucking bitch I am going to feel so bad 
[04:14] <grphish> yah you have
[04:14] <Smoke2k> eat more 
[04:14] <grphish> haha Smoke2k
[04:14] <Smoke2k> :)
[04:14] <grphish> dude
[04:14] <grphish> anyone knows rippers address?
[04:15] <Smoke2k> damn man ripper is a dumbass 
[04:15] <grphish> someone call the paramedics on him
[04:15] <Smoke2k> when you are making a new dialect up ripper you need to say you have had enough
[04:15] <ripper> there we go
[04:15] <ripper> I should be set
[04:15] <Smoke2k> I am immune to some pills but you know what I do I just don't buy them anymore
[04:15] <grphish> Smoke2k, wait till the klonos vicodins and all the other pills he took kick in
[04:15] <Smoke2k> I suggest he just doesn't eat anymore
[04:15] <ripper> these are good pillz u know
[04:15] <grphish> ripper :]
[04:15] <Smoke2k> damn ripper your such a fucking cunt
[04:15] <Smoke2k> :)
[04:15] <ripper> I am having a wonderful evening
[04:15] <grphish> you ever done this much before?
[04:16] <ripper> why am I a cunt
[04:16] <ripper> this is usual weekend behaviour
[04:16] <ripper> I told u fucks
[04:16] <ripper> u all said I was lying
[04:16] <grphish> haha
[04:16] <Smoke2k> how many have you eaten before
[04:16] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:16] <phalaris> we did?
[04:16] <ripper> my mom is in the next room doing crozzwordz
[04:16] <grphish> haha
[04:16] <grphish> well
[04:16] <Smoke2k> yea you should go give her some 
[04:16] <grphish> she won't notice anyway
[04:16] <Smoke2k> offer her some pillz
[04:16] <grphish> the methdone will kick your ass
[04:16] <grphish> and make you pretty quiet
[04:17] <Smoke2k> your mom won't know that your crawling to bed?
[04:17] <ripper> watcht this bitch
[04:17] <phalaris> yeah. if you do some meth
[04:17] <ripper> 2 methadone
[04:17] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:17] <Smoke2k> lo,l
[04:17] <Smoke2k> you crazy sumbitch
[04:17] <Oea> LOL
[04:17] <phalaris> you got a guitar Rippah?
[04:17] <Smoke2k> damn I gotta get this fucking web cam
[04:17] <grphish> if ripper doesn't die he's going to have a great time
[04:17] <Smoke2k> gimme addy again
[04:17] <Smoke2k> hell yea 
[04:17] <Smoke2k> damn ripper you gotta play us some tunes bro 
[04:17] <ripper> whoa
[04:17] <Pnutbot> whoa is right
[04:17] <ripper> I am high
[04:17] <Pnutbot> Your IP has been logged and the police are on their way, better slam that ben and jerry's and haul some ass hippy
[04:17] <Smoke2k> fucking wail on that bitch
[04:17] <ripper> fuck
[04:18] <Oea> Ripper
[04:18] <Pnutbot> Ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:18] <Oea> what are you on?
[04:18] <Oea> ?!!!!!11
[04:18] <Smoke2k> hey whats addy
[04:18] <phalaris> i bet ripper will just pass out and forget it all
[04:18] <Smoke2k> hes on alot 
[04:18] <ripper> alot of drugs
[04:18] <Oea> What?
[04:18] <grphish> <ripper> 80mg methadone
[04:18] <grphish> <ripper> 8mg klonopin
[04:18] <grphish> <ripper> 120mg resotril
[04:18] <grphish> <ripper> 1.5 grams KB
[04:18] <grphish> <ripper> 4 grams mersh
[04:18] <ripper> 160mg methadone
[04:18] <Smoke2k> lol 
[04:18] <Oea> holy Shit
[04:18] <ripper> 8mg klonopin
[04:18] * Pnutbot worships Oea's shit.
[04:18] <ripper> 120mg rrestoril
[04:18] <Oea> lolol
[04:18] <Oea> ripper
[04:18] <Pnutbot> ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:18] <Oea> ur ded
[04:18] <ripper> I just ate about 160mg inderal
[04:18] <ripper> and
[04:18] <Smoke2k> we seen him eat alot
[04:18] <ripper> I smoked 1.5 grams kb
[04:18] <Smoke2k> he said hes got a big tolerance
[04:18] <ripper> and 5 grams normal pot
[04:18] <ripper> and
[04:18] <Smoke2k> you better stay on web cam all night
[04:18] <ripper> I drank some 151
[04:18] <Smoke2k> I wanna see if you survive or if you just black out
[04:19] * grphish eats nutmeg :(
[04:19] <Oea> ripper
[04:19] <Pnutbot> ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:19] <Smoke2k> this is more fun than a drunk on cops missing teeth wearing a wife beater
[04:19] <Oea> don't die motherfucker
[04:19] <Oea> i'll kill you
[04:19] <grphish> man
[04:19] <Smoke2k> yea thats what I said Oea
[04:19] <grphish> ripper, if you puke? can i eat it? i'll get so high of that puke
[04:19] * phalaris changes topic to '<ripper> 80mg methadone <ripper> 8mg klonopin <ripper> 120mg resotril <ripper> 1.5 grams KB <ripper> 4 grams mersh <ripper> I just ate about 160mg inderal'
[04:19] <Smoke2k> I told him he was a pussy a minute ago as a joke and then he ate more
[04:19] <Oea> hah
[04:19] <Oea> that's a lot of downers
[04:19] <ripper> I suppose
[04:19] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:19] <Oea> you'd better not go to sleep
[04:19] <Oea> breathe
[04:20] <phalaris> it's all going down
[04:20] <ripper> how many people are watching this non=sense
[04:20] <Smoke2k> stay here mother fucker
[04:20] <grphish> everyone here
[04:20] <grphish> :/
[04:20] <Smoke2k> whats web site
[04:20] <Pnutbot> web site is Christiania.org
[04:20] <phalaris> I
[04:20] <Pnutbot> phalaris doesn't make sense.. no telling what makes sense these days...
