Creation of an Archive Page for Nan's Nook


  1. Open the exported thread in Microsoft FrontPage

  2. There will be two frames at the top of the page when opened, select and delete the top frame

  3. Delete the black font type in front of the thread title, center the title, increase font size, change color

  4. Frame the title: make sure the title text is not highlighted, but place the cursor in the title frame and click on the square box next to the indent buttons on the right side of the FrontPage toolbar, this will frame the title with highlights.

  5. Frame in quotes as above.

  6. Right click anywhere on the page and select Page Properties from the drop down menu, then select "Background"

  7. Choose a background color, for this you need to go to the "More Colors" menu and choose one of the pastel colors that touches the center white.  Also while in these menus, select colors for the hyperlinks... Select from the standard colors (no need to go to the color wheel) - Bright Blue for Links - Purple for visited links - Red for Active Links

  8. Reinsert the saved photos into the proper locations in the file, make sure the images are centered.

Now is the hard part...  You need to decide where the new page needs to be linked into the existing menu system.  Once you get that figured out, open that page in FrontPage, copy the header links out, and paste them right above the first post in the new page.  Be sure to insert a hyperlink in the new page to take you back to the menu page you have just opened (both documents need to have links to each other). 

Now the menu page needs to be edited.  Highlight one of the cells containing an archive link, click "insert cell" and a blank cell will be inserted into the menu.  Type in the description of the new page, and link it to the new document.

Also, the old pages in the root... Numbered from 12 thru ~8000 something, need to have the background properties changed to add the standard link colors... Right now the links are set to Blue Black Black instead of Blue Purple Red, and changing the color of the links really makes a difference in the page presentations.

A link to the Shroom Glossary should be placed bottom center of each new page, and should be pasted into existing pages where the link does not appear.


Tyk: cool. all looks pretty straight forward until the end, putting the page into the archives and the linking
Tyk: probably easy once you've done it a few times
Nan: And I am starting the process of documenting each part of the process, and yes, once you get the hang of it, it's not hard... the hard part was figuring it all out from scratch
Tyk: I have frontpage 2002
Tyk: is that ok?
Nan: yep
Nan: if not, I can send you xp
Tyk: I can get XP if necessary
Tyk: ok, so, to export a page. .
Nan: read a thread, there is an export button at the bottom
Tyk: don't see it nan
Tyk: Download/print?
Tyk: download HTML Version?
Nan: Download / Print this Topic
Download this topic in different formats or view a printer friendly version.
Nan: Download HTML Version
This will enable you to download a HTML version of this topic to your hard drive. This will open your browser's download dialogue box
Tyk: Ok, so I've deleted the top frame, but it just deleted the contents, the frame is still visible
Nan: if you go to the left of the frame, wiggle the mouse, you should get a black arrow pointing to the right at some point... then a click should highlight the box, right click, select cut... it should take the frame and the contents in one shot
Tyk: gotcha