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Posted by: Mycota Feb 09 03, 02:38 PM GMT
Someone asked my how I would rig up a small semi/automated grow chamber, for use in limited space situations.

So, here is what I would do for a small semi/automated grow chamber.

Get a foot locker size Rubbermaid or Sterilite storage container (bigger is better).

In the lids center, install a single Christmas light bulb (small - so as to not overheat the container - but will provide light).

Get a 1 gallon glass jar (like big pickles come in).

Get a small fish tank air pump.

Get some fish tank air line & a small air stone.

Get a small cheap inline filter for the air pump line (tropical fish stores have them)

Get a small fish tank heater that will attach to the 1 gallon jar.

Get a small timer (or 2).

On the edge of the low sides of the Rubbermaid drill a few 1/4 inch holes (one centered on both ends & one centered on front & back. Stuff holes with polyfil. It is important the holes are low, to allow O2 to escape.

Drill another hole for the air line into the Rubbermaid (or, install a fitting with male ends inside & out - to attach air line to)

Drill another hole for the fish tank heater cord (seal after running it in).

Fill jar with clean water, place fish tank heater in it, place in the Rubbermaid.

Place air stone on air line & place in bottom of gallon jar & run line to air pump.

Hook air pump to timer.

Hook light to timer.

Place a small thermometer in the Rubbermaid.

You now have a small semi/positive pressure semi/automated grow chamber.

The fish tank heater inside the water filled jar will provide both heat & humidity.

The air pump to air stone will provide gas exchange, moisture diffusion & semi/positive internal pressure.

When you refill the water jar, it is wise to add 1 drop of iodine, to disinfect the water.

You can also drill a small hole halfway up the container side & plug with polyfil. Purpose of hole is to allow external misting (if needed) without opening the lid.

Use approximate 10 quart dark plastic dish pans as substrate trays. It is important that you fill them almost full of substrate, leaving only room for a pH balanced casing layer (peat, verm, coir). You want then FULL, so O2 will run off them.

Run light 12 on/ 12 off. Run air pump 2 on, 4 off to start, then adjust as needed.

You will have to tinker with it to get it tuned in (as everyone's conditions, temp & ambient rh differs).

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Posted by: kdog Feb 09 03, 04:19 PM GMT
Well that's the shizit in a nutshell!
Nicely done! Have the rubbermaid & bubbler. The rest shouldn't cost more than $10-$15 at most.

I think the install might fall into the "Couples, Fun with Semi Automated Grow Chambers" category... wub.gif

Thank you Mycota wub.gif

Posted by: BadPunk6 Feb 09 03, 04:21 PM GMT
archive material wub.gif

Posted by: Samsara Feb 09 03, 04:29 PM GMT
I concur Badpunk!

Posted by: Cobalt_Monkey Feb 09 03, 10:33 PM GMT

What do you predict the yield to be on the described setup with the 10 quart dishtub grow bed?

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Posted by: kdog Feb 09 03, 10:54 PM GMT
Thanks to Mycota & your WBS Tek tips & tricks, I currently have 4 qt jars in the pc! They'll be awaiting innoculation until Nan's next visit. wink.gif

1st time I used my AA 22qt pc. Nan helped me get the thing going as I was a little apprehensive, it's huge. Advised putting Vasoline or candle wax on the threads of the screws and around the machined lid seal. I used the wax. It's much less noisy than the small alum one and now I don't like the alum one at all. Will save for cooking.

yea biggrin.gif

Posted by: ShrooM_A_LooM Feb 10 03, 09:32 AM GMT
Not building it as I type...

will later today:D Thanks again Mycota
Ever consider a book? laugh.gif

Posted by: tron Feb 12 03, 04:46 PM GMT

I love my new grow chamber. i have almost complete control of temps and humidity and with a 10 inch airstone it seems like a real airy shroom friendly enviroment. I cant wait to get a couple of casings fruiting so i can show this beauty. Instead of a light i found a sweet looking portal from the door of an old microwave. I have rope lighting on the inside but it is only used for observing as the dry heat seems to kill humidity.

Instead of using a pickle jar i used a smaller tub with holes around the rim so i can keep the lid on it(submergible water heater is needed). i just put my egg crate base on top of it so it holds the casing about 8 inches off the bottom, hopefully this keeps them even more out of the c02 danger zone. Man im loving it, thanks for making my day.

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