[04:20] <Smoke2k> i need it 
[04:20] <Smoke2k> i need it 
[04:20] <Smoke2k> now
[04:20] <Oea> What's the cam site?
[04:20] <Smoke2k> yea
[04:20] <grphish> http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html
[04:20] <Smoke2k> thx
[04:20] <phalaris> ripper .. you should try as best to pass out in front of the cam
[04:20] <grphish> wtf is that
[04:20] <Pnutbot> that is real
[04:20] <grphish> IS THAT YOUR BOWEL?
[04:20] <phalaris> hehe
[04:21] <ripper> there
[04:21] <Pnutbot> there is a make black and white under effects
[04:21] <grphish> i hope ripper doens't die or anyhting :<
[04:21] <ripper> thats the perfect position
[04:21] <ripper> look
[04:21] * Pnutbot looks
[04:21] <ripper> if I'm laying there
[04:21] <ripper> see if you can see me
[04:21] <Oea> ripper
[04:21] <Pnutbot> ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:21] <grphish> yah
[04:21] <grphish> good
[04:21] <Oea> code a dead man's trigger
[04:21] <grphish> leave it like that
[04:21] <Oea> if you don't respond in X time
[04:21] <Oea> it warns us
[04:21] <Oea> LOL
[04:21] <grphish> haha
[04:21] <grphish> AND, HE'S GONE!
[04:21] <ripper> ehh
[04:21] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:21] <ripper> <ripper has perished
[04:21] <Smoke2k> did you just flash us
[04:21] <grphish> oh dear where'd you get the strength to get back up
[04:21] <ripper> I got some more drugs here somewhere
[04:21] <Oea> LIZZOLE
[04:21] <ripper> gimme a sec
[04:21] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:21] <grphish> no ripper
[04:21] <Pnutbot> no ripper is steady massaging my blue balls since I got turned down by the raging dyke
[04:22] <Oea> LOL
[04:22] <grphish> don't
[04:22] <Oea> RIPPER
[04:22] <Pnutbot> RIPPER is a gangster!!!
[04:22] <Smoke2k> LMAO
[04:22] <Oea> NO
[04:22] <grphish> don't be a dick
[04:22] <grphish> dude
[04:22] <Oea> ripper
[04:22] <Pnutbot> ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:22] <ripper> I haven't finished going through my bag
[04:22] <Oea> no more
[04:22] <Smoke2k> jese fucking christ
[04:22] <grphish> CUT IT OUT
[04:22] <phalaris> just smoke some weed
[04:22] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:22] <grphish> DSMLSDJKSD
[04:22] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:22] <grphish> DUDE
[04:22] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:22] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:22] <grphish> SDFJDS
[04:22] <Smoke2k> fucking eat it 
[04:22] <Smoke2k> fucking eat it 
[04:22] <grphish> STOP IT
[04:22] <Smoke2k> fucking eat it 
[04:22] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:22] <grphish>                      STOP IT
[04:22] <grphish>                      STOP IT
[04:22] <grphish>                      STOP IT                                     
[04:22] <grphish>                      STOP IT                            
[04:22] <grphish> :(
[04:22] <Smoke2k> ripper knows what hes doing 
[04:22] <grphish> dfkgjdfg
[04:22] <grphish>                      STOP IT                             i dont care, !
[04:22] <grphish>                      STOP IT                             i dont care,  stop it :(
[04:22] <Oea> LOL
[04:22] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:22] <Oea> LOL
[04:22] <Smoke2k> LOL 
[04:22] <Oea> Ripper
[04:22] <Pnutbot> Ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:22] <phalaris> he knows he's attempting suicide for the umpteenth time
[04:22] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:22] <grphish> nth
[04:23] <Oea> loEL
[04:23] <grphish> degree
[04:23] <Pnutbot> degree is ALT-248   
[04:23] <grphish> 1!!! ripper THIS IS YOUR MAUDER SPEAKING, ENOUGH!
[04:23] <grphish> stop it :(()~
[04:23] <phalaris> stick the pillz up yer noz
[04:23] <ripper> alright
[04:23] <ripper> there we go
[04:23] <Oea> ripper
[04:23] <Pnutbot> ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:23] <ripper> 8mg klonopin the mix
[04:23] <Oea> do you want to die or what?
[04:23] <Oea> !!!!
[04:23] <ripper> nah
[04:23] <ripper> its safe
[04:23] <ripper> I know what I'm doing
[04:23] <Oea> When you stop breathing!
[04:23] <Smoke2k> ok look dude
[04:23] <Smoke2k> heres the plan
[04:23] <Oea> Respitory depressssion
[04:23] <Smoke2k> cram the pill up your ass
[04:23] <ripper> listen
[04:23] <Smoke2k> your already numb
[04:23] <Oea> loel
[04:24] <ripper> the domain registration
[04:24] <grphish> what did you just do ripper
[04:24] <ripper> on my website
[04:24] <Pnutbot> on my website are a bunch links to erowid, shroomery, all that in my link ssection
[04:24] <Smoke2k> look if we pay pal you enough money will you do it 
[04:24] <ripper> if you call the police
[04:24] <ripper> and tell them
[04:24] * phalaris changes topic to '<ripper> 80mg methadone <ripper> 8mg klonopin <ripper> 120mg resotril <ripper> 1.5 grams KB <ripper> 4 grams mersh <ripper> I just ate about 160mg inderal <ripper> 8mg klonopin the mix'
[04:24] <ripper> to lookf or a AE92GTS corlla GTS from 90
[04:24] <ripper> around that street block
[04:24] <Oea> wtf?
[04:24] <Pnutbot> Willy The Fudgee-o
[04:24] <ripper> they'll find it
[04:24] <Oea> dude
[04:24] <Smoke2k> look dude fucking cram it up your ass
[04:24] <Smoke2k> thats crazy ya know 
[04:24] <Smoke2k> don't eat it
[04:24] <Smoke2k> your already numb
[04:24] <Oea> riipper
[04:24] <Smoke2k> do it 
[04:24] <Smoke2k> cram it 
[04:24] <ripper> wha
[04:24] <Smoke2k> cram it up your ass
[04:24] <Smoke2k> don't eat it 
[04:24] <Oea> RIPPER
[04:24] <Pnutbot> RIPPER is a gangster!!!
