Relic's Syringe Tek

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here's my tried and true syringe tek,

clean working surface, shut off fans, vents, a/c, etc.

clean hands/arms and or latex or vinyl disposable gloves. i like the vinyl ones, they don't squeeze your hands so much. you can get them at lowes, home depot. 100 in a box, stanley brand. "handy helpers"

have a w.m. 1/2 pint jar of sterile water with a taped hole to one side of the lid and sterile syringes.

have one syringe clean and filled with sterile water and 9 others new or freshly p.c.'d wrapped in foil.

it's a good idea to wear a dust mask or similar from here on, el cheapo single string is fine. or even pull your shirt up over your nose in a pinch.

boil a jar or shot glass, whatever, in a pyrex measuring cup or something in the microwave for a while.

remove jar/glass place it on your clean surface. it's gonna be hot. immediately cover the jar/glass w/ a precleaned larger jar or glass. the condensation has never been a problem just be sure the cover glass is clean.

have your print already in the work area. it's a good idea to clean the outside of a sealed print before opening it or even placing it on the clean surface. i use alcohol. and rub it on your gloves whenever you like or see possible need.

clean entire exacto knife w/ alcohol

light alcohol lamp or stove burner, don't catch fire

flame sterilize exacto knife, quench with a lightly wetted, alcohol cotton ball

cut seals on the print

remove jar cover and scrape in as much spores as you like, quickly recover glass and close print.

reseal print or discard

flame sterilize the full syringe and shoot the water from it into the jar. lifting the cover jar just enough to shoot in and stir it up good.

depending on the print, it may or may not disperse well in the solution. try to get it dispersed as well as you can. don't get too hung up here. using a shot glass is good b/c of it's rounded bottom inside. a glass that went into a point would be perfect.

suck 1 cc up into the syringe and fill the rest of the syringe drawing from the sterile 1/2 pt of water then cap and move on to the first sterile one and then so on. repeat until all syringes are done. only lifting the cover jar, not removing it. draw from the bottom of the glass. remember to flame sterilize and quench each syringe needle before drawing from the solution. the last syringe may seem not get the full 1cc, but it gets a massive spore load so it's no big deal.

seal caps on with a bit of masking tape, label, and you're done.

test the last one first.


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