Hepa/Humidifier/Blower Unit

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Posted by: repobob Jan 16 03, 09:13 PM GMT
Ok, I finally decided its time to get creative.

First, and most importantly......I smoked a bowl. Some nice stuff I think called AK47, nice name.

Second, I lined up the materials:
1 Rubbermade - Wallywold mycology dept
1 Heppa Filter - HomeDepot '
1 Cool Mist Humidifier
1 Funnel

Posted by: repobob Jan 16 03, 09:15 PM GMT
Heppa Filter

Posted by: OneDiaDem Jan 16 03, 09:17 PM GMT
Im curious to see what you do with the heppa, I have that very one sitting on my dresser! biggrin.gif

Posted by: repobob Jan 16 03, 09:18 PM GMT
Cool Mist Hummer

Posted by: repobob Jan 16 03, 09:23 PM GMT
I know you all know what a funnel looks like, so I won't waste the bandwidth angel.gif

Third, after all that hard work... anothr bowl.

Fourth, Cut a hole in the rubbermaid

Posted by: repobob Jan 16 03, 09:28 PM GMT
For those of you that are following along...If you cut the hole really crooked skip step 3. If you cut it out straight, probably should have another toke just to celebrate.

Fifth...Take the base off the heppa

Posted by: repobob Jan 16 03, 09:31 PM GMT
Sixth... See above...Cut the base just past the two screw holes


Jamb the heppa in the hole, and put the bottom back on

Posted by: repobob Jan 16 03, 09:38 PM GMT
Eighth.... Put the cool mist in the rubbermade
Nine.... Put the Lid on
Ten...Cut a hole for the funnel, and install. Thinking of putting a computer fan inside the funnel just to increase air flow if needed.

Eleven... Caulk or somehow seal the heppa to the rubbermade. Some duct tape around the rim so no air gets out the cover.

Should produce clean, hummidified air
unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif

What do you think????

Posted by: repobob Jan 16 03, 09:42 PM GMT
Oops...forgot a picture

Posted by: Molester Jan 16 03, 09:44 PM GMT
Nice job, post some action pics though! I like.

Posted by: repobob Jan 16 03, 10:05 PM GMT
Thanks Molester.

I want to get some opinions before I seal the whole thing up. I don't want to get caulk and stuff all over everything and then find that someone else tried it and it didn't work.
As soon as I get it running I'll blow up a balloon with it or something wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif

Posted by: steveoi812 Jan 16 03, 10:07 PM GMT
Are you going to humidify a green house or something? Just curious smile.gif

Posted by: repobob Jan 16 03, 10:16 PM GMT
Yup, I bought three Martha Stewart Grow Rooms, a 32" and 3 ft and a 6ft; they are all 20" wide and 5ft high. They were on sale at Kmart. I'm gonna start with the 32 and see where it goes. I'm gonna put this contraption on some sort of timmer circuit and hopefully be automated.

Posted by: Molester Jan 16 03, 10:21 PM GMT
I s'pose you coulda caulked that funnel right over the output on the humidifier, and covered the input on the humidifier with filter material, and it'd be hella cheaper. But if I was gonna rig up multiple chambers, I can see myself putting the hepa in the bin like so, and cutting outputs in the bin to go to the inputs on multiple humidifiers. Point being, the bin is good for rigging multiple things up to your clean air.

Posted by: steveoi812 Jan 16 03, 10:23 PM GMT
I wonder if they still have those at Kmart? Didnt they pull all of her product line because of the stock market scam? Thats probably why they were on sale, ya know it? smile.gif

Posted by: OneDiaDem Jan 16 03, 11:18 PM GMT
Nice!! Looks good, you will have to give us details on how good it works! I love the inventors here!

Posted by: repobob Jan 16 03, 11:32 PM GMT
Thanks everyone.

Steve, just got them the other day, they were like $25, 35 and 45 respectively. Only problem with them that I see so far is they only come with one shelf. I'm gonna have to jerry rig something, but I think I can get four maybe five shelves.
Molester, thats exactly how my idea started, but then I thought by doing it this way I would be increasing the air pressure buy having all the fans in one box pushing, and by cutting down the resistance the extra piping would cause. I'm trying to get the hummidified air into the Marth Grow Closet as quickly as possible to get the max hummidity. May have to use a bigger hose than the funnel can accomidate. Wich we had someone with some HVAC knowledge, they know all about air flow.


