Incubator Improvement

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Posted by: Fred Garvin Dec 17 02, 12:42 AM GMT
I use the double rubbermaid incubator set up, and I've always had to put weights in the bottom of the inside tub to keep it in the water far enough to get the desired results. So I finally decided to eliminate the weights and regain some interior space. I put the two tubs together and added one lid on top, then drilled through the rim of all three pieces with a 1/4" drill. Then I put a 1/4-20 x 6" machine screw through each hole, then ran a washer and a nut down each bolt to secure them to the bottom tub. When ready to fill the tub, I put it over the bolts, load it up, add the lid then push it down and run the wing nuts down to secure it. It holds everything together securely, and has the added benefit of being just enough pain in the ass to keep me from peeking in every time I think about it biggrin.gif

Posted by: Fred Garvin Dec 17 02, 12:43 AM GMT
second tub

Posted by: Nanook Dec 17 02, 12:44 AM GMT
Yup wink.gif

Posted by: Fred Garvin Dec 17 02, 12:45 AM GMT
All secured. Second lid is on top of bolts to keep the sleeping bag insulation from snagging.

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