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Posted by: Mycota Jan 18 03, 05:34 AM GMT
Mycota's Baby Bottle Liquid Culture Tek.

Glass & polycarb baby bottles (BB), some polycarb screw on lids for BB’s, as well as most BB nipples with withstand - sterilization.

The nipples have a tiny hole in the top (some have more than one), in which you can insert polyfill (often requires slight enlargement) to allow some gas exchange. The nipples will also withstand piercing from a syringe & reseal - well - when the needle is withdrawn.

Simply fill BB 5/8 to 3/4 full of your preferred liquid nutrient (generally dry light malt / dextrose / honey / nutritional yeast, alone or in combo’s), include 2 or 3 glass marbles in the BB & screw on lid w/nipple prepped w/polyfil.

PC for 15 to 20 minutes @ 15 lbs, Remove BB & cover lid with alc swabbed tin foil (if it does not come with a protective cap) & allow BB to cool to room temp..

When cooled, swab nipple with alc & inject a few CC’s of spore solution right through the nipple material, into the BB. Store in a warm (78 to 84 F) dark clean place to incubate. Spores will generally germinate in a few days, mycelium will become visible & begin to grow.

When mycelium becomes thick, squeeze the nipple right below the top (to close it & protect the polyfil from getting wet) & shake the BB to agitate & break the mycelium into smaller pieces (the marbles help that happen).

Insert syringe needle through nipple & withdraw as manyy CC's as you wany. Use syringe of liquid culture to inoculate PF, rye or wild bird seed jars. BB mycelium culture will store for a considerable time in the refrigerator.

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Posted by: Molester Jan 18 03, 12:38 PM GMT
I like that idea a lot! Nice disguise should shit hit too! wub.gif

By glass marbles, you mean round kids marbles? huh.gif

Posted by: Mycota Jan 18 03, 01:11 PM GMT
QUOTE (Molester @ Jan 18 03, 05:38 PM GMT)
By glass marbles, you mean round kids marbles? huh.gif

Yup smile.gif Mycota tongue.gif

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