Posted by: Molester Jan 16 03, 11:36 PM GMT
Then screw the funnel, and attach a kinda hose


Posted by: repobob Jan 16 03, 11:52 PM GMT
I thought about that kinda hose,but I wonder how it would transport the hummidity. I think the water may tend to collect in the hose and not get into the Martha Grow Closet. Don't know for sure, thats why I haven't gone any further. The more opinions the better biggrin.gif wacko.gif

Have you used that hose?
I see a lot of people using PVC pipe and I wonder if the small diameter hinders the air flow?


Posted by: Molester Jan 17 03, 12:05 AM GMT
I think the water would be less apt to collect in this hose, because it is wider. Besides, you can put your humidifier/hepa in an elevated position, so that the hose is sloping down to your grow closet. Then you can rig somethin to drain the water. It can collect in a small bucket or in a second humidifier connected to somethin else wink.gif

I haven't used that hose, only because I don't have a cartel going like you and perlite does the trick wink.gif

I dont think it takes much airflow to move humidity, but that is pure postulation. The thinner pipe might be better, because less humidity will escape through the hole in your Martha Closet during off-time, but that would be so marginal with all the humidity backed up all the way to your humidifier contraption. I say, either one will do. But the wider stuff will get things humidified FASTER, as it will move more humid air at once

Posted by: Fred Garvin Jan 17 03, 12:07 AM GMT
Why not try 2" pvc or something similar? I think smooth pipe of large enough diameter would be perfect for transporting the humid air. Pipe insulation would help reduce condensation on the inside of the pipe by keeping it a little warmer.
I am working on something similar myself, haven't quite figured out the final design, but you've given me a couple of things to think about.

Posted by: repobob Jan 17 03, 12:16 AM GMT
Not a cartel, just like to experiment with different strains, and grow mediums wink.gif
Sloping down sounds like a good idea. Thanks.

Hey Fred,
2" PVC would be pretty heavy and bulky. It would need ome sort or suport, guess I could attatch it to the MGC (Martha Grow Closet). The insulation on that dryer vent flex hose might do the trick. Keep me informed of your progress, maybe together we can build the perfect automated system biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: Molester Jan 17 03, 12:25 AM GMT
I was kiddin about recycling the water, I think that's a no-no. I guess you can have it slope up and the condensation will run back into your humidifier, but there's bacterial risk. I'd cut a small drainage hole at the base of the pipe that'll catch the drippins. Better to catch this water outside your chamber, than inside.

Posted by: Molester Jan 17 03, 12:29 AM GMT
Also, if your piping is higher, it will be warmer, because warm air rises. It'll be a bit cooler close to the floor.

Posted by: Molester Jan 17 03, 12:31 AM GMT
But no matter how warm your pipe is, if its only 2 inches, temp. aint gonna help much. There's bound to be plenty of collisions between the water molecules anyway. You'll also have to widen the pipe if you're that worried about condensation.

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Jan 17 03, 03:20 AM GMT
Id put the hummer inside with the hepa intake being the only thing sucking air in the chamber, so the hummer doesnt need a filter cause it will be sucking clean air. my 2

Nevermid I just actuylly read the whole thing blush.gif

Im not too sure about the hummer, does it produce a sufficient mist??
I dont like the looks of that one, they can be tricky finding the right cool mist, they arent all created equal. I found that out real quick...

Posted by: DirtyWOP Jan 17 03, 11:09 AM GMT
That humidifier may be of the "wick" type.....
and they suck
don't hunidify worth a damn....
I would think if it has a big fan, it is the wick type
but then again
4 shelves of bulk casings, can supply their own humidity....
so the wick humidifiers MIGHT be a great way to supply air without drying or over-humidifying the g-houses....but I don't know, I threw my wick hummer in the trash.

I have heard that 1 in. PVC is the best to use for humidity piping....

Posted by: repobob Jan 17 03, 01:14 PM GMT
Yea, the hummer is the wick type it has a one inch pad that sits in the H2O. Not good, huh unsure.gif
Do you have a brand and model that cool mist that would work, or can I use a different type of hummer for this purpose. Like Dirty Wop said, maybe I won't need a hummer, or just putting the hummer inside the Grow Closet will be good enough.
Thanks, this really helps a lot everyone. I'm gonna caulk in the Heppa to the box, rig up the funnel and fan and see what kinda air flow I get. The other option is to Put the heppa in the MGC with the intake sticking out like Fungis said. That could work too, but I'd be losing space in the closet. Decisions,decisions unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif

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