The PF TEK is basically a brown rice method with an improved formula by using vermiculite as a base and adding pulverized brown rice. The secret is in the vermiculite. When mycelium is cultured in just grain, the mycelium turns into a mass with little air space. But when grown with vermiculite, the mycelial threads stretch across space. The important thing about the PF TEK, is that it copies nature. Instead of the usual cloning of mushroom tissue and growing mushrooms from that, a mass spore inoculation is employed directly to the fruiting substrate. That way, the genotype remains complete. Senescence (mutating and ceased fruiting) is no longer a problem. The spores insure a never ending succession of fungus, with all the power of the spores reproductive ability intact.


1. Brown rice powder, vermiculite and distilled water are mixed and loaded into a 1/2 pint jar, which is steam sterilized. The jar is then inoculated by the spore syringe.

2. After the substrate cake in the jar colonizes and begins to show signs of fruiting, the cake is released from the jar and placed into the dual chambered terrarium to fruit.

3. A mature mushroom is decapitated and spore printed in a jar.

4. Spore syringes are prepared with the spore print jar to begin another life cycle.


PF jar preparation and culturing (Stage one) (Domestic products - supermarket - department - drugstore - hardware store)

1. Measuring cups and spoons
2. Large pot for steaming
3. Shoulderless half-pint jars with lids (Kerr or Ball)
4. Organic brown rice flour (organic food stores)
5. Horticultural vermiculite (medium or fine grade - not powdery)
6. Distilled or filtered drinking water
7. Heavy duty tin foil
8. Heavy duty (professional grade) masking tape
9. Ice pick (for punching needle holes in the culture jar lid)

Mushroom growing (Stage two) Pet shop - Hardware store

1. 10 gallon aquarium
2. Cut piece of transparent plastic (Plexiglas) - (terrarium chamber partition)
3. Strips of wood with connectors and screws (terrarium lid)
4. Plastic film and thumb tacks (terrarium lid)
5. Small wall type thermometer
6. "All purpose" water spray bottle with an adjustable nozzle (hardware and grocery stores). Procure one that gives a good strong spray for instant humidification. Avoid recycled kitchen product sprayers. This is a critical piece of equipment. Only a good quality sprayer (a couple of dollars at a hardware store) can immediately supercharge the dual chambered terrarium with high humidity.
7. Wire screen - plastic containers - plastic bags - (drying mushrooms)
8. DESICCANT (drying mushrooms) (scientific - chemical - lab supply)

Spore printing and spore syringe making (Stage three)

1. Micro curved cuticle (finger nail) scissors (cosmetics - drug store)
2. Denatured alcohol (fuel - hardware stores)
3. Tequila shot glass and eye dropper (sterilizing and flaming)
4. Glass stirring rod (Scientific supply)
5. Plastic syringes (10cc or bigger) and 18 gauge 1 1/2 inch needles. Large sized syringes are good (20cc - 65cc) as well as extra long needles if available. (Retail medical - health supply - pharmacies - drug stores - scientific and lab supply)    

PF TEK add on techniques

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