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Dosage: how many mushrooms to ingest?

page 35 - paragraph 2

Readers should be forewarned about individual sensitivities. The doses I describe should hold true for most of us. However, I know of two mycologists who have had abnormal reactions. The first needs only 1-2 grams (dried). He reacts as though he has had 3-4 times the dose, however. During a recent session, a hike for him was simply getting off the floor. At the other extreme is the woman who did not feel any effects whatsoever at dosage levels exceeding 5 grams (dried). Well-read on the history of psilocybin mushroom use, she had looked forward with great anticipation to the experience and felt cheated that no effects were felt.

page 37 - Paragraph 4

For species such as Psilocybe semilanceata (liberty cap), which can average about 1% psilocybin/psilocin content, 1-2 grams of dried mushrooms is recommended for first timers. This is equivalent to only 10-20 mg of psilocybin, and will be, for most people, a dose with moderate effects. The symptoms will last, in most cases, no more than 4-5 hours.

page 38 - paragraph 3

Once you have become a veteran and feel comfortable with a given dose, the amount of mushrooms can be increased in single dried - gram increments, again using P. semilanceata as the standard. Over time, each individual will come to understand his or her personal psilometric scale of sensitivity.

page 41 - paragraph 4

Again using P. semilanceata as a baseline species, 2 grams (dried) will bring on the first colorful geometric patterns, and lead to noticeable changes in auditory perception. At 3 grams (dried) and above, some people will experience visual waves. The wave phenomenom is especially interesting - it is as if the air were actually in a liquid state and tidal imovements flow in from the distance, distorting the scenery as they project towards or away from you.

At 4 grams (dried) and above, the experience becomes more intense, lasting 4-5 hours. At 5 grams (dried), the experience can be nearly overwhelming and span 6 hours, but rarely longer. Even for the most experienced, I do not recommend doses above 7 dried grams. At these higher levels, the set and setting must be especially supportive and safe. At higher doses, some people report a loss of muscular control and strength that can persist into the following day. I have heard this from individuals ingesting Psilocybe azurescens, psilocybe cyanescens, and panaeolus subbalteatus. No plausible explanation has been put forth.

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Psilocybe Cubensis can produce very weak specimens. This happens with mature specimens that have begun sporulation. They have turned darker colors and the cap margins turn up beyond plain (like an inverted umbrella). These specimens are indeed weakly potent and not worth taking. The mushroom is past its prime for a psychedelic source if the cap has opened, the veil has torn away, the gills are dark brown and purple spore deposits are seen gathering on the stem.

In the literature, the potency of Psilocybe Cubensis is regarded as mediocre. But the secret to potency can be found in an analogy of Hemp. In Hemp, only certain parts of the plant at certain maturities make for potent highs. In other words, the stems and leaves are basically waste and only a certain small percentage of the plant is selected for the potent high. There is a similarity with the mushrooms and this selectivity. P.Cubensis can achieve a base line psilocybin content of 1% (similar to Psilocybe Semilanceata). But this entirely depends on what the mushroom is grown on (brown rice), its age or maturity (young), its sporulation cycle (pre-sporulation), and the way it is harvested and preserved (cool dried - if dried).

So when harvesting, pick all of the tiny primordia that stop growing (abhort) and the small mutant growths (round blobs - no heads ect). Do this as soon as it can be determined that they are not developing into normal specimens. They seem tiny, but several cakes will produce quite a pile of these little ones (several dried grams!). These are the source of the potent magic. The same goes for the young specimens. Pick them (small and large) while their caps are still round and before they begin to open (veil under the cap breaks away and the cap spreads out). The reason for harvesting them when they are young is because as the mushroom cap expands like an umbrella, the mushrooms size will increase, but by weight the potency will decrease.

By harvesting only the young and abhortive specimens, the yield will be lower, but the quality will be excellent and the potency can be similar to P. Semilanceata.

Consuming the magic fungi can be an ordeal, but it needs to be done seriously because the magic is serious. Eating the fungi is best done as a ritual. Be deliberate, controlled and methodical.

Eat the fungi at one sitting. Don't piece meal the dose. The lag time in response can defeat the peak performance of the psychedelic power.

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