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Posted by: DirtyWOP Nov 09 02, 08:59 AM GMT
I have these bottle of Emu oil....
that may sound scary but it's good for you wink.gif
anyway, the bottles are unique, like syringes sort of, with a long triangular nozzle.....

I was in the bathroom this morning thinking on the toilet, and the bottles sparked a thought. I was thinking about a newbie agar tek, super simple...

just mix your agar mix w/ boiling water, fill the bottles, nuke for X amount of time, and minimize contaminants by being able to "squirt" your dishes full. Instead of totaly taking off the lid so you can pour from above, you can just lift a crack and squirt, from the side! Or even better, inject thru a 3/8 in. hole on the pitre lids....you'd have to re-sterilize the pitres but who cares?

just a thought
I would have to think of something a little easier for people to get than emu oil tho smile.gif these bottles are pretty unique tho.....

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Nov 09 02, 09:25 AM GMT
I micro my karo w/plastic lids. Around 5-7min on high then it starts to carmelize.
I have done this a few times w/out a problem, got some growing from the micro right now. biggrin.gif

Posted by: DirtyWOP Nov 09 02, 10:44 AM GMT
actually....the whole idea has nothing to do w/ the microwave really
you could pc too

it's all about getting the plates poured easier, cuz IMO, thats the hardest part, and the part where most introduce contams....

Posted by: Nanook Nov 09 02, 11:57 AM GMT
I agree wink.gif

Posted by: DirtyWOP Nov 09 02, 01:34 PM GMT
I'll report when I figure something out.....

Posted by: DirtyWOP Nov 10 02, 11:21 AM GMT
a few more thoughts going on the side squiting idea....smile.gif
hows about turkey basters?
or better yet......60cc syringeS???

the dwop syringe agar pouring tek, here we come....
unless you can think of a reason why it wouldn't work.

Posted by: DirtyWOP Nov 10 02, 12:25 PM GMT
ok, while thinking of reasons why it wouldn't work, a few things concerns came to mind:

firstly, the issue of liquid evacuating syringes while you pressure cook them. Concern #2, air sucking into the syringes as they cool. When most people do agar, they combat this occurance by putting a filter in the neck of their flask......can't put a filter in the neck of a syringe(ie the needle).

I need to know if plugging the end of the syringe with an erasor and pressure cooking would go over......would something bad happen?
Would the erasor simply be pushed off the needle?

If it would work, it would effectivly solve both problems. I'm sure it would take longer to cool, but that isn't a concern with wop's agar tek.......smile.gif
more to come

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