[04:24] <grphish> :((((
[04:24] <ripper> I got laid earlier
[04:24] <Smoke2k> thats too stupid
[04:24] <Smoke2k> don't 
[04:24] <Oea> CALL 911
[04:24] <Oea> :D
[04:24] <ripper> the chick watned it on tape
[04:24] <Smoke2k> man don't die
[04:25] <Oea> CALL 911
[04:25] <ripper> she had a tight pussy
[04:25] <Oea> :D
[04:25] <Smoke2k> cram it up your ass
[04:25] <ripper> no rubs
[04:25] <ripper> I fucked her hard
[04:25] <phalaris> Haven't you heard of "Rationing"
[04:25] <ripper> she was swollen
[04:25] <Smoke2k> hey man 
[04:25] <Smoke2k> fucking show us the porn
[04:25] <grphish> phalaris make him not die :[
[04:25] <Smoke2k> no more drugs for now
[04:25] <ripper> u guys getting good frma rate
[04:25] <Smoke2k> not unless your cramming it up your ass
[04:25] <Oea> hey
[04:25] <Oea> who's calling the cops when he passes out?
[04:25] <phalaris> call his mom
[04:26] <Oea> Who is?
[04:26] <Smoke2k> I will call his mom 
[04:26] <Oea> okay
[04:26] <ripper> cool
[04:26] <Smoke2k> I got a cell right ere
[04:26] <Smoke2k> here
[04:26] <Pnutbot> here is a view of my bed
[04:26] <ripper> actually
[04:26] <Smoke2k> gimme number you crazy fucks
[04:26] <ripper> hrees my cell
[04:26] <Oea> take some stims!
[04:26] <ripper> in fase anything goe
[04:26] <ripper> wrong
[04:26] <ripper> my cell
[04:26] <Pnutbot> my cell is working again now, you have the #?
[04:26] <Smoke2k> yea go eat some crank 
[04:26] <Oea> heh
[04:26] <ripper> (602)434-1016
[04:26] <grphish> Smoke2k, you'er going to bed in a while
[04:26] <ripper> k
[04:26] <Pnutbot> k is, like, better
[04:26] <ripper> thats my cell
[04:26] <ripper> call if I look dead
[04:26] <Smoke2k> no
[04:26] <Oea> ok ay
[04:26] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:26] <phalaris> someone call him now and talk to his ass
[04:27] <ripper> alright
[04:27] * hast has joined #shroomery
[04:27] <ripper> talking could be good
[04:27] <Oea> ripper
[04:27] <Pnutbot> ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:27] <grphish> lets get hast to call him
[04:27] <ripper> I'm getting kinda board
[04:27] <Oea> if you DIE
[04:27] <hast> ayo
[04:27] <Oea> I WILL MURDER YOU
[04:27] <ripper> I get free LD
[04:27] <Smoke2k> i am
[04:27] <Oea> hast
[04:27] <Pnutbot> hast is having cosmic revelations.
[04:27] <Smoke2k> :)
[04:27] <ripper> who wwants to talk
[04:27] <Oea> call ripper
[04:27] <Oea> he is dying
[04:27] <hast> what's wrong with him
[04:27] <Oea> he took mega pills
[04:27] <grphish> look at topic
[04:27] <phalaris> topic
[04:27] <Pnutbot> topic is good
[04:27] <phalaris> ^^
[04:27] <Pnutbot> 1,8(4,8o1,8^_^4,8o1,8)
[04:27] <Oea> plus the 130mg inderol
[04:27] <Oea> and the 8mg klonopin
[04:28] <hast> well
[04:28] <hast> the way i see it
[04:28] <Pnutbot> the way i see it is that you put a person (your child) into a situation (life) without their consent. it is therefore you who are obligated to the child, rather than the other way around
[04:28] <Oea> dude
[04:28] <hast> he's got two options
[04:28] <Oea> look at him
[04:28] <hast> get his stomach pumped
[04:28] <phalaris> 130 + 160 ?
[04:28] <Pnutbot> 290
[04:28] <Oea> what is he doing
[04:28] <hast> or die
[04:28] <Oea> WHAT IS HE DOING!
[04:28] <hast> talking isn't giong to do shit
[04:28] <Oea> LOL
[04:28] <grphish> rippercam
[04:28] <Pnutbot> http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html
[04:28] <Oea> he's dead
[04:28] <hast> happy trails
[04:28] <Oea> he's on the phone with someone
[04:28] <Oea> RIPPER
[04:28] <Pnutbot> RIPPER is a gangster!!!
[04:28] <Oea> come on man
[04:28] <Oea> call the cops
[04:28] <Oea> dude
[04:28] <ripper> am talking to smoke
[04:28] <Oea> don't make me tape this video stream and ebay it later
[04:28] <ripper> everyting is ok
[04:29] <ripper> smoke will report
[04:29] <hast> that would own
[04:29] <phalaris> how slurred is his speach?
[04:29] <hast> ripper
[04:29] <Pnutbot> ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:29] <hast> just call 911
[04:29] <Smoke2k> hes so slurred
[04:29] <hast> and tell them you took a whole lot of pills
[04:29] <grphish> haha
[04:29] <hast> they'll fix you up
[04:29] <grphish> >:(
[04:29] <Oea> RIPPER
[04:29] <Pnutbot> RIPPER is a gangster!!!
[04:29] <Oea> IF YOU DIE
[04:29] <hast> or
[04:29] <Oea> I SWEAR TO GOD!
