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This tek is a method for multiplying spore syringes by growing in liquid, specifically water mixed with honey.  Honey is used because it is common and cheap, but substitution can be made of honey by malt extract/dextrose/corn sugar if available. The tek is flexible in that it can easily be done in different size jars as long as the proper ratio is maintained between the sugars and the water.  The correct mixture for optimum results is 4% sugars {honey, malt} by weight and 96% water. Water weighs 1 gram per cc/ml so if you use 100 ml as total weight, then 96 grams/ml/cc of water is mixed with ~4 grams of honey, etc. (you must use dry sugar to be exact).  See: Karo Tek

For those who figure that close is good enough, roughly 1 tablespoon of honey per pint will work.
The basic idea then is to get a jar with a good lid, canning jars like commonly used in pf tek work great.
The lid can be drilled and the hole covered with a filter disk or stuffed with polyfil to allow spores to be injected after the mix has been sterilized. Alternatively, one can use a glovebox and simply crack the lid a little to inoculate.

After the lid has been prepared, add the water and honey and stir until the honey disolves. It's easier if warm water is used. Then tighten the lid and pressure cook or steam for 20 minutes. Don't overdo it because too much heat too long will ruin the mix by carmelizing the sugars.

After it cools to room temperature it is ready to be inoculated. Inject 1 or 2 cc's of spore solution into each jar. Alternatively, instead of spores, mycellial tissue from any part of any living shroom can be substituted.

Keep the inoculated jar warm in a clean environment. 86*F is ideal. Within several days, strands of mycellial tissue will appears and begin to grow. Allow it to grow at least several days then it is ready to use. You can draw up syringfuls thru the polyfil/filter or open it inside a glovebox, etc. Try to get as much tissues as possible in the syringes, a nice thick mix will grow out very fast when used to inoculate jars, etc.
Store excess in clean refridgerator or discard within a few more days as the mix is best used fresh.
In the 'fridge, it can last until the sugar runs out, about a month or so, usually.


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