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Posted by: Voodoo Jan 21 03, 05:37 PM GMT
Everyone says to print as soon as the veil breaks. But, I'm wondering when all of you do it. Do you wait until the veil is completely separated from the cap or as soon as it breaks away? Iv kind of steered away from prints because clones just seemed easier. Any thoughts?

Posted by: shrum Jan 21 03, 05:53 PM GMT
cloning is easier??? huh.gif

I always wait until I can verify sporulation before harvesting a cap for printing - once I see purple dust on the stem below the cap, it's ready.

Posted by: Voodoo Jan 21 03, 06:02 PM GMT
Cloning is not hard at all. You should try it out if you havent allready.

Posted by: Kermit_The_Frog Jan 21 03, 06:21 PM GMT
Cloning in Karo is very easy and very fast.

Posted by: [email protected] Jan 21 03, 06:28 PM GMT
I print my caps after they start dropping spores. No problems so far.

Posted by: Nanook Jan 21 03, 06:53 PM GMT
Never take caps for printing just after the veils break. Caps take awhile to really get a spore drop going. If you take the cap too soon, you may get no spores, or only a very light print.

Wait until the cap is fully mature, and you can verify the spore drop before Spore Printing

Caps for consumption should be Harvested when the veils break

Posted by: Voodoo Jan 21 03, 07:17 PM GMT
Thats why my prints always suck!!!!!!!!!!! What a relief. Im going to try to print a couple. Too cool, it was me being a retard the whole time.

Posted by: Nanook Jan 21 03, 08:05 PM GMT
Wait until the cap is full bore dropping... You will know by the mess it's making in the fruiting chamber. Then take it and print in a clean, very high humidity environment. Once the cap is really going, it is possible to get 2-3 nice heavy prints if you work at it. You may need to keep the cap moist, but they will produce spores smile.gif

Posted by: Voodoo Jan 21 03, 09:23 PM GMT
My prints were always REALLY light, so I gave up on it. Thanks for the advise! biggrin.gif

Posted by: Nanook Jan 21 03, 09:38 PM GMT
No problem...

I prefer to print in a glovebox, but even printing under glass is ok. Humidity really counts, if the gills dry out (can you say "lots of surface area") the cap will stop printing. Keep the tissue moist and the humidity high, then dry the print over desiccant in a jar once it is taken smile.gif

P.S. Remember sanitizer fumes kill printing gills

Posted by: Voodoo Jan 21 03, 10:01 PM GMT
Got it. Ill print in my glovebox. Thanks again. New project!

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