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Posted by: steveoi812 Jan 13 03, 07:53 PM GMT
How many ccs of spore water should I use in a pint of your wbs mycota? What is the max I can use without throwing off the correct level of moisture in the bird seed? Keep in mind I am only doing pints...Thanks smile.gif

Oh yea and you guys are sure the polyfill will survive the intense heat of the pressure cooker?

Posted by: skeight976 Jan 13 03, 08:19 PM GMT
yeah ive been adding one CC per umm Little jar(sorry for got the name) but it doesnt seem like thats enough. so lets get some help here

Posted by: dcyans Jan 13 03, 08:34 PM GMT
if i were you i would do the karo tek ( i can do 4 half pint jars with 1 syringe) then incubate for 10 days or so. the mycelium/karo mix grows very quickly ( i've seen growth in 24 hours) so contams don't have as good a chance to get started. 1 full syringe per quart jar, you could get maybe 10 qts. innoculated. karo tek=1syringe=40 or so quart jars or 80 pint jars and they will grow FAST!!!! Polyfil pc's just fine.

Posted by: steveoi812 Jan 13 03, 08:36 PM GMT
hmm so 10-12 ccs of karo water wont be enough to throw off a quart jar of wild bird seed? S I guess I will just do 5ccs per pint then. Thanks

Posted by: skeight976 Jan 13 03, 08:49 PM GMT
NO im talking about verm and rice and that kinda basic stuff

Posted by: steveoi812 Jan 13 03, 08:54 PM GMT
skeight you can use more spore water to your jars but I think you would probably get better results (as in faster) if you would try and do the karo tek

You can add more spore solution to your jars and they will go faster but you cant knock up as many jars. Do you have an incubator? I try to get 10 jars out of 1 syringe full of spores....

Posted by: dcyans Jan 13 03, 09:00 PM GMT
you will save germination time using karo tek for one thing. mycelium grows almost immediately (within 24hrs.) from Karo inoculations.

Posted by: HapplyDeranged Jan 13 03, 09:10 PM GMT
or just put the syringe in your incubator for 2-3 days prior to use...that should germinate them....syring must be used asap or your germinated spores will die due to lack of nutes

Posted by: steveoi812 Jan 13 03, 09:11 PM GMT
Damn I've never heard of that before. Anyone else ever heard of that? Have you done it happly?? Then I start to think and I ask myself why risk it when they will germinate in 2 or 3 days anyways...Still sounds interesting though... smile.gif

Posted by: Mycota Jan 13 03, 09:52 PM GMT
There is no exact number of CC's (liquid) to squirt into a jar. Just so long as you do not inject to much fluid, so to throw the moisture content OUT OF BALANCE.

The object is to get some viable spore into the jar & mix inside. So, just shake the hell out of a syringe, before you inject. Then only squirt enough fluid in the jar, against the glass, so that you see the fluid run from the top of the jar, to the bottom.

I use two ....1/4 inch.......holes in my lids, offset about 1.5 ior 2 inches.

I inject into one of those holes & swivel the syringe, without withdrawing it. I put a tiny squirt on four (4) sides & 1 down the center. Just enough fluid, I'm sure ut reaches the bottom of the jar.

Then, withdraw the syringe & tape over the lid hole I injected through. That seals the lid (where internal filter material is peirced) & leaves one hole for gas exchange.

Here is what 2 squirts looks like, six days after injection of a multi/spore innoc. There are two other on the other side of the jar, that look just the same.

Mycota wink.gif

Posted by: steveoi812 Jan 13 03, 10:03 PM GMT
Thanks mycota. biggrin.gif

Posted by: HapplyDeranged Jan 13 03, 10:26 PM GMT
no but it will some pre germinated innoculant and put 4 cc in 1 pf wildfire im beting it will be fully colinized in 9 days.

Posted by: Nanook Jan 13 03, 10:34 PM GMT
You can't guarantee the syringe will germinate. My homemade syringes in sterile water incubate just fine for a month without germinating. I know because I tested them... and they were still viable when shot into jars.

I would use no less then 4 cc's per qt

You can use up to 10cc's per quart, but you have to dial the moisture content of the substrate down to compensate for the extra liquid. If the substrate does not absorb the liquid within a few hours, and it stays wet, it's a fair chance wet spot bacteria will start and kill the inoculum.

I shoot em by eye, very much the way Mycota shows... takes about 7 cc per jar to shoot em good wink.gif  See: My Grain Tek

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