[04:29] <hast> go crack some raw eggs
[04:30] <hast> and slurp them down
[04:30] <hast> until you puke
[04:30] <grphish> haha
[04:30] <Oea> yeah dude
[04:30] <Oea> induce vomiting
[04:30] * phalaris changes topic to '<ripper> 80mg methadone <ripper> 8mg klonopin <ripper> 120mg resotril <ripper> 1.5 grams KB <ripper> 4 grams mersh <ripper> I just ate about 160mg inderal <ripper> I drank some 151 <ripper> 8mg klonopin the mix'
[04:30] <Oea> that's a really good idea
[04:30] <grphish> whats 151?
[04:30] <Pnutbot> 151 is always a blast
[04:30] <Oea> Ripper
[04:30] <Pnutbot> Ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:30] <Oea> Go puke dude
[04:30] <hast> oh
[04:30] <grphish> whats 151?
[04:30] <Pnutbot> rumour has it 151 is always a blast
[04:30] <grphish> whats 151?
[04:30] <Pnutbot> 151 is always a blast
[04:30] <Oea> please!
[04:30] <hast> bacardi 151
[04:30] <hast> 151 proof liquor
[04:30] <Oea> OMG
[04:30] <Oea> LOOK AT THE CAM
[04:30] <Oea> LOL
[04:30] <grphish> !
[04:30] <phalaris> proof
[04:30] <Pnutbot> proof is that we outlive our teeth
[04:31] <grphish> ahaha
[04:31] <grphish> dude
[04:31] <grphish> thats a lo of proof!
[04:31] <grphish> heh
[04:31] <grphish> 151 / 2
[04:31] <Pnutbot> 75.5
[04:31] <hast> where's he at
[04:31] <Pnutbot> he is waiting for his friend who obviously has a problem
[04:31] <Smoke2k> hes alive
[04:31] <hast> i mean geographically
[04:31] <phalaris> he's at a one man brothel
[04:31] <Smoke2k> and tellin me about cam
[04:31] <grphish> Smoke2k, the pills take a while to kick in dude
[04:31] <Oea> Dude
[04:31] <Oea> Once wave 2 kicks in
[04:31] <hast> hm
[04:31] <hast> where
[04:31] <Oea> he's gone
[04:31] <hast> is
[04:31] <hast> he
[04:31] <Pnutbot> he is a homo
[04:31] <hast> at
[04:31] <Oea> smoke
[04:31] <Pnutbot> rumour has it smoke is fine
[04:32] <Oea> his domain
[04:32] <Oea> whois is
[04:32] <hast> k
[04:32] <Pnutbot> k is better
[04:32] <hast> what is it
[04:32] <hast> kolonopinz.com
[04:32] <hast> or something
[04:32] <Pnutbot> better than nothing
[04:32] <Oea> rippercam
[04:32] <Pnutbot> http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html
[04:32] <grphish> :()
[04:32] <Oea> Administrative Contact:
[04:32] <Oea> Get Ripped Productions
[04:32] <Oea> B Ripper
[04:32] <Oea> 2000 W. Village Dr.
[04:32] <Oea> Phoenix, AZ 85023
[04:32] <Oea> US
[04:32] <Pnutbot> US is a nasty customer too.
[04:32] <Oea> (602)555-1234
[04:32] <Oea> [email protected]
[04:32] <Oea> shi
[04:32] <hast> oh
[04:32] <Oea> that numbenr is fake
[04:32] <hast> you're in pheonix
[04:32] <hast> so here's what you do
[04:32] <hast> call the pheonix police
[04:32] <hast> tell them what's going on
[04:32] <hast> and that's that
[04:33] <grphish> call the hospital
[04:33] <Oea> How do they know where to find him?
[04:33] <hast> i'm damn sure not getting involved with the authorities
[04:33] * Pnutbot has quit IRC (Leaving: regrouping; bbiab)
[04:33] <grphish> noone is hast :(
[04:33] <Oea> Stay anonymous
[04:33] <Oea> heh
[04:33] <Oea> opdivert
[04:33] * Pnutbot has joined #shroomery
[04:33] * ChanServ sets mode: +h Pnutbot
[04:33] <Oea> S<PLE2l
[04:33] <Oea> Smoke2k
[04:33] <Oea> are you on the phoen with him?
[04:33] <Smoke2k> hey]
[04:33] <Smoke2k> yea\
[04:33] <Oea> Is he still okay/
[04:33] <Smoke2k> uhuh
[04:33] <hast> hmm
[04:33] <hast> i duno
[04:34] <hast> after reading that again
[04:34] <hast> thats a lot of pills
[04:34] <hast> but
[04:34] <Oea> Heh
[04:34] <Smoke2k> hes tellin about motel
[04:34] <hast> i don't think it's lethal
[04:34] <hast> besides
[04:34] * spiritualnexus has joined #shroomery
[04:34] <hast> ripper is a kolono crackhead
[04:34] <Oea> respitory depression
[04:34] <hast> he has a tolerance
[04:34] <Oea> yeah
[04:34] <spiritualnexus> hey
[04:34] <Oea> that's true
[04:34] <spiritualnexus> glad to see there are people in this room
[04:34] <hast> i think he'll be fine.
[04:34] <grphish> well
[04:34] <hast> justtalk to him
[04:34] <hast> going to sleep is bad
[04:34] <grphish> hast, lots of methadone, and alhcohol and .. klonopinz
[04:34] <hast> ya
[04:34] <grphish> its porbably going to be hard not to fall asleep
[04:35] <Oea> heh
[04:35] <Oea> yes
[04:35] <spiritualnexus> has anyone here have tried Salvia Divinorum?
[04:35] <hast> lol
[04:35] <phalaris> what would the shroomery backbone be without ripper
[04:35] <Oea> Someone has to stay on the phone with him
[04:35] <phalaris> I have
[04:35] <spiritualnexus> did you have a nice experience?
[04:35] <hast> yeah
[04:35] <hast> it's almost as good as nicotine extract
[04:35] <phalaris> hmm... can't say it was incredibly possitive
[04:35] <hast> you should try it
[04:35] <grphish> most of us have tryed salvia
[04:35] <phalaris> had a lot of tinlging that distracted me
[04:35] <grphish> um
[04:35] <grphish> you know how to smoke it right?
