After over 20 years of shrooming, I have to accept the truth - almost all people either fear, don't care about or dislike magic mushrooms. The "new" interest is a fad. The fadists are mostly one trip wonders that survive their encounter with the unknown universe, and then become mycosophers.

As a recreational drug, partakers encounter the unexpected. This is no escape drug and certainly ceases to become "recreational". No unexperienced person should begin with a solid dose. They could easily wind up at an emergency room being sedated. This even happened to the infamous late Dr. Stephen Pollock, master of magic mushroom cultivation (discoverer of Matias Romero). I heard the story at the 1982 Myco Media Shroom conference which took place at Orcas Island Washington with Stamets, Chilton, Kurtzman, Lyncoff, and Dr. Weil presiding.

Shrooms have no national concern in the USA drug war hysteria. Alcohol, Weed, Coke, speed, heroin, MDMA LSD, downers and ect. all rate over shrooms. Shrooms seem off the radar and every now and then show up and vanish like a UFO (local phenom). There is no magic mushroom pandemic.

I have an old friend who quit growing the cubies years ago as the prices of weed and coke went up up up and the price of his shrooms went down down down.

The little known "Mushroom John" of Seattle was the master of acquiring pounds of Psi. cyanescens, Baeocystis, Lib Caps, and Stunzii. The Baeocystis had the highest price but no one was flocking to his door the way weed heads congregate to their source. "Mushroom John" gave up trying to sell and make money off of the local Pacific Northwest species that are highly rated by various expert authors.

It is a rare person who becomes allied to the shrooms. So as popularity goes, I would say most people regard the shrooms as something they would rather not do. But the shrooms always make interesting mycosophy.

Psylocybe Fanaticus
January 22 1999

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