What Am I Seeing Here? Help?

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Posted by: DirtyWOP Jul 07 03, 08:27 AM GMT
Ok.....here is an unrooted cutting with a pup emerging......the pup wasn't there when the cut was taken.   weird huh?   stay tuned for a sec......

Posted by: DirtyWOP Jul 07 03, 08:32 AM GMT
I tried to root this cutting unsucessfully once.......bad soil......but the point is.....there is a bottom and a top.....the pup emerged from the top, and from the bottom emerged these knub things around the base. The bottom is very scarred......and around the rim there are 7 or 8 pointy knubs.....all this happened while the cutting sits in the windowsill.

what the hell are the protrusions?
I guess they aren't roots since they are coming from the side......?

Posted by: DirtyWOP Jul 07 03, 08:33 AM GMT
and one more thing....they aren't coming from the areoles like pups do.....

Posted by: HarveyWalbanger Jul 07 03, 08:49 AM GMT
They look like roots to me?

Posted by: Nanook Jul 07 03, 09:35 AM GMT
Those are roots, and that is where they come out... Now you see why we say plant them shallow, no more than 2 inches wink.gif

Posted by: HarveyWalbanger Jul 07 03, 12:10 PM GMT
See? Rootings not so hard at all. laugh.gif

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Jul 07 03, 01:20 PM GMT
weird huh? look like horns devil.gif

definately roots, I got the same happening on a few of mine smile.gif

Posted by: ion Jul 07 03, 09:42 PM GMT
Root nubs! wub.gif

Very sexy ones... tongue.gif


Posted by: DirtyWOP Jul 08 03, 07:42 AM GMT
awesome thanks!

Go figure.....tried to root it for 2 monthes.....finally gave up and threw it in the corner, and bingo.....roots just shoot up in the air......

Posted by: Nanook Jul 08 03, 08:21 AM GMT
That will give you a healty plant for sure wub.gif

Posted by: boxedhearts Jul 09 03, 07:16 AM GMT
pups are so cute blush.gif