Homer System Simplified


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Alrighty! This will show a closer look at the basic assembly and closet conversion into a Homer system. This will also show the evolution of the system, once compared to the original and the 2nd version. Dedicated to the members of  Nansnook.com


First off. The closet.

Carpet is bad. It carries millions of mold spores and bacteria. So youll wat to cover it.

Apply a nonslip plastic cover with grip teeth like this one

Cover the entire carpet surface and secure it with small screws in the carpet and around the border. This will not harm the carpet. Like so

Now that the carpet is covered apply self applying vinyl tiles, with the sticky backs, no glue. Like these, only 10 dollars for 30 tiles.

Now cut and apply them to the plastic covering the carpet. This way they can be removed and are not a permanent fixture, if you don’t own your home.

Plastic cover

This will make cleanup inside the closet allot easier.


 Now on to the greenhouse.

Fix the bottom with some quality caster wheels.

You’ll be glad you have these later trust me.

The shelves inside the greenhouse may become rusted after long term use. Keep them painted.

Now get some water proof sheeting that will allow air flow.

Plastic isn’t ideal. Try this instead.

 Neat sheet.

Now cover each shelf inside the greenhouse and secure with elastic like so.

Now the Fog unit.

The fog is pushed and air exchange supplied by Hepa filtered air.

A hepa unit mounted to a plastic container with output hoses.


A five gallon bucket and a fog unit with a buoy will be the water reservoir.

The lid will need a air in and fog out holes.

A clear fog output chamber can be affixed to the lid to allow you to view the fog out put and help you determine if the fog unit is operating properly and has a sufficient water level.


when operating it will do this


 Buy RV sewer hoses from Wal-Mart, 6$ for 20 feet.


Attach to the fog unit and hepa system.

You’ll need to make an” air in” and a “fog in” ports for the greenhose.


Now set the fog unit you’ve assembled on a roller cart like this one.


Roll it into the closet and attach the fog and air hoses to the greenhouse(s)

And yes it works, see

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