[04:36] <grphish> you're not gonna try smoke it in a joint or something
[04:36] <hast> hey
[04:36] <Pnutbot> what's up, hast
[04:36] <hast> i don't want to sound like the insensitive ass here
[04:36] <hast> but what exactly is ativan
[04:36] <Smoke2k> hes here
[04:36] <grphish> ativan?
[04:36] <Pnutbot> somebody said ativan was not a benzo
[04:36] <spiritualnexus> is a micro torch necessary absolutely?
[04:36] <hast> yes
[04:36] <grphish> well yah heh
[04:36] <Smoke2k> he is eating
[04:36] <grphish> good
[04:37] <spiritualnexus> hmm... i laughed a little on it
[04:37] <grphish> food will 
[04:37] <calvin>  g
[04:37] <Pnutbot> Grams
[04:37] <spiritualnexus> and cried a little on it...
[04:37] <grphish> did you poo your pants ?
[04:37] <hast> !erowid ativan
[04:37] <haccess> http://www.erowid.org/cgi-bin/search/htsearch.cgi?config=&words=12ativan
[04:37] <MolokoBot> hast , try http://www.erowid.org/cgi-bin/search/htsearch.cgi?words=ativan
[04:37] <spiritualnexus> do any of you know any drugs/meds for Intrusive thoughts, or OCD?
[04:37] <phalaris> calming thoughts
[04:37] <phalaris> meditation
[04:37] <Pnutbot> meditation is, like, strange
[04:37] <phalaris> and good social awareness
[04:38] <phalaris> it's a true behavioral fluke that needs some attention
[04:38] <hast> i don't think these pills are ativans
[04:38] <phalaris> not passifiction
[04:38] <hast> is there a place where you can look up pills by the inscriptions on them?
[04:38] <phalaris> rxlist
[04:38] <Pnutbot> rxlist is my special friend
[04:39] <phalaris> i think
[04:39] <phalaris> you can search by pill number
[04:39] <hast> i tried there already
[04:39] <phalaris> oh
[04:39] <hast> oh
[04:39] <hast> really?
[04:39] <Pnutbot> really is there any place on the net that I can read where others have put brain power into devising ways to grow weed subversively?
[04:39] <hast> i just used the generic search
[04:39] <phalaris> i think
[04:39] <Smoke2k> how much bread should he eat?
[04:39] <phalaris> ripper needs a PS2 now
[04:40] <grphish> yah heh
[04:40] <phalaris> and a puking session
[04:40] <phalaris> he'd probably end up eating his puke though
[04:40] <grphish> id eat his puke
[04:40] <grphish> its gonna have amny shit in there
[04:40] <phalaris> you'd die on his puke
[04:41] <grphish> i can probably make like a 2 day stash from his puke
[04:41] <grphish> yah hah
[04:41] <grphish> id gelcap it
[04:41] <phalaris> hehe
[04:41] <phalaris> RipperPukeZ
[04:41] <phalaris> 20mg
[04:41] <Pnutbot> 20mg is enough for me
[04:41] <Smoke2k> eat a whole loaf
[04:41] <grphish> haha
[04:41] <Smoke2k> well
[04:41] <Smoke2k> is it smart
[04:41] <grphish> get him some ipeacac
[04:41] <Smoke2k> hes straight fucked
[04:41] <phalaris> are you still talking to him?
[04:41] <Smoke2k> he sounds like he is 12
[04:42] <phalaris> heh
[04:42] <Smoke2k> should he
[04:42] <grphish> haha thats the pot :D
[04:42] <grphish> he should have just sticked to the methadone thing
[04:43] <phalaris> that doesn't sound enough for someone who cooks his own KlonoKrak
[04:43] <Smoke2k> he is not discontinuing eating bread to smoke pot until he has a answer
[04:43] <hast> no
[04:43] <grphish> ug?
[04:43] <Pnutbot> ug is micrograms. the u is supposed to be the greek letter mu, lower case.
[04:43] <hast> what he needs to do
[04:43] <hast> is call a fucking doctor
[04:43] <hast> some shit
[04:43] <Pnutbot> some shit is just poison
[04:43] <hast> if partially digested
[04:43] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:43] <hast> can fuck you up worse if you puke
[04:43] <Smoke2k> damn
[04:43] <hast> haven't you ever seen the rx bottles
[04:43] <hast> that say
[04:43] <grphish> yh
[04:43] <Smoke2k> well I am talking
[04:43] <grphish> cause
[04:44] <Smoke2k> I will tell him whatever
[04:44] <hast> i mean dont get me wrong
[04:44] <grphish> hast is right actually
[04:44] <Smoke2k> what do yall suggest
[04:44] <hast> if its between that and death
[04:44] <hast> and hes not gona call the authorities
[04:44] <hast> wharf it up
[04:44] <hast> better than taking a chance
[04:44] <phalaris> I think that has to do with eating an acid or poison
[04:44] <ripper> hey fuys
[04:44] <ripper> look
[04:44] <hast> better yet
[04:44] * Pnutbot looks
[04:44] <hast> do this
[04:44] <hast> call poison control
[04:44] <phalaris> you shoudl nutralize it with milk
[04:44] <hast> they'll tell you what to do
[04:44] <grphish> yah 
[04:44] <hast> and they wont sent cops
[04:44] <grphish> call poison control, they wont send authoritis and shit
[04:44] <grphish> they'll just help you
[04:44] <hast> any of you could call poison control
[04:44] <grphish> someone fnd the number
[04:44] <hast> i cant because i'm twacked out of my mind
[04:45] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:45] <phalaris> RIPPER: WHAT IS THAT?
