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The inoculated jars develop fastest if they are stored at a temperature of 27°C (80°F)

(According to Stamets the best incubation temperature for P. cubensis would be 86°F, but since the jars themselves are a few degrees warmer than the surroundings (mycelium emits heat when growing) 80°F is a good and safe incubator temperature)

You can build an effective incubator by using two plastic boxes of the same size and an aquarium heater.
There are several types of aquarium heaters. When you´re buying a heater, make sure that it is of the "fully submersible" type.
Attach the heater to the bottom of the first box and pour in as much 27°C warm water that the heater is completely submerged.
Adjust the heaters thermostat so that the heater just shuts itself off at 27°C .
Put some spacers on the bottom of the box, they carry the second box and prevent it from touching the heater. In the above picture 4 jars are used. You could also use bricks, stones or something similar.


Put the second box in the one containing water.
After a few hours measure the temperature again and adjust the heater if necessary so the water temperature is 27°C.



When the box is empty, it will float on the water.
The water level in the lower box should reach app. 2/3 the height of the box, supposing the upper box is in place loaded with jars and resting on the spacers.

Now you can put the inoculated jars into the box.



Cover the jars with a blanket to keep the heat escaping and to keep the jars dark.

Note: the water level drops in some weeks by evaporation. Therefore you have to fill some fresh water in from time to time to keep the water level high enough.

Never let evaporate so much water that the heater isn´t submerged in water anymore!


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