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Posted by: Mycota Nov 27 02, 08:46 PM GMT
In my hood there is a little high end grocery w/butcher shop. I've been going there to get thick steaks & such cut, for BBQ. Last year, I noticed then making hamburger patties & stacking them with a 6 X 6 inch square of heavy duty wax paper between each patty.

I asked for a piece of that wax paper. A little light in my head went bink! Hmmmmm........ might be a good thing to make spore prints on. So, I bought a stack of that wax paper.

I swab it with an alcohol wipe, then lay a cap on it. Prints end up looking good & can be sealed with an impulse sealer, seal-a-meal or whatever, by just appling another layer of wax paper, then sealed.

To remove the spores, for syringe making. You just cut the wax paper open, then use a little "artist" brush, swabbed with alcohol & allowed to air dry, before use. Mycota

Posted by: Nanook Nov 27 02, 08:51 PM GMT
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