Invitro Double End Casing

This is a simple variation on the PF TEK, except here the cake is cased Invitro, before ever being birthed.

Image Image

As you can see in the pictures, there is both the normal vermiculite layer on top, but a new additional layer has been added on the bottom. Because of this addition, these cakes, only 10 days old, are very nearly finished.

This very simple technique, which consists of pre-loading the jars with 1 tablespoon of dry vermiculite before loading in the substrate mixture, improves colonization rates dramatically. In addition, the extra layer prevents stalling on the bottom of the jar, which is very common. Instead of caked down rice flour, the mycellia easily penetrates the vermiculite, shaving several days off colonization times. The extra vermiculite layer both helps to absorb waste water without need to flip the jar, which can be risky.
Also, the vermiculite stimulates increased pinning near the cake/vermiculite interface, boosting flush weights. This very simple tek is a worthwhile improvement for all who grow out cakes.