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Okay, someone tell me if this is a good idea or not. For obvious reasons I am going to start printing like a madman. I'm looking for an easier way to do it. What I'm thinking is this:

Wash my arms with antibac soap, put on rubber gloves, take the ziplock and open it inside my terrarium and put it over the mushroom cap and pull off the cap inside the bag, zip it up and wait a few days. Then dump the cap out and seal the bag.


Make sure the cap is dropping spores before you harvest it, and I would sanitize the top of the cap with some dilute Iodophore solution and allow to dry a couple mins before picking it.

2-3 days is way too long. 24 hours should give you a good print. If the cap is still healthy, spear it with a sterile metal hook (like a dental tool) and transfer it into another baggie for another print.


Say you want to make a syringe. How would you transfer from bag to syringe? Sounds like a good idea. wink.gif


You inject the bag through the sidewall, mix sterile water around with the print, then withdraw wink.gif


i gotta strongly suggest using a jar and (preferably plastic) lid.

use it the same as you would a ziplock, but sterilize it beforehand.
and, as nan once said to me... cut a piece of soda can and print on that. (sterilize that too)

i usualy stick a circle of aluminum can , silver side up, in a jar. (either the bottom or on the lid itself)
i use a sterilized dentist pick/hook, and pierce the cap, JUST ENOUGH to hold it. not enough to go through to the gills.

i decapitate it with sterile scissors and plop it into the jar and cap it asap.
being carefull not to expose the underside of the mushroom to too much disturbance.

after a day or two, take the mushroom out and move it to a second jar for a second print if (you want.) while the print is still wet, i take presterilized water from another jar, and drop the entire print into it and shake.
i get aproximatly 15 syringes per half pint of water. (12cc each)

and ive had almost no failure with this entire method. the only one i had was when i dropped the cap while moving it to the jar!

as far as i know, other than the above sudden case of the dropsies, all my syringes have been 100% contamination free. anyone ive traded with can tell ya, they are clean.

i allways decapitate the mushroom while its still on the cake, i never take it out of the grow closet till its in a sterile jar.
i never did a print or made syringes inside a glovebox.
ive done them in the kitchen and living room.
and all i ever used for sterilizing things was my PC and a spray bottle of bleach water.
no lysol. wink.gif
neither place is entirely clean... so ive been lucky.
but thats what works for me.

oh. i DO shower beforehand, i use neutrogena hand/face soap, and shampoo.

and i scrub my nails good and brush my teeth and use listerine a few times before starting.
i also wear a face mask and clean clothes.

i think most of the contamination, comes from our selves.
so thats where i 'focus' my clean practices.


glove box
overhead tranceparancys

cut the OHT into 3in by 3in pices...you can lable them with a overhead marker..then was the OHT when your done with the pint and reuse it

put the cap on the OHT and cover it with a 1/2 pint or a shalow rubbermade (for covering more than 1)

you can view them in your microscope because the OHT is clear...


Ok, now I shall share a secret with you guys. The art of mass printing! It's easy wink.gif I prefer to print on foil due to ease and convenience. First get some "Heavy Duty" aluminum foil. The heavy duty is easier to work with when making syringes and harder to tear. Tear a couple of strips about 8" wide and set in the oven @ 500F. I let mine set in there for 45min to and hr. Maybe a little overkill but just in case wink.gif Now wipe down the inside of the rubbermaid container (14"x10"x6") with alcohol or bleach water. When the foil is done baking transfer it strait to the container. I usually set a cold cookie sheet down on the oven door to set the rubbermaid on so as not to melt it. Then with laytex gloves grab the foil and place in the container folding to an L shape so you can fit 2 strips in each container. Next in a hepa filtered room I spray some aresol ozium (O3) and get to croping. Sterilize your blade (exacto knife) with alcohol or I prefer flamming. Cut those mature caps off and place on the foil. You will probably only fit 4-5 to each row, 8-10 per container. Button her up and let set for 24-48 hrs. Tip: 48hrs makes a super black spot! ph34r.gif

Now after your spores have dropped go to your glovebox. Wipe down your scissors with alcohol and always, I mean always handle the foil with latex gloves! Trich lives on your skin mad.gif cut between the prints all the way up and fold the foil at the bend then fold over the three open sides to completly seal the foil pouch you've created wink.gif lable with marker and store in a ziplock with a small silica bag (like you find in coats, beef jerky, and shoes) Then I store the bag in a shoe box to keep light out and just keep it room temp. Spores are good to go for years to come wink.gif

Now stack those bins! Makes some prints and stock our research supplies!

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