[04:45] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:45] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:45] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:45] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:45] <ripper> alrgiht
[04:45] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:45] <ripper> '24mg klonopin
[04:45] <phalaris> ok
[04:45] <ripper> tonight is a good night
[04:45] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:45] <Oea> Someone
[04:45] <Pnutbot> Someone is gonan break soe shit
[04:45] <Oea> Give me a list
[04:45] <Oea> of all he's done
[04:45] <Oea> in a PM
[04:45] <Oea> and i'll call poison control
[04:45] <phalaris> the first 8mg hasn't kick in yet
[04:45] <Smoke2k> damn
[04:45] <phalaris> and you took another 8mg
[04:45] * phalaris changes topic to '<ripper> 80mg methadone <ripper> 8mg klonopin <ripper> 120mg resotril <ripper> 1.5 grams KB <ripper> 4 grams mersh <ripper> I just ate about 160mg inderal <ripper> I drank some 151 <ripper> 8mg klonopin the mix <ripper> '24mg klonopin'
[04:45] <Smoke2k> he is slurred and very coherent
[04:45] <grphish> well ripper
[04:45] <Pnutbot> ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:46] <grphish> just because 8mg is okay alone mixing it makes it mre potent
[04:46] <grphish> and has more risks
[04:46] <Oea> dude
[04:46] <hast> lol
[04:46] <hast> yeah ripper
[04:46] <Oea> they'll think it's a prank
[04:46] <hast> step 1 might be to STOP EATING the shit
[04:46] <phalaris> that would be neat to see him mixing up psychedelics
[04:46] <hast> yeah, and from what i understand everyone thought pnut's suicide threat was a joke too
[04:46] <grphish> i was JUST thiking about that phalaris
[04:46] <Smoke2k> He says you can suck his dick Oea
[04:47] <grphish> haha
[04:47] <Oea> ??
[04:47] <Smoke2k> he is going to drink another bottle of methadone I think 
[04:47] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:47] <Smoke2k> LOL
[04:47] <Oea> wtf?
[04:47] <Pnutbot> Willy The Fudgee-o
[04:47] <grphish> JSD
[04:47] <grphish> NO
[04:47] <grphish> DUDE
[04:47] <ripper> look
[04:47] * Pnutbot looks
[04:47] <grphish> NO
[04:47] <theKat> ripper is fakking hardcore
[04:47] <ripper> llook
[04:47] <Smoke2k> he has to
[04:47] <phalaris> <ripper> 400mcg LSD <ripper> 2 grams mesc <ripper> 100mg 5Meo DMT <ripper> 8 grams shrooms
[04:47] <grphish> haha hast is meth^m
[04:47] <theKat> other people cannot handle
[04:47] <hast> yeah
[04:47] <hast> i'd call up poison control
[04:47] <ripper> jesus
[04:47] <Pnutbot> Jesus healed the lame! With Cannabis Oil!!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/2633187.stm
[04:47] <hast> i ahve before
[04:47] <ripper> whoa
[04:47] <Pnutbot> whoa is right
[04:48] <ripper> thatsa lot
[04:48] <hast> but
[04:48] <ripper> 320mg methadone
[04:48] <ripper> jesus
[04:48] <Pnutbot> Jesus healed the lame! With Cannabis Oil!!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/2633187.stm
[04:48] <theKat> BUNCHA POOSIES
[04:48] <grphish> ripper: did you drink mre methadone?
[04:48] <Smoke2k> ripper is either hardcore or ungodly or crazy or one hell of a poser
[04:48] <phalaris> man .. alcohol gives me enough of a buzz
[04:48] <grphish> dude 80mg is more than enough
[04:48] <grphish> me too phalaris
[04:48] <theKat> he R not posOr
[04:48] <Oea> if he is telling the truth
[04:48] <Oea> he is dead
[04:48] <Oea> heh
[04:48] <phalaris> the opiates should do you in
[04:48] <Smoke2k> when you do alot of methadone your supposed to keep it hot right
[04:48] <ripper> yeah
[04:48] <ripper> I took
[04:48] <Smoke2k> thats what he is asking 
[04:48] <ripper> 4 80mg bottles
[04:49] <grphish> fgh
[04:49] <grphish> h
[04:49] <Pnutbot> h is too addictive.. so always stayed clear of it
[04:49] <grphish> dfh;'dfkhrf
[04:49] <phalaris> putting benzos into it doesn't seem to change anything
[04:49] <grphish> he's gone
[04:49] <ripper> pls all the other stuff
[04:49] <grphish> ripper
[04:49] <Pnutbot> ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:49] <grphish> i really love you man
[04:49] <Oea> ripper
[04:49] <Pnutbot> ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:49] <Oea> i love you
[04:49] <grphish> its sad to see you die like this
[04:49] <grphish> :(
[04:49] <Oea> byeb ye
[04:49] <grphish> NOW
[04:49] <ripper> I told u I was hardcore
[04:49] <grphish> GO CALL RTHE UCKING
[04:49] <grphish> POISON CONTROL CENTER
[04:49] <grphish> ripper: we knew that already
[04:49] <ripper> fuck u
[04:49] <ripper> pusys
[04:49] <ripper> u are so fucking stupid
[04:50] <grphish> we're not the ones about to fucking die
[04:50] <phalaris> heh
[04:50] <phalaris> we are?
[04:50] <Pnutbot> The coolest mutha funkaz on the planet
[04:50] * Dell500 has joined #shroomery
[04:50] <grphish> aaha pnut
[04:50] <phalaris> all this movement
[04:50] <Dell500> howdy
[04:50] <theKat> P
[04:50] <Pnutbot> P is for poop!
[04:50] <theKat> O
[04:50] <theKat> O
[04:50] <theKat> S
[04:50] <Oea> rippercam
[04:50] <Pnutbot> http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html
[04:50] <phalaris> you'd think the body would purge
[04:50] <theKat> I
[04:50] <theKat> E
[04:50] <Pnutbot> E is better than alcohol
[04:50] <theKat> S
[04:50] <grphish> purge?
[04:50] <Pnutbot> purge is not needed
[04:50] <phalaris> puke
[04:50] <Pnutbot> puke is good.
[04:51] <grphish> oh
[04:51] <grphish> forget puke
[04:51] <Pnutbot> grphish: I forgot puke
[04:51] <Oea> all those downers?
[04:51] <Smoke2k> damn
[04:51] <Oea> i don't think he has the strength to puke
[04:51] <Oea> heh
[04:51] <Smoke2k> he swears he is not goin to pass out
[04:51] <phalaris> he thinks you are a pussy for thinking he has no strength now
[04:51] <grphish> Smoke2k, wait till the drugs really kick in
[04:51] <Dell500> i just got a bag o' shroomz, now i was just wondering what's the nonwasteful best way to eat them
[04:51] <Dell500> or whatever
[04:51] <grphish> with your mouth?
[04:51] <phalaris> strength in taking an overdose
[04:52] <hast> poison control is <reply> 1-800-222-1222
[04:52] <Smoke2k> isn't it physically impossible to not pass out
[04:52] <grphish> poison control
[04:52] <Pnutbot> poison control is on the fucking [email protected]
[04:52] <grphish> poison control
[04:52] <Pnutbot> poison control is on the fucking [email protected]
[04:52] <grphish> poison control
[04:52] <Pnutbot> poison control is on the fucking [email protected]
[04:52] <grphish> :(
[04:52] <phalaris> heh
[04:52] <phalaris> MOUTH
[04:52] <Pnutbot> rumour has it MOUTH is great too
[04:52] <grphish> forget poison control
[04:52] <Pnutbot> grphish: I forgot poison control
[04:52] <grphish> poison control is <reply> 1-800-222-1222 
[04:52] <grphish> poison control
[04:52] <Pnutbot> 1-800-222-1222
[04:52] <hast> i'll tell you what he needs
[04:52] <hast> a nice harsh stimulant
[04:53] <hast> come on over ripper
[04:53] <Oea> yeah
[04:53] <phalaris> I wonder if ripper is numb now
[04:53] <hast> i'll line you up a nice fat line
[04:53] <hast> you definately won't be passing out
[04:53] <grphish> phalaris, 360mg of methadone will do that to you .
[04:53] <Smoke2k> he cann't figure out how to dial my home phone number
[04:53] <Smoke2k> he is tore
[04:53] <phalaris> wait I think he should have been from the first drug he took
[04:53] <Smoke2k> lol
[04:53] <Oea> Smoke2k
[04:53] <Oea> you not on the phone with him
[04:53] <Oea> anymore?
[04:53] <Pnutbot> rumour has it anymore is a nice place
[04:53] <hast> i know what they'll tell you
[04:53] <phalaris> man... the need to get higher....
[04:53] <hast> they'll tell you to call the police
[04:53] <hast> or the hospital
[04:53] <Pnutbot> the hospital is the world of medicine
[04:53] <Oea> someone needs to call him
[04:53] <Oea> rippercam
[04:53] <Pnutbot> http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html
[04:53] <Oea> rippercam
[04:53] <Pnutbot> http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html
[04:53] <Oea> rippercam
[04:53] <Pnutbot> http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html
[04:54] <Oea> he's gone
[04:54] <Smoke2k> hes fuckin not responding
[04:54] <Oea> iht
[04:54] <Smoke2k> walls keep shiftionmg
[04:54] <grphish> @!
[04:54] <Pnutbot> @ is a character.
[04:54] <Oea> he's passed out
[04:54] <Oea> look at the cam
[04:54] <Oea> look
[04:54] * Pnutbot looks
[04:54] <Oea> rippercam
[04:54] <Pnutbot> http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html
[04:54] <Oea> rippercam
[04:54] <Pnutbot> http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html
[04:54] <hast> nice leopard skin shits
[04:54] <Oea> comeone call
[04:54] <Oea> someone call someone
[04:54] <Oea> shit
[04:54] <Pnutbot> shit is going to hit the fan soon
[04:54] <hast> sheets
[04:54] <Pnutbot> sheets are like 350
[04:54] <phalaris> looks like his mouth is moving
[04:55] <Smoke2k> i am talking to him
[04:55] <grphish> he moved
[04:55] <grphish> he moved
[04:55] <Oea> lol
[04:55] <hast> how long ago was all this btw
[04:55] <phalaris> Ripper: get up and move around!
[04:55] <grphish> around 20 minutes?
[04:55] <hast> ohboy
[04:55] <grphish> around 20 minutes?
[04:55] <Oea> heh
[04:55] <grphish> ./notice him
[04:55] <hast> dude
[04:55] <Oea> the klonopins haven't even
[04:55] <grphish> it makes sound
[04:55] <Oea> starter
[04:55] <hast> nothing is digested yet
[04:55] <Oea> yet
[04:55] <Oea> started
[04:55] <hast> go toss your cookies
[04:55] <Oea> klonopiuns last ALL DAY
[04:55] <hast> unless of course you want to die
[04:55] <grphish> hast, he was already fucked up from before.
[04:55] <hast> oh
[04:55] <hast> i'm talking to him
[04:56] <hast> and he's laying on the bed
[04:56] <hast> effectively pissing into the wind
[04:56] <hast> smoke
[04:56] <Pnutbot> smoke is fine
[04:56] <Oea> he better go puke
[04:56] <Smoke2k> i am trying to talk him into dancing for us
[04:56] <hast> i say you call the cops
[04:56] <Oea> fuck
[04:56] <hast> give them his number
[04:56] <Oea> lO
[04:56] <Oea> Ll
[04:56] <hast> and send them over
[04:56] <Oea> he's using a cel phone
[04:56] <hast> oh
[04:56] <Oea> they can't trace it
[04:56] <Smoke2k> he fuckin won't respond
[04:56] <Smoke2k> what the fuck
[04:56] <Smoke2k> heuy
[04:56] <grphish> he told us hw to find him
[04:56] <Oea> CALL
[04:56] <grphish> one second
[04:56] <Smoke2k> hy
[04:56] <Pnutbot> http://www.shroomery.org/forums/files/102702-5/3596-kumi55.gif
[04:56] <Oea> SOMEONE
[04:56] <Pnutbot> SOMEONE is gonan break soe shit
[04:56] <grphish> its up there
[04:56] <Oea> He said
[04:56] <Oea> WHOIS
[04:57] <hast> prepare to evacuate soul
[04:57] <Oea> rippercam
[04:57] <Pnutbot> http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html
[04:57] <Oea> KLONOPINZ.COM
[04:57] <Pnutbot> i guess KLONOPINZ.COM is gonna rock
[04:57] <Oea> WHOIS IS
[04:57] <Oea> lolol
[04:57] <hast> they alerady did
[04:57] <Oea> oh
[04:57] <hast> nobody ever lists real info there
[04:57] <Oea> smoke2k
[04:57] <Oea> try to get us
[04:57] <phalaris> !domain klonopinz.com
[04:57] <Oea> his real address
[04:57] <MolokoBot>  klonopinz.com  Registrant: Get Ripped Productions B Ripper 2000 W. Village Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85023 US (602)555-1234 [email protected]
[04:57] <MolokoBot>  klonopinz.com  Administrative Contact: Get Ripped Productions B Ripper 2000 W. Village Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85023 US (602)555-1234 [email protected]
[04:57] <MolokoBot>  klonopinz.com 
[04:57] <Pnutbot> klonopinz.com is gonna rock
[04:57] <Dell500> what's a good recipe??
[04:57] <Oea> smoke2k
[04:57] <Oea> try to get us
[04:57] <Oea> smoke2k
[04:57] <Oea> his real address
[04:57] <hast> you know
[04:57] <hast> who needs to be involved here
[04:57] <hast> is a server admin
[04:57] <hast> who can get his ip
[04:57] <Oea> why
[04:58] <Oea> the ip won''t help
[04:58] <hast> yes it will
[04:58] <Oea> how?
[04:58] <hast> they can totally traceroute an ip
[04:58] <Oea> yes
[04:58] <hast> i guess it'd probably take a while though
[04:58] <Oea> but that only fives you to his isp
[04:58] <Oea> nobody will be around
[04:58] <hast> if it was only 20 minutes ago
[04:58] <Oea> unless it's a big isp
[04:58] <hast> the shit isnt kicking in yet
[04:58] <hast> did he smoke the kolono
[04:58] <Oea> what is kolonocrack?
[04:58] <Oea> freebase klonopin?
[04:58] <hast> i guess
[04:58] <Pnutbot> guessing is not a good idea
[04:58] <Oea> wtf
[04:58] <Pnutbot> Willy The Fudgee-o
[04:59] <phalaris> heh.. poor ripper
[04:59] <Oea> freebasing benzos?
[04:59] <phalaris> he's got #shroomery in a scuffle
[04:59] <grphish> yah :(
[04:59] <grphish> im all sad
[04:59] * phalaris has quit IRC (Leaving: those who truely get high never come back...)
[04:59] <grphish> hes talking on the phone
[04:59] <hast> oh look he isn't dead
[04:59] <hast> how bout that
[04:59] <grphish> yay
[04:59] <hast> my last bit of advice is
[04:59] <grphish> riiper
[04:59] <hast> if you don't want to call the hospital
[04:59] <hast> toss your cookies
[04:59] <grphish> hows it hanging/
[05:00] <grphish> toss your cookies?
[05:00] <hast> i really don't know anything about anything you took
[05:00] <hast> i'd strongly suggest calling the hospital
[05:00] <hast> but if you're not going to
[05:00] <hast> barf
[05:00] <hast> but
[05:00] <hast> as far as my knowledge goes
[05:00] <hast> that might not even be a lethal dose
[05:00] <grphish> barfing might now be a good idea
[05:00] <grphish> yah
[05:00] <grphish> well
[05:00] <grphish> the copmbination though
[05:00] <hast> ya
[05:00] <Oea> eh
[05:00] <hast> itll suck
[05:00] <hast> dont get me wrong
[05:00] <hast> but
[05:00] <Oea> 360mg methadone would do you in
[05:01] <hast> wtf
[05:01] <Pnutbot> Willy The Fudgee-o
[05:01] <Oea> heh
[05:01] <hast> he didnt eat 360mg of methadone
[05:01] <Oea> yes
[05:01] <Oea> he did
[05:01] <Smoke2k> he is settin me a vpn up
[05:01] <Oea> 4 80mg bottles
[05:01] <hast> oh
[05:01] <Oea> heh
[05:01] <Oea> He's gone
[05:01] <Smoke2k> hes fuckin crazy
[05:01] <hast> you better hope he's lying
[05:01] <hast> 3.4g methadone
[05:01] <Oea> yeah
[05:01] <grphish> im hoping he is
[05:01] <hast> is enough to kill kurt cobain
[05:02] <Oea> 3.4g > 360mg
[05:02] <Oea> heh
[05:02] <hast> er
[05:02] <Pnutbot> er is for pussy
[05:02] <hast> rofl
[05:02] <hast> whatever dude
[05:02] <grphish> you mean
[05:02] <hast> im not sitting here flipping my fuckin wig
[05:02] <grphish> 340mg
[05:02] <Oea> LOL
[05:02] <hast> call the hospital
[05:02] <hast> thats that
[05:02] <hast> i'm out
[05:02] * hast has quit IRC (Leaving: good luck)
[05:02] <grphish> hast is on crank
[05:02] <Oea> he's gone i tell you
[05:02] <Oea> yeah
[05:02] <Oea> Hey
[05:02] <Oea> If ripper dies
[05:02] <Oea> i got tabs
[05:02] <Oea> on hsi drugs
[05:03] <Smoke2k> hes makin vpn
[05:03] <Oea> if there's any lef
[05:03] <Oea> t
[05:03] <Oea> for what?
[05:03] * spiritualnexus has left #shroomery (www.Darker.net - Dare Thee Expose Thy Darker Side?)
[05:03] <Oea> a vpn to do.....?
[05:03] <Smoke2k> for my personal benefit
[05:03] <Oea> Get his address
[05:03] <Smoke2k> hey chat with me grphish
[05:03] <Smoke2k> msg me 
[05:03] <Smoke2k> pm
[05:03] <Pnutbot> Someone has a crush on you
[05:04] <ripper> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~shoa
[05:04] <ripper> I'm fukcin