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Posted by: Fuz Dec 08 02, 07:06 PM GMT
hey guys,
spawning worm castings with seed,wait till top layer is completely
covered to mix with straw? huh.gif

Posted by: Mycota Dec 08 02, 07:16 PM GMT
QUOTE (Fuz @ Dec 09 02, 12:06 AM GMT)
>>>hey guys, spawning worm castings with seed,wait till top layer is completely covered to mix with straw? huh.gif<<<

I'm not sure exactly what you are up to?

But, it is best to add seed/grain spawn to any bulk substrate, all at once. The spawn should be 100% colonized & the bulk substrate should be pasturized.

There is wisdom in simplicity. The fewer steps taken, the less the odds are of introducing any contaminates.

Mycota wink.gif

Posted by: AMD Dec 08 02, 08:59 PM GMT
Yes you wait until the castings are completly covered.

I believe he is talking about Millets method. In this you let the castings completely colonize and then mix with straw. The theory behind this is that straw contams easily. If you mix in a large amount of colonized castings it will colonize quickly giving contams less of a chance to take hold than if you had just spawned with a couple of quarts of grain.

The method in short is.

Colonized grain is spawned to a large amount of castings.

When they are fully colonized they are spawned to a lager amount of straw. It helps to keep back about 1/4 of the castings until everything is mixed and leveled then the reserved castings are used to cover the mixture as a further guard against contamination.

This mixture is allowed to colonize and fruit. It may also be cased if you wish.

Great yields are the rule with this method and it is basically all I ever used once I got into bulk cultivation.


Posted by: HapplyDeranged Dec 08 02, 09:19 PM GMT
sounds like a winner

Posted by: Fuz Dec 08 02, 11:07 PM GMT
Sorry I was to vague,
AMD u got it, that was just what I needed
THANX to mycota too
FUZ wink.gif

Posted by: AMD Dec 10 02, 12:49 AM GMT
Good luck. Hope you have a use for a lot of the fungi. Castings and straw won't let you down.


Posted by: Fuz Dec 10 02, 06:34 PM GMT
I think I can find a use for em biggrin.gif

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