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first of all i want to say this tek is for newbs who have problems with grain or are too lazy. this is also for people who only have one pf jars worth of mycelia. 1 jar can easily turn into 100 in a 2 weeks time. this basically is spawning with brf using ziplocs and no flowhood!!!!!!!

a foaf had 1 pf jar and turned it into 25 bags in 2 weeks. that is 100 jars worth of substrate from 1 pf jar. now, take into consideration g2g(grain to grain transfers) with the limitations of this tek. a friend did this for 2 months straight with no contamination, however the foaf would highly suggest after 2-3 transfers or 1 month renewing the mycelia from either multispore inoc or agar transfer to wbs or rye berry and then doing it again. now that or just use brf with multispore.

1. 1 colonized pf jar
2. 4 uncolonized but pced sterile pf jars.
3. 1 ziplock bag
4. 1 needle


1. clean your work area using alcohol and lysol. typically, wear a mask and gloves and sterilize the air with lysol as well as a hepa filter. take note this tek requires no touching of the substrate!
2. get 4 uncolonized jars and 1 colonized jar and turn them upside down and pat them until they are loose from the jar.
3. open lids and dump off excess verm layer then dump 4 uncolonized cakes into ziploc with colonized bag.( this needs to be done very quickly, less airtime the less chance for contams)
4. now seal ziploc and crunch up all cakes, making sure the colonized cake gets spread evenly throughout the bag. this way colonization takes place quickly.
5.LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY POKE HOLES USING A NEEDLE! use a small sewing needle so that a few holes are poked along the top of the ziploc. and MAKE SURE your incubation room is very sterile.
6. let incubate for 3-6 days and full colonization occurs. no shaking necessary.

included below are some pics. the first is 1 day after Incubation, the second is 3 days after incubation. this is an incredible discovery in brf. it is a simple newb way of multiplying spawn ten fold in 2 weeks. all you have to do is keep making brf jars. and then renew inoculations once a month or every few weeks.
here is a pic a the next day after spawning

here is a pic 3 days after spawning

Tek Note: Like many (most... all?) Teks here at the Nook, it will likely fail if you attempt to change or improve. Recently a newbie made Lazy Mofo Bags and shot spores, spores take 5 days to germinate and the bags contam first. Our Pros work hard on their tek... Listen to them, to the letter, first time around. If you see improvements, or want to change things... Make sure you have a success under your belt first.  Bags are a little tricky, you do have to be clean, deft in your sterile movements (which means you have practiced a few times), and you have to incubate in near ideal conditions. Not a problem right

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