Outdoor Mushrooms From Throw Away Mycelium



First dig a shallow bed.

Choose a spot at least semi shaded for best results.


Notice the chosen location is surrounded by tall vegetation.

Then line the bed with rocks for water drainage.


Fill the bed with verm and dry dunk chunks and break up the sub with a shovel.

Soak the entire bed and the surrounding vegetation thoroughly. This will keep the plants from sucking water from your bed. Allow the bed to soak, for several hours to ensure all the dung chunks are moist. I normally soak the bed for 24 hours before continuing.


Now get spawn ready.

If your throw away mycelium is contaminated spray with h202 first, just to be safe.

Break colonized spawn apart into med sized chunks, and spread over the soaked dung verm, this is when I also add a bit of spawnmate to the bed.


Then add a layer of soaked verm.

Now add a 1-3 inch layer of dry straw and soak it with the water hose.

Then add another 5-7 inches of dry straw and soak it as well.


Water the bed every other day, and watch for mushrooms to pop up within 1-2 weeks. Sometimes sooner or later.

The upmost part of the straw casing layer will dry out. This is fine and wont be a problem.

The straw helps hold in moisture and co2 for pinning. Just make sure the bed never gets completely dried out.

If the bed isnít fully shaded mushies may only be present in the early morning or at night so remember when to check for them. Especially 1-2 days after a good rain.

Last, assemble a ghetto landscape as cover for security and to help shade the patch, like so.


And many large harvests to you!