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Posted by: Mycota Dec 06 02, 02:09 AM GMT
Right up front. Liquid culture is a CONTAM magnet. If you do not have a GOOD glove box, hepa filter or flow hood........& good tek..............PASS.

This is a liquid culture of EQ myc, in a quart jar w/filter top & injection port n like day 5.

What you see in the bottom is ~ green plate glass shards. They are there -- to cut up the thick mass of myc -- when the puppy is shaken. Otherwise, the myc will PLUG a syringe, when you try to suck it out.

This was done with "light dry malt", a teaspoon to as much water, as you see in the quart jar. PC'ed 20 minutes @ 15 lbs.

Mycota (bong hit #4, LOL)

Posted by: OneDiaDem Dec 06 02, 03:57 AM GMT
Love liquid culture, it is the bomb!!! Just got my pans going tonite! biggrin.gif

Posted by: DirtyWOP Dec 06 02, 07:46 AM GMT
Whats up with that filter?

Posted by: HapplyDeranged Dec 06 02, 12:15 PM GMT
its only a contam magnet if your not clever..... wink.gif just use a self healing injection port on the lid. NEVER expose it to the elements and sterilize the needle havent had a contam yet. 1/2 tbl spoon of Brown Rice Syrup to a 1/2 pint pc'd for 15 min at 15 psi. 1cc of spore medium or a transfer of culture to culture and your in buisness. mycota maby you can shed some light on the subject your a pro with that additive wink.gif

Posted by: plinkerdink420 Dec 06 02, 04:38 PM GMT
i love rice syrup... i used to use it alot for liquid cultures and as a light additive to my rice...

Posted by: Mycota Dec 06 02, 04:57 PM GMT
QUOTE (HapplyDeranged @ Dec 06 02, 05:15 PM GMT)
>>>its only a contam magnet if your not clever..... wink.gif <<<

I have used & posted about injector ports, long ago - in another forum. Not long after doing so, a vendor (apperantly) copied the idea & began selling them. He simply added a 0.30 cent rubber septum plug to a 0.25 cent plastic lid & charges $5 each for them.

There is not even a need for that. All you do is drill a small hole in a plastic jar lid (Kerr brand 8 for $3 @ most grocery stores - canning supplies) & screw a small stainless steel screw (10 cents ea @ hardware stores) into it.

Just make sure a syringe needle will fit through the hole. Use either light dry malt, karo, brown rice syrup w/water as a nutrient. PC 15 - 20 minutes, let it cool, innoc w/spore syringe through hole, replace screw & you end up with a liquid culture. Remove screw to withdraw culture w/syringe.

It is wise to place some glass shards inside the culture jar. Because it can get THICK & plug a syringe, when you try to suck it out. The shards will help cut the myc up, if you agitate the jar w/them inside.

As for brown rice syrup (BRS), I think I was the first to use it, for liquid culture and/also as an additive into water spawn seed/grain is soaked in. Just to add complex sugars, carbs, protein & more nutes to the spawm seed/grain. No big deal.


Posted by: DirtyWOP Dec 07 02, 08:38 AM GMT
I don't understand.....
Why a steel screw? How is that a self-healing injection port.....?

I've made liquid cultures with a certain type of ear plug, and pencil erasor and they both work. You just have to have a sharp syringe, and insert it so it doesn't clog......

Posted by: EvilShroomer Dec 07 02, 08:48 PM GMT
where can i read up on this liquid culture , that kewl , it just like water with mycelium in it, hah , id love to have tons of jars just with that , and then see pin in it , haha , and then mushrooms , hah that be kewl, plus it look like , it better to be cased...

Posted by: ShroomVator Dec 08 02, 11:11 PM GMT
Try munchin' on the archives for a bit.

Liquid Culture

Posted by: HapplyDeranged Dec 09 02, 01:27 AM GMT
if you think about it the srew plugs the hole....just find a real small screw, drill a hole a tad bit smaller than diameter of screw and put the screw in before/after and easy.

on another note anyone know a retailer for the septum plug?? did a google search and came up empty handed after 2 hrs of searching.

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