Glove box idea (pics)

by Ridder

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I needed this for something perhaps unrelated to fungi.. i am a curious fellow you know :) (and a bit tipsy but what is wrong with that?)

at any rate my design addition here is the use of old plastic containers as "cuffs" to ease in the use of the gloves.. i am going to let the pics do the talking:

the "glossy stuff is silicone sealant (for aquariums).. the gloves were glued to the containers using superglue before the container/glove combo was glued to the glovebox, the holes in the obx were first measured with the "cuffs" after the bottoms were cut out with an exacto-knife. this box is not yet tested as it is drying.. will be tested in the next week, however the fit is snug so i am expecting no probs

the only downside i've noticed so far is the gloves being a snug fit make it hard to get your hands in without moving the box around.. of course i've only tried it once since it's dried (this morning) just to verify the sealant held (it did, marvelously).. ultimately the cuffs did help a LOT in getting my hands in and out of the box, as well as giving me a place to rest my arms without cutting off nerves or cirulation from the hole in the box in the first place. all in all mostly positive.