Polyfill for Simple Minds
by Anno
updated 12th Januar 2003 -  www.fungifun.com

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These instructions will guide you step by step through the process of making a very effective lid-filter that will allow for fast colonization of grain substrates through better gas exchange without compromising their sterility.

Required materials:

- pint or quart jar with lid
- Phillips screwdriver measuring app. 6mm (1/4in) in diameter
- hammer
- polyfill or polyester filter floss

Where can you get it?
They have it at craft stores like Michaels or the craft section of Meijers or Walmart, when you ask at Walmart in arts and crafts department tell them that you are looking for pillow filling.
It´s also used as filter material for aquariums, so pet shops have it.

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Screw the lid on the jar and punch a hole in the lid using the screwdriver and the hammer.

Take some floss and fold it to a small ball using both hands.

Make the ball having a tip at one end.

Put this end through the hole and pull it app. halfway through. It should form a relatively tight seat.

Be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp edges.



Push the floss back towards the edges. This will hold it in place.


You should replace the filter floss after using it 2-3 times just to make sure no substrate residuals collect on it which could support growth of contaminants.











Nan's Nook : Archives : Jars : Lids : Polyfill

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