The Lazy Man's Invitro/Neglect Tek

Kinda Twisted Huh?


For more details and pictures, also see Growing Invitro in our Archives

step 1. get spores, prefer syringes.
try The Little Guy
The PF Classic MR is one of the strains best suited for this tek.
step 2. buy a dozen half-pint canning jars with lids.
step 3. drill 4 holes equidistant around the rim of each lid.
step 4. buy some brown rice and grind it into flour using a coffee grinder, blender, etc.
step 5. buy a bag of vermiculite at garden store. [note:there are very few good substitutes]
step 6. buy a bottle of spring water at grocery store. [note:any water, even tap, can be used, in a pinch.]
step 7. pour 1/2 cup of the verm. in medium mixing bowl and level it out.
step 8. cover the vermiculite with 1/4 cup of the ground rice flour evenly.
step 9. sprinkle on 1/4 cup of spring water.
step 10. mix well.
step 11. load mixture into a jar, until level with the bottom of the lid's threads, discarding/recycling excess.
step 12. carefully clean the rim of jar of any material.
step 13. fill jar rest of way to rim with plain, dry vermiculite.
step 14. screw on lid, and cover holes/lid with aluminum foil.
step 15. repeat until you have all jars filled.
step 16. place jars into a large pot, add enough water to reach 1/3 up the jars' sides, cover with lid, and boil/steam 45 minutes.
step 17. remove from heat and cool to room temperature.[note:overnight is safest]
step 18. inject 1 cc. from the spore syringe into each jar, splitting it evenly between the 4 holes.
step 19. keep in warm, clean area for 2 weeks, or until the jar is completely covered with white growth. expose to light several minutes a day, eventually you'll see little shroom-like growths called pins.
step 20. flip the jars over so the cakes rest on the lids.
step 21. pick shrooms when caps open and the veil under the cap tears. or when they quit growing, or turn dark in color.
step 24. dry them if you want, or eat them fresh. store unpicked but ripe invitro jars in the refridgerator for freshies all-the-time, year-round.

Notes: This tek is primarily designed for anyone who, for whatever reason, cannot fruit in humidified terrariums. While the yield from each cake per flush is a bit less compared to some other methods, over time and multiple flushes the yield per cake can easily reach 7+ grams dry weight in mushrooms, particularly when the Dunk Tek is used between flushes. Some few strains are rather poor performers with this method so use them at your own risk. Pf's Classic aka Amazonian aka Matias is probably one of the best for this tek. The cakes can be left unattended for long periods of time, there is no need to do anything to them in between picking sessions. You can open the jars any time after full colonization to remove the cake for picking, drying out the jar, etc. The only real concern is to be alert to any sign of decay or rot on the fruit. If it turns black or appears slimy/wet then it's best to pick ASAP.