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Posted by: cerberus Jul 30 03, 03:49 PM GMT
Can Agar be inoculated straight from a spore syringe? If so, how many cc's should be used per dish. Should inoculation be made at many points per dish or just one? I'm not sure how the liquid in the syringe would affect things.

Or is it better to simply use a spore print and inoculate using an inoculating loop?



Posted by: CharlieBrown Jul 30 03, 03:53 PM GMT
It would probably be easier to use a print, but you could just squirt about a 1/4-1/2 cc across the surface of the agar plate. You only need a little bit with agar. This works just fine smile.gif

Posted by: Nanook Jul 30 03, 04:31 PM GMT
A single drop is enough to inoculate a plate wink.gif

Have you seen Karo Tek?

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Posted by: psilli me Jul 31 03, 12:48 AM GMT
I didn't want to start a new thread for this so I'll just ask it here since it kind of applies.

What is an inoculation loop? not what is it used for silly but what is it made of and what makes it different from a small loop of say 28awg wire?

instead of spending $4-7 on one can I just make one myself?

Posted by: BigWoolyMammoth Jul 31 03, 01:02 AM GMT
yes, i use a homemade loop. Get some wire from the store or wherever (I use a piece of stripped coaxial cable) just twist the end into a loop and sterilize with flame, but be careful, copper is a very very good conductor of heat

edit, put wrong kind of wire down biggrin.gif

Posted by: Nanook Jul 31 03, 02:47 AM GMT
The commercial ones usually use platinum wire for the loop so it withstands thousands of flammings without oxidizing and it does not leave residue on the cultures.

With that out of the way you can rig a homemade loop up, steel wire works pretty well, copper does oxidize and leave toxic copper oxide residues on cultures after they have been flamed a few times, when they discolor you need to polish or replace them. Copper salts really are powerful anti-fungals and they will be deposited right on the spores from an oxidized copper wire.

If you visit a jeweler, you can score a snippet of platinum wire, a blow torch and you can melt the wire into the end of a glass stir rod and make a nice loop for next to nothing...

Posted by: BigWoolyMammoth Jul 31 03, 02:55 AM GMT
i been using the same one for a long time

Posted by: Nanook Jul 31 03, 03:11 AM GMT
Keep it clean, it's not a problem, they polish with some steel wool... But an oxizided copper wire streaked on spores can deposit enough copper to prevent or alter the germination.

Break a light bulb open... You know the posts that are inside that hold the filament up... That's what you want for a cheap loop wink.gif

Posted by: cerberus Jul 31 03, 09:20 AM GMT
QUOTE (Nanook @ Jul 30 03, 09:31 PM GMT)

A single drop is enough to inoculate a plate wink.gif

Have you seen Karo Tek?

Ok, I am going to try the Karo Tek. My question is can I simply steam sterilize the syrup or do I need to PC??? Thanks,


Posted by: John Doe Jul 31 03, 04:22 PM GMT
well if you have plastic lids with are very handy to have. you could just use a microwave. put in the micro for 4 minutes and all done. I just let it boil for 30 seconds then let cool. only plastic thou

Posted by: Nanook Jul 31 03, 05:31 PM GMT
People have prepared them without a PC by boiling the jars... It's "off tek" (you are on your own), but it can be done wink.gif

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