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Posted by: DirtyWOP Dec 19 02, 10:14 AM GMT
I got some plain millet seed at the country store and it's given me nothing but problems. Wasted a lot of this shit I have. I've tried steeping, soaking, and just adding to jars before pcing and everytime there is the same problem. Half the seeds burst, and their inards collect on the bottom of the jar and cake up. The top half of the jars turn out fine, shakable millet seed, but the bottom is a solid cakey mass of millet flour. I've tried rinsing first, different timed soaks, it always happens. Stupid crap. I bought a lot of it, and have already wasted about half (14 quarts worth sad.gif )

If anyone knows any tricks lemme know
the millet from the birdseed I use never did this.

Posted by: Mycota Dec 19 02, 10:36 AM GMT
Straight white millet is like a fickled angry women. Very hard to please.

Go with a wild bird seed mix, red - white millet & milo, the cheapest you can get. If it has a small % sunflower seeds in it, skim them out (if you prefer), I don't bother. Just soak overnight, rinse, drain (WELL DRAINED), load & PC.

PetsMart has big bags of wild bird seed, for cheap, like 25 lbs @ $6 & 40 lbs @ $9. That is what I use. I add about 1/4 cup of light dry malt to a 5 gallon bucket load soak. Just my humble opinion.


Posted by: Millet Dec 19 02, 01:21 PM GMT
Sprinkle a big pinch of gypsum on top of the grain right before you put the lid on, it will help keep the grain loose in the jar.

Posted by: DirtyWOP Dec 19 02, 02:53 PM GMT
Yup, I've been doing that....

Posted by: Mycota Dec 19 02, 08:58 PM GMT
QUOTE (DirtyWOP @ Dec 19 02, 07:53 PM GMT)
Yup, I've been doing that....

Not to take anything away from straight millet. But, buy a bag of red millet or milo & mix them togather. Even add a bit of rye grain, like 5%.

For some reason, the differing rates that they each hold water, seems to balance the mix out, better. Worth a try anyway. A combo of white millet, red millet & milo works like a charm, for me. Never fails, in fact.

I do 5 gallon buckets about 2/3rds full seed, add a 1/4 cup of light dry malt powder (& sometimes a bit of strained - filtered dung juice and/or brown rice syrup), the fill the bucket with water, snap on the lid. The next day - give it a stir & it's ready to rinse, drain & jar up. Done more of them, that way - than I care to mention.

You can generly find light dry malt (powder) at about any home brew store & ask around at any Asian, Thai or Philippine style market about Brown Rice Syrup (Asian style sweetner, made from fermented brown rice).


Posted by: DirtyWOP Dec 20 02, 05:37 PM GMT
On last the last bag I finally get it right........
I think I'm gonna try the mix thing mycota.......but 1/2 and 1/2 seed and rye

millet is my bitch now!

Posted by: OneDiaDem Dec 20 02, 07:50 PM GMT
LOL, and hopefully not to be confused with our "MILLET"!!Try to make him your bitch, and you could be in for a